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How to see your views on an instagram video

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Many of you have been asking this question a lot, can you see who views your IGTV videos? Is it possible to see who watched your content on IGTV? Today, I will be answering these questions, and I will also share some tips on how you can start growing your channel today. When you go to your IGTV channel, and open any video of yours, you will see that Instagram will tell you how many people have watched it at the bottom.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Who Views Your Instagram Photo/Video And Share Saved Every Thing - Mohd Aun

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: How to know who viewed my instagram video

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram?

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Take control of your narrative and find your brand's true voice in just 3 simple steps. I've spent my career building brands, designing websites, and sharing my seasoned marketing experience with companies and entrepreneurs just like you. I already know you're doing great things. My mission is to show you how to build a profitable brand experience that grows with your business and your bottom line.

By Tracy Dungo. If you asked me this time last year what analytics or stats you should care about to grow your business, Instagram video views was probably the last thing on my mind. However, one thing that was on my list for last year was video — specifically, to create video content for my site. As a content creator and visual marketer, getting into video makes complete sense. Not just from a content creation standpoint, but from a teaching perspective as well.

And yet, fast forward 12 months later, and I have only made two or three videos in the last year. Saying I achieved this goal would be very generous. At the root of it all, video intimidates me as it does for many other people. Buffer actually ran a survey in that revealed how marketers see video changing:. In the words of Neil Patel,. You have a unique opportunity to take advantage of things like live video before some of your competitors do.

Click To Tweet. You can post pre-recorded videos to your regular feed, post more transient footage to your IG Stories, or even live video record with Instagram Live. But the biggest reason why I think Instagram is a great place to start creating video content on is because of the stats. And that brings us back to Instagram video views.

This is why you should care. You reach for your phone, tap on the Instagram app, and start recording a story. Then you share it with your followers. Later that night, you re-watch your story again and check who has viewed your sunset video.

You check it again later and the list has grown. But you notice something — the order of who has viewed your sunset video keeps changing slightly. When you post a video to your feed or stories, Instagram displays who has watched your content.

But that number does not refer to Stories. This is because stories and snaps can vary in length. Make no mistake, Instagram does prioritize the list of people who watch your Stories or video posts. Get that? So when you initially post your Story, viewers are listed by who first viewed your content. And the most recent view will be listed at the bottom reverse chronological order. The ones at the top of the list are the accounts that interact most with your content in general.

By the way, jump to the bottom of this article for another fun fact. Think about it: our top-ranked story viewers are, at least partially, the people who view our profiles and photos the most, without necessarily engaging i. These are the people who going out of their way to check your profile, engage with your content, and most importantly, seeking out anything new that you produce.

Reward them with VIP perks. Make them an ambassador. If any of these accounts are brands as well, what opportunities can you partner up or collaborate on together? If joining forces is too close for comfort especially if any of those accounts are competitors. And hey, how flattering is that by the way?

Your competitors are keeping tabs on your account! It only takes one person to tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on and so forth. Feel free to tweak and create your own messaging so long as you start reaching out to these MVAs most valuable accounts and start the conversation today.

Another fun fact — when it comes to the stories that are displayed first on your feed in the Stories section at the top of your screen — these actually are the ones posted by people that you interact the most with but not necessarily engage with. Were you already using Instagram video views like this?

Do you have any other social media tips that have been working for you recently? Let me know in the comments below, would love to hear them all! Save Save. Save Save Save Save. Sign up for more out-of-the-box ways that transform your branding, get you to think more creatively, challenge your assumptions, and help you market your business in a whole new way.

You'll also get instant access to my FREE resource library that I created specifically for entrepreneurs and creatives like yourself. Always keep the major search engines optimization planned that individuals have to locate.

Clean drinking water gained another spot, owning a fridge thhe fourth while NHS bagged the sixth spot. Excelent article, just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, Jenifer. Hey, I have recently started working as an Instagram influencer. I have been not focusing on the Instagram video views as a prior factor. After reading your article I came to know the impact of Instagram video views on the traffic.

Thanks for sharing. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. OH MY. You know better brand visuals are within reach Check out my free resource library for the essential tools you need for a better looking brand.

Visuals can be tricky. You know what you need done but you're busy building your business and you just want things done right. Grab a coffee and let's chat. The blog. So tell me. Featured in:. Search for:. For Entrepreneurs. Looking For More? Almost done! Now check your email for a quick note from me. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.

Email Address. Jenifer December 21st, at pm Excelent article, just what the doctor ordered. Thank you, Jenifer Social Buddy December 23rd, at am People on your newsletter must love you. This content is pure gold Jackson Gilbert December 25th, at am Hey, I have recently started working as an Instagram influencer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

All the freebies. She was always so supportive too! If you want to work with a designer who has a very structural yet creative approach which is very hard to find , work with Tracy!

How Do I See Who Viewed My Instagram Videos? (Updated – 2020)

Maybe you want to know who stalks you, who is too shy to interact with your posts, who visits your profile ten times a day. Of course, you can see who is interacting with your posts and profile! Every time you post a photo, Instagram gives you the list of each and every person who has liked or commented on that post. For example, in this photo, click on the number ,

Instagram has lifted the 15 second limit from their videos up to 60 seconds, a few years ago, and since that time the amount of video content on this social media network has skyrocketed. In , social media marketing and Instagram videos seem to be a match made in heaven, due to the platform's rising popularity and better compatibility with the video content. Ads, Instagrams stories and regular posts on Instagram can all feature short video clips, that last just enough to convey the messages you want your followers to get.

The Instagram app continues to evolve and add new features for its users. Hence, the ability to share video content has greatly expanded its range of users. People are swarming the platform; as we know, there are more than 1. That number is huge. For each account owner, the number of video views and the audience has become incredibly significant.

How To See Who Viewed Your Videos in Instagram—And Other Important Instagram Metrics

Instagram is the social media bomb, no doubt about it. Keeping up with it can be a daunting job, even for top influencers. The key is to be aware of the ever-changing trends gaining steam. In , the social media platform launched Instagram live video on Instagram Stories. And boy, it worked like magic. It is no secret that Instagram stories have become trendy in recent years. Nowadays, you can create the perfect Instagram story with the help of artificial intelligence. You can use the Instagram story creator by lumen5, for example, which is completely free and designed to make the perfect video for Instagram stories.

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Video: Stories, IGTV, Live, Posts, & More!

Earlier this year, Instagram confirmed it was aware of an influx of fake views on Instagram Stories. While this can be a short-term blow to your brand metrics and maybe your self-esteem too , this is a great move for the long-term. In fact, the lack of genuine engagement from these views could even have a negative impact on your Instagram algorithm ranking. Do you notice any trends? Look for things like type of content lifestyle, product, UGC, etc , editing style, or days of the week.

Instagram is a very powerful tool to reach people, whether you are using a personal account or a business one. If you are using Instagram to grow your business, whether as a support tool for your existing enterprises or as a platform in and of itself, you need to be optimizing your performance on the platform, and that means collecting data.

Take control of your narrative and find your brand's true voice in just 3 simple steps. I've spent my career building brands, designing websites, and sharing my seasoned marketing experience with companies and entrepreneurs just like you. I already know you're doing great things.

What Counts as a View on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram?

Video marketing is no longer just for companies with big budgets. Ready to learn how you can build and implement an effective video marketing strategy for Instagram? According to a report from eMarketer , while photos generally outperform videos in terms of engagement, engagement numbers for videos are growing at a faster rate than photos.

Today, we will talk about what Instagram counts as a view when you post a video on Instagram. A lot of Instagrammers are confused that what views means whether it is caused by another account or by them. Read on to learn more about how the Instagram algorithm works when it comes to counting the views on Instagram videos. On Instagram, when a user views your video for more than three seconds then it will count it as a video view and your video will get one view count. As you know, Instagram gives a lot of importance to user engagement than Instagram likes and share, so it will consider one view count when a video gets more than 3 second view time that means viewer got engaged in the videos. Instagram will never count an Instagram view on the video when a user views your video for a second and scroll down because it depicts that people are not interested in viewing your video.

9 Ways to Use Instagram Live Video to Get More Views [With Examples]

Not necessarily. Despite the ambiguity around views, video usage on social media is on the rise and has been for years. So, social media videos are important. To track the success of your video marketing, you need to know what each platform considers a view. YouTube wants to make sure the views are coming from real people. When a video is first uploaded, the count only reflects views the YouTube algorithm deems valid, which might not actually include all valid views. Views the algorithm deems valid are those it can verify come from actual humans rather than bots or other computer programs.

It may take some time before a video view shows up. If video views aren't showing up, try checking back later. Note that you can't see the number of video views.

B2C is proud to bring you this article from our sponsored series by Buffer :. Buffer helps you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Quickly schedule content from anywhere on the web, collaborate with team members, and analyze rich statistics on how your posts perform. And we can certainly see why marketers are so hot on social video.

Instagram views: What Counts as a view on Instagram Videos

In case you missed it, your favorite photo-sharing app launched its own Stories, a brand new addition that resembles Snapchat's feature of the same name. The surprising Instagram update allows you to keep your followers apprised of your of-the-moment happenings without risking oversharing or disrupting your well-manicured feeds. With the advent of the feature, a big question on my mind is: Can you see who views your Instagram Stories? I mean, if you can, that kind of changes your whole Instagram Stories game, right?

Instagram views:

Most people know that Instagram is pretty private when it comes to its notifications — the social media platform doesn't notify other users when you look at their profile or screenshot their posts. But when Instagram Stories came out, IG revealed that you could see a list of anyone who has viewed your Instagram Story. But does Instagram also show you who has viewed anything else you upload to the app?



Can You See Who’s Viewed Your Video Post On Instagram? | How To See Video Views


Instagram Stories Views Are Down – Here’s How to Fix It


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