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How to make a girl you like feel special

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When you and your partner are in a relationship, you look for ways to let them know how important they are to you. You do little things just because they like them or avoid doing things because you know they don't. But do you know the words that help your partner feel loved and important? Those love words for her are important to improve your relationship and the way that both of you feel about each other.

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How to Make My Girlfriend Feel Special: 8 Examples

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Women have to deal with so much BS on a daily basis. There are catcalls, the pay gap, and rampant sexism. When you have a female lover, you should do everything to treat her like the queen she is. Most women want to be lavished. There are a million ways to make a girl feel special because she is. You can make a small, but thoughtful, gesture by buying her some flowers or planning out a lovely date night as a surprise.

Or, you could go big by planning a trip, throwing her a surprise birthday party with her loved ones, or by showing up on her lunch break with her favorite meal.

If you really love her, these actions will be easy. Make her the priority in your life that she deserves to be. When you have a good woman that you love, you should be doing everything in your power to keep her around. Make regular time for her in your schedule to show her that she is indeed a top priority in your life. Actually spend the time to date her thoughtfully.

Dating can and should go on for the duration of the partnership. From the early days to the days where you know each other well, really take the time to be intentional about dating. Think of places that you both would have a blast at and take her there. In truth, a woman can never hear it enough. Regularly be honest with her in a tactful way. Actually, sometimes doing that can cause more damage. Being tactfully honest is about gauging the right times to talk, how much to say, and how to say it.

Be completely dependable. Take the time to effectively communicate about everything. Never brush communication under the rug. Maybe she just needs to talk about a weird feeling she has. Give her space to process and be sure to open up to her.

Be emotionally available for her and for your life. Your communication skills are effective—meaning you can communicate while preserving the relationship and also can get your needs met. You are able to tune into what your emotions and thoughts are, then can share them competently with your partner. You can process difficult emotions without exploding or acting out. These are just some characteristics of emotional availability. You owe it to yourself and your partner to be this way.

Handle conflict with respect. Instead of name-calling or storming off, you instead have to be willing to work out conflict in a sensitive way. You need to maintain respect for both your partner and yourself. Have separate lives. Still, both of you are your own people. Be sure to have a job, friends, and hobbies outside of your romantic relationship. Brag about her to your loved ones. Trust me, your woman will go gaga hearing that you were saying amazing things about her to the people who are most important to you.

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14 Small Ways to Make Your Girl Feel Special and Loved

Women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength of men i. So, when a guy feel so insecure about losing his girlfriend that he constantly feels like he needs to make her feel special, she will actually feel turned off by his emotional weakness. Women maintain their feelings of respect and attraction for guys who do not hide from life behind a relationship with a woman.

But, why would you want to? When you do, you strengthen the connection between the two of you and solidify your relationship. If you are serious about winning a woman over, keeping her around, and locking her in for the long run, then making her feel special is the easiest thing you can do.

While there's nothing wrong with grand romantic gestures, a surprise trip to Turks and Caicos requires a lot more time, money, and effort than a few things that you can do this very evening that will make her feel special, respected, considered, and loved. Bust them out tonight and reap the myriad rewards of improved and renewed connection with your boo. Then combine these tactics with the 30 Words and Phrases Every Woman Wants to Hear , and she'll feel like a princess in no time. Don't hesitate to tell her how great she looks or smells. Remember when your relationship was fresh and the compliments came out of your mouth thick and fast?

How To Make Her Feel Special Through Text

In case that your relationship could be better, then keep on reading. Maybe the spark is gone and your girlfriend is acting cold and distant. Whenever your girl is behaving bitchy it always means that she has lost attraction. In both cases, you should follow these steps to make her feel special. On the other hand, if she reacts positively, it shows that you should do this regularly to make her feel loved and rekindle the spark between you. So you want to make your girlfriend happy and give her the feeling of being special? Let me show you some quick ways to make her melt. You can also variate it by looking at her lips. People do this often on the first dates when they wish to kiss the other one.

16 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

If you want a woman who is genuinely special, you should be treating her that way. Make her feel beautiful, every day. This one seems obvious. Women are not often as confident as they come across.

Probably one of the questions that haunt the minds of many guys out there is… how to make their girlfriend feel loved?

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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Updated: April 22, References. Every girl wants to feel like she's a special and unique treasure to her guy. How do you show her that she really is special to you? Nothing impresses a woman more than a guy treating her as his princess.

Women have to deal with so much BS on a daily basis. There are catcalls, the pay gap, and rampant sexism. When you have a female lover, you should do everything to treat her like the queen she is. Most women want to be lavished. There are a million ways to make a girl feel special because she is.

Love Words for Her That Make Her Feel Special

When couples have been together for a long time, they often grow apart. You can show your woman just how much you care by doing little things to make her happy and keep the relationship alive. When you take the first step toward showing your lady how much she means to you, you start a chain reaction that knows no end. It takes WORK! Everyone loves to be complimented, and she likes to make you happy, so make it a point to let her know that you appreciate her efforts. Women love surprises, and finding a heart-felt love note unexpectedly is a fabulous way to surprise her. Just a sticky note with a few words of love scrawled across it and placed inside her coat pocket will do.

That is what makes her feel like the special woman in your life who gets to spend quality time with you. She doesn't want to feel as though you always want to be.


11 Easy Ways To Make Her Feel Extra Special—Tonight







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