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How to find someone on discord without friends them

There are not enough blocking options. When you block you do not see the online status, that is it. When you block someone I feel that they should not be able to see your past messages. In example, let us say that you are being harassed, as my friend was some time ago. If you block them, they cannot see your messages; as you cannot see theirs.

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What is Discord?

There are not enough blocking options. When you block you do not see the online status, that is it. When you block someone I feel that they should not be able to see your past messages.

In example, let us say that you are being harassed, as my friend was some time ago. If you block them, they cannot see your messages; as you cannot see theirs. The only way to break this spell is by unblocking, which is your choice. When you block, you are not only invisible to the harasser, but I believe they should not be able to see your icon changes. Especially remain on the friends list if the direct messages are open.

To me, DMs should be closed definitively to prevent further harassment. I do not want anyone to be able to search for my account due to previous harassment that my friend had gone through. In which, those that are NOT your peers whom you can regularly give your discord tag to cannot search for you. They can have your tag, but they have no results of your existence unless they are a peer.

Sounds like an odd option, but I do not want to be or wish to be found. Matthew, that honestly sounds like a Discord problem when we're talking about an industry where what we're asking for is the norm that everybody else has accomplished. I'm a developer myself, let me tell you something, which I thought was common sense but apparently not.

Matthew if it's not possible through the UI, it needs to made possible some other way, like through the server. I'm not a developer, but they need to find another way. Matthew You seem to be missing the point. Literally every other website and communications platform has managed to make blocking someone possible. Even cellphones have managed to create a blocking feature where certain numbers just aren't sent through.

So if it truly isn't possible for the Discord system to implement true blocking then that's poor design. As for adding a CSS fix, why would you ever? Hold it right there chief, first off, not every other platform has done that, not every other website or even messaging app.

And for good reason, that's not the best idea, and no, phones which work completely differentely to messaging apps , social platforms or websites, in groups, blocking a phone number does not hide your messages from them, its just not a good idea, and as much as i'd want to hide my messages from certain idiots i want to completely avoid, there's other ways to deal with the situation instead of being a child and wanting to be an all powerful ghost that can blacklist their own messages on a server.

You cant call it poor design for some dumb feature when theres so much other stuff within it, discord uses great bases for its api and UI and many other things and its wonderful what they managed to do with it.

Its not their job to fix your problem with someone you dislike. Now hiding other people's messages from even being visible to you is definitely possible, and yes they need to do that. I dont know why these people think its not possible, thats not how javascript works. I've got a tiny bit of CSS that's like 5 lines that does exactly what we're asking for. It's possible. I cannot think of a single messaging service other than Discord where you can't block communications with someone and stop them from seeing their messages.

I'm not saying they don't exist as obviously I don't know every single website and communications service in the world, but I know of- and have used quite a lot of them. It's generally accepted that you can block communications with someone who you don't want to talk to or communicate with. And as for your claim that it's childish, how so? The childish thing is to engage the person and fling your excrement at them in a flame war, the mature thing is to say "Ok, so this person rubs me the wrong way, so for my peace of mind and to avoid conflict, I'm just gonna block them and avoid the drama.

And no one is an "all powerful ghost" for blocking someone they dislike. Come on, that's absurd. And if you go back and read what I actually wrote instead of what you think I wrote, you'll notice that I wrote, as a response to someone, that if it was impossible in the framework of Discord to decide what does and does not get called to the display, that would be poor design of the framework.

Which is true. Dabbit Prime has said this himself in Discord Feedback, now he no longer works at Discord for unrelated reasons as of a few weeks ago, but if you go into discord. You cannot see their messages, unless you click 1 blocked message.

If you click 1 blocked message, that's your fault and you really shouldn't be. If you're "curious", too bad. Hold back on the curiosity. Don't click it. There needs to be an option that doesn't allow the person you block to see your messages, but I guess that's just an in app thing?

I agree blocked should be blocked. Everywhere else they can be gone. In our server if you block an admin or mod you get banned. This is to keep people from pulling crap on the server like trolling and posting explicit images etc.

So if done right they may have the admin or mod blocked but if they enter a server that they are admin or mod of their messages will be seen. Generally the people who would try to block an admin or mod are problem childs. I'm in many servers but the largest one I own and we tend to root out the people who are problems but we have a strange things happening now where people are coming in from nowhere and we have n idea who they are and they are always set to offline.

If you hit purge at any time you get 1 or 2 people max. Discord has some serious problems. You have a point, but if this were to become a thing, then it would probably not be used in a good way. People in public servers could block the moderators and admins with this, and then break all of the rules. Just my feedback though.

They can make it to where you're able to block others and not mods or admins. Most other social media forms already have this implemented.

Unfortunately it seems discord approves of harassment and other things like bigotry and racism. I've reported a few people for the two latter and they have yet to do anything about it. I'm about done with discord. Anarasha, on top of this, if your messages don't show up to users you've blocked, what about raid bots that join a server and block all the admins? It's the simplest working solution. Though I'd at least want to completely hide messages from users I blocked with an option to still see "hidden message" notification.

MargyB People are gonna say it's an invasion of privacy if you can see their messages just because they're a mod admin. Agreed, I mean just unblock them for a moment, remove them from your friendlist, then reblock them would also be a way, but I still upvote this idea. This is such a basic feature. I truly don't understand why it doesn't already exist.

We need a true block feature already!! Other venues upon blocking someone make me invisible to them. But other blocks are woefully inadequate. When you have an abuser online, they should not be able to see whether you're a part of any of their servers and you don't want to see them either , join any servers you have ownership of, see any of your messages private or otherwise, and definitely definitely NOT see your connected accounts, mutual friends, or shared servers.

Block should be or have an option for a complete 'this person can no longer contact, view, or pull my personal information from any community on this platform.

I am safely hidden from their reach, and don't need to feel anxious as they won't appear on shared community online lists any longer. If a bot says a greeting, while harder to censor, they should not be able to click my name. I liked this suggestion. It's really a nice idea in my opinion. Sometimes, ''blocked message'' button is really annoying. Or maybe there can be a button to hide all of them Kiimura December 13, Thank you. Sort by Date Votes. Comment actions Permalink.

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Is Discord Safe? Blocking and Monitoring Options

There are a lot of reasons for someone to join a platform like Discord. But most people join it to be a part of different servers so that they can communicate with a bunch of like-minded people. Well, you should hit them with a friend request to add them as your friend on Discord. When you add someone on Discord as your friend, then you can directly send them a message, or screen share with them without getting back to the mutual server.

Discord is a free voice and text chat for gamers that works on desktops and phones. But is Discord safe?

Discord, if you are not aware, is a platform designed to help the gamers communicate with one another. In fact, Discord lets you connect with other gamers when you are playing a game. Discord is an excellent platform that can offer an excellent communication option so that you would be able to make voice calls and video calls. DMs Direct Messages are something you would use for one to one communication with your friends or contacts. The Direct Message or DM option on Twitter is an excellent example to let you know the functionality.

Remove Facebook Friend Request virus (Removal Guide) - updated May 2020

Facebook Friend Request virus is a malicious application [1] message that sends friend requests to strangers without the user's permission and with questionable purpose. If Facebook sending friend requests issue has been bothering you for a while, you have been involved in the malicious scam associated with these request messages. There was an increased activity of Facebook Friend Request virus in according to experts [3]. However, at the beginning of , we can still see how active this issue is. The techniques used by scammers hardly changed — they either create fake profiles or malicious apps to send friend requests and scam users or their friends. As always, the primary purpose of these fraudsters is to swindle money or take control over someone's account. Typically, the reason to hack accounts is to collect personal information or use it for further distribution of malicious links. The viruses and scams associated with suspicious friend requests on this giant social media network can be divided into several categories. Let's review each of them to learn what to expect from them and how to avoid or remove Facebook Friend Request virus. This particular October version even raised the attention of the officials of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Office [5].

How To Send a Message to Someone Who’s Not Your Friend in Discord

Updated: December 12, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to add a Discord user to your personal friend list, using a computer, phone, or tablet. You can easily send a friend request to any user if you know their unique Discord Tag. They will be instantly added to your friend list as soon as they accept your request.

According to The Radicati Group, there are almost 6 billion unique email addresses in the world.

When playing video games on PC, players often need to solve two problems: How to talk to one another, and how to organize people long enough to actually get a game going. Discord is the latest in a long line of apps designed to solve that problem. The free platform, which blends the approachable chat UI found in apps like Slack with video and voice chat, a la Skype, has quickly become one of the most popular, reporting million users , with 14 million people logging on every day.

Send a DM to people who are not our friends

Sky Children of the Light 0. New players can benefit from making friends with more experienced players to help guide them in the game. Sky is playable as a single-player, although may present challenges in some areas. The other players you encounter in the game are from Sky's global community, and will first appear as dark silhouettes.

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The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Social media messenger sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp have increasingly become woven into our social fabric, making exclusion more public and interactive. This article was published more than 3 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. In October, two of my good friends broke up. Everyone who knew the couple — who I'll call Blair and Nelle — was baffled.

How To Add Friends On Discord

Go to Solution. When you open the link to the playlist, you will find a link to their profile. Note: if your friend doesn't know their username, they can easily find it by doing the following:. If you want to change your username, make sure to check out this thread to find out how. View solution in original post.

Sep 15, - Sending people messages without adding them. Say you want to message someone but you don't actually want to add them, People don't even want to see "one potential message" from spammers waiting for them. but this.

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Discord is a completely free platform designed for gaming communities. You can use their software to get in touch with other people who are playing your favorite games. Since talking in-game can be quite a hassle sometimes, Discord also allows its users to make voice calls and video calls. Does Discord allow you to message them?





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