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You will see at playing tennis on the wii

Q: My husband and I play our Wii video games for bowling and tennis almost daily and sometimes our shoulders really hurt afterwards. Do we need to worry about long-term effects of Wii gaming? A: As with any physical activity, overdoing it when playing the Wii can lead to injuries. Moderation is the key.


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Wii Tennis Lyrics

Wii Sports Table of Contents Walkthrough. The tennis game on Wii Sports is very simple to play. It is available for one to four players. The computer level depends on how many skill points you have. The higher the Skill Point level, the tougher it gets to beat the computer-controlled team.

You can select which person will occupy the four spots on the tennis court, and who is going to be on which team. You can also put a computer-controlled character in for one or all of your positions. Everything in this game can be controlled using actions with. Running around the court is controlled automatically, so the player only needs to worry about hitting the ball.

Hold as if it is the grip of a tennis racket and swing it as you would a normal racket. The game only seems to differentiate between 'backhand' swings and 'forehand' swings — it does not recognize overarm or underarm shots, and it will just translate these to a valid type of swing. The aim of your shots depends purely on the timing of when you hit the ball. The exact angle depends on whether you are playing right or left handed and whether you are hitting a backhand or a forehand shot.

For example, if you are right-handed and you are hitting a forehand shot, if you hit the ball early it will 'hook' and aim to the player's left. If you hit the ball late when it is close to your body , it will 'slice' and aim to the right.

Experiment with all these combinations to see how they affect the aim of your shot. The is sensitive enough to recognize the angle of the holder's wrist when the ball is struck, and this is used to add 'spin' to shots. This process is instinctive and works as it would in a real tennis game. For example, if you motion as if you are hitting over the top of the ball, this will produce a low shot with topspin, or if you motion as if you are 'slicing' the bottom of the ball, this can produce a 'lob' shot with a lot of backspin.

To toss the ball up in the air, flick upwards with your wrist this can also be done by pressing. Then when you want to strike the ball, make the motion of a serve as you would if you were playing tennis for real. The game will recognize overarm or underarm serve motions or even just a timely flick of the wrist if you are not feeling active. To achieve a Power Serve , toss the ball as normal and then strike it when it is at its highest.

If you hit it at the very peak of its toss, you will hit a very powerful serve and a trail of smoke will follow the ball. Such serves are quite hard for the other player to return, and may result in you getting an ace if you are facing a Pro they will usually return the shot. The game is played like real tennis. You can select from sets of either one, three, or five games. Winning 2 out of 3 games in best of 3, or 3 out of 5 games in best of 5, wins the set.

Unlike real tennis, play ends after winning the requisite amount of sets, rather than accumulating sets to win matches. The last service, which can potentially win the game or set, is referred to as game point or set point, respectively. A player or team must "win by two", meaning upon reaching the score of 40, the player or team must win the next point, or a subsequent set of two points in a row to win the game. When both sides have a score of 40, they are said to be at deuce.

To keep track of which side can potentially win the game with the next service, that side is said to be at advantage. If the side at advantage then loses the point, the score reverts back to deuce, with the next point deciding to whom advantage will go. There are also other combinations but they are a little pointless, and you only get to improve your skill level by playing against CPU opponents.

Each time you play a match, the computer chooses opponents who have a similar usually slightly higher skill level to the player. As your level increases toward pro level in Tennis, the crowd gets bigger. However, there is a little trick you can do if you're tired, bored, or just want to watch someone else to play. Click on yourself until both teams have the "? Do this and you will be able to watch two computer-controlled teams play against each other. You can move the camera by using.

To add an extra challenge, you can try playing with two Miis, both controlled by you, one with each hand you need two Wii remotes. This can be used to handicap an experienced player when playing against either one or two less experienced players, or for adding an extra challenge after becoming pro. If it is a long round, you will see that the computer-controlled team will start to sweat and lose their focus.

This can help you on the harder rounds! There are two different cheers that come from the audience. One is just simply applause. The second cheer is when the entire crowd says "wow" when you win a game.

To get the second cheer instead of the first, make the losing team win a round and make a stunning comeback. The amount of players watching you on your side of the bench depends on how high you skill level is. The higher it gets, the more people will be watching and cheering you on. After a round, a slow-motion will play, showing you how the ball went out of bounds.

If the ball goes near the benches, you will see the Miis jumping up and down very slowly as well! To skip the slow-motion replay, press. If you hold when the screen is black right before the game, the tennis court will be blue the same court all the tennis training takes place at. Unlike on Baseball and Boxing , the first pair of computer controlled players on one-player mode "Matt" and "Miyu" aren't the lowest leveled.

If you lose against them, you'll face even lower-ranked players. The lowest level player in Tennis is "Hiroshi", who always has a skill level of 0.

You can increase your skill level only by playing the game in single-player mode and by not changing the computer controlled team. You can have two players play a game of Tennis, but you both have to be on the same team in order for this to work. There is no way to increase your skill level in three and four player modes.

The amount of skill points you get or take away depend on if you win the match and your performance. If you lose, chances are you will lose points, but if you win, you might gain more. By the time you get to the Pro level via reaching 1, skill points , you will face off against two people with a skill difference.

Reaching Pro ranking in tennis, generates a Wii Message in the main channels view, and causes further games played to be played in front of a larger crowd. If you beat an opponent who has skill level of 2,, you get a congratulatory message sent to your Wii Message Board saying that you have beaten a tennis champion. Points are added to the player's skill level based on an algorithm that depends heavily on the differences between the player's and computer's skill levels. Holding how well the player does against an opponent constant, the player will receive less points if the opponent is of lower skill level, and more points if the opponent is of high skill level.

You will also find that when you play CPU players with a comparable skill level as yourself and win - you might even go down because you have not won convincingly enough - if you play CPUs who are less skilled than yourself, you will go down unless you win without allowing them to get to deuce - or you will only get a few points if you win outright.

Computer characters max out at 2, skill points, so a player with over 2, points will experience diminishing returns for subsequent play. At a skill level of more than 2,, it is possible to win and still lose points. There is a maximum skill level you can achieve, at which time you will receive zero points for an absolutely perfect game against the highest rated characters. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki.

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Table Tennis

Wii Sports Table of Contents Walkthrough. The tennis game on Wii Sports is very simple to play. It is available for one to four players. The computer level depends on how many skill points you have. The higher the Skill Point level, the tougher it gets to beat the computer-controlled team.

A Mii in a match against Alisha. Table Tennis is one of the 12 games available for play in Wii Sports Resort.

Written by Adam Cook Updated on Stuck indoors? Time to dust down the old digital racket — these tennis games still makes us feel warm and fuzzy. There was even a rivalry to match FIFA vs PES at one point, with Top Spin and Virtua Tennis facing off every now and then, and just like the football games, both were excellent, offering their own spin get it!?

Wii Tennis

When you play Wii Tennis, it's difficult to not swing the wireless controller with the same ferocity that you would on the courts. Many a player has experienced the resulting pain of the "Wii elbow" or the flying Wii remote that smashes into walls. In fact, it isn't too difficult to work up a sweat with the Nintendo Wii , especially if you're playing tennis or boxing. So what if you replaced your gym membership with a Wii? Would you see results? Computer programmer Mickey DeLorenzo did. During these workouts, DeLorenzo emphasizes that he swung or punched, depending on the game, as hard as possible to maximize his results. According to his calculations using a calorie measurement tool made by BioTrainer, he burned:. Nevertheless, the study also highlighted that with an average weekly playing time of

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How many calories do you burn playing the average Wii game?

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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Wii Sports for Wii. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. You can use the D-Pad to move the camera too! On the third hole, you may notice there is a secret fairway hidden in the out of bounds. When the wind is just right, shoot towards the secret fairway.

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7 smashing tennis games you need to play







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