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How to make goats more friendly

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A perennial favorite in petting zoos, their curious and friendly nature make them fun companions. There are a wide variety of breeds available but the dwarf or pygmy varieties are probably the most commonly kept as pets. There are over distinct breeds of goats. They are one of the oldest domesticated species around the world and are used for their milk, meat, fur, and skins.

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21 Things You Should Know About Goats Before You Start a Goat Farm

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Our smallest stalls back then were 10 x 10, so I put two does in there, and I started by simply going in there and just sitting with them. Goats are curious creatures and will want to check you out at some point. You could just take your phone and check email or something like that. Just hangout for at least 15 minutes a couple of times a day. After a couple of days, go in there with a pan of grain or alfalfa pellets, although the grain might be more tempting to them.

Set it on the ground about a foot in front of you. When they start eating it, reach out very slowly and pull it towards you very slowly. They just have to get over that idea. When I have first fresheners, the ideal is to start milking them on day one. You can usually do it right there in the middle of the stall again because of those hormones. Their hooves can probably wait. Some people make the mistake of only putting does on the milk stand for things like hoof trimming and shots before they kid so they think the milk stand is a horrible place.

Are you wondering what happened to those does that were wild as deer all those years ago? They became wonderful milk goats that were easy to handle. We grew to love one so much that she lived on our farm until she died at age 12, and her daughter is now one of our favorite milkers. My weekly newsletter includes recipes and articles on homesteading, raising livestock, health, and gardening.

I bought her because of her colouring and registration. Then the snow came, and Bridget wanted to come into the barn. I try to get eye contact first and while the others are eating their hay, slip her a bit of bread. She even let me pat her yesterday. She is still after months, very beautiful and very skittish. Some of my first goats were wild as March hares. They were months old, dam raised, practically untouched.

But I still spent a lot of time trying to get hold of them, usually grabbing a leg to haul them out when they hid behind the hanging bag feeder.

Then I would drag them over to the fence and clip them to it with a short double ended snap strap, each one to the same spot each time goats love routine , and put their grain under their noses. After they ate I would then rub them all over before I let them go kick, kick, buck and not stop until they stood still for a few seconds.

After a couple weeks they would still run from me, but would run TO their tie spots and stand there cringing until I snapped them and fed them. They got much better as the winter wore on, but of course settled down immensely after I helped them kid, and they became calm, steady, and friendly milk goats. Milk stand: I started feeding them there a few weeks before kidding, continuing the rubbing all over.

Of course at first I had to drag them up and push their heads through the gates. That is my secret, I have not met a goat yet who can resist raisins for long. This has the unfortunate side effect of not being able to enter the paddock without being mugged by the whole herd! But, the upside is, those skittish goats quickly learn you are the bearer of treats and very soon will not only eat from your hand, but will start allowing you to touch them.

Once they allow me to touch them, I start scratching them up and down their spine. You can almost see their eyes roll back in their head from pleasure. Once I start scratching their back, they follow me around and pester me incessantly till I scratch some more. I had a little buck who would follow me around and paw my leg with his foot until I scratched his back. Your email address will not be published. Courses Events Shop. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

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Owning goats is a big commitment and can be very time-consuming and expensive. Before getting any goats it's important you consider if you have the time, resources, commitment, knowledge and facilities to care for them. Goats are not gardeners - An overgrown garden or hedge is not a good reason to get some goats. Download our booklet: An introduction to goat welfare and ownership PDF 1. The following pages include some important considerations for anyone considering or already keeping pet goats:.

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Growing vegetables and fruits in our backyards, canning to preserve fresh food for later, cooking from scratch and raising small flocks of backyard chickens are coming back into vogue in a big way. Adorable, fuzzy, playful, impossibly small goats! Even I have been moved to consider owning backyard goats and I am normally a very sensible person. But I wanted to know — exactly how do people decide if backyard goats are right for them?

How To Easily Train Your Goats

Why do you want to get goats? This is the first question we ask people who want to buy goats from us, and this is the most important thing to ask yourself before you get your goats. The answer to this question will help you decide which type of goat that would be suit your needs and which sex would be best for you. First, you need to know that goats are not lawnmowers with legs. Although a goat's digestive system is similar to that of other ruminants, such as cattle and sheep, who are "grazers" and eat grass, goats are more related to deer, who are "browsers". As browsers, goats are designed to eat, and prefer, brush and trees more than grass. Though goats will eat grass, if you are considering getting goats to be lawnmowers, you are going to be sorely disappointed, because they will eat your trees and roses before they will work on the lawn. Goats could be used to help reclaim grasslands that have been overgrown with brush. Our land was overrun with brambles, wild roses, honeysuckle and s of small pine tree when we moved here; these are all gone now. If you want to clear brushy land, a goat will be happy to help you with this project; if you want a lawnmower with legs, get a sheep, though a sheep probably will not be as loving and as smart of a pet as a goat will be.

Taming A Goat Kid

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Raising friendly goat kids can be tricky if you are a naturalistic person like me. Watching a mama goat raise her kids is one of the sweetest experiences one can have.

Goats are intelligent animals -- sometimes too smart for their own good. If they decide you're trying to catch them for reasons they won't like, they won't come to you, period.

Our Farm. Goats For Sale. About Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Goats as Pets

Please let us know a convenient time to call you on. Thank you for choosing this service. Our experts will call you on your preferred time.

Our smallest stalls back then were 10 x 10, so I put two does in there, and I started by simply going in there and just sitting with them. Goats are curious creatures and will want to check you out at some point. You could just take your phone and check email or something like that. Just hangout for at least 15 minutes a couple of times a day. After a couple of days, go in there with a pan of grain or alfalfa pellets, although the grain might be more tempting to them. Set it on the ground about a foot in front of you.

Raising Friendly Goat Kids

You always wanted to keep dairy goats. You wanted your own fresh — and free — goat milk, goat cheese, goat milk yogurt and maybe even goat meat without having to worry about antibiotics and hormones in the milk. In this blog series, we share with you things we wish we would have known before getting into dairy goats. We hope our experiences will help you, whether you have two or fifty goats. We are not perfect, we are not veterinarians, and we definitely still have a lot to learn, but if we can help you avoid some of the mistakes we made, we have achieved our goal of keeping not just ours, but your dairy goats healthy and happy, as well. There are eight parts to this blog series, and today we will start with Part 1 please see the end of this post for subsequent parts. Goats in general are very social, curious, gentle, independent and intelligent creatures.

Males that you want to be more friendly, sterile companions can be banded easily with Sometimes just them going into “rut” will make the females go into heat.

So, fellow goat caretakers, Kim would love to know —. I raised Pasqualina with a bottle, so obviously she got to know me from a very early age. Then with her daughter, Pinta, I practiced my own version of goat imprint training , which has made her fairly cuddle-seeking as well. Something tells me that the imprinting advice holds true for older, wilder kids as well — less touching at first, of course, but simply spending as much time with them as possible and just getting them used to your presence. But maybe with stubborn little ones, a good bribe might be in order.

Goats as pets

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How to Attract a Goat

People think about getting backyard goats for lots of reasons: for milk, entertainment and companionship, or even for help in keeping some of the weeds trimmed. Here are 10 things you should know:. Before getting a goat, make sure they are allowed where you live.

I learned very early on that goats are comical, smart, loving, determined and very stubborn. When I first got my goats I was as green as could be and I had absolutely no clue where to start.




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