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How can you find a good husband

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You have taken those vows and made promises to your partner. All you need is a clear conscience, and of course, love for your wife. If you are sincere in your intention to be an ideal husband and make the relationship stronger, it is not difficult to be so. Consider reading our post below. MomJunction comes up with some guidelines and a checklist on how to be a good husband. Read on.

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What are the qualities of a good husband? Let this list of qualities guide your marriage, family, and life as a whole. Affection He gives you the affection you deserve as his wife. He works hard to give you a home you can call your own. Leadership He is reliable, has initiative, and knows how to guide and lead your family to the right path.

When you are with him, you know that you could never be lost in life. This is why you are willing to submit yourself to him as his wife. He is also a good role model for your children. He is scared of losing you. He loves himself as he loves you and your family. He strives to be happy and healthy so he can always be there for you and your children.

Trust He has confidence in you. He also entrusts you with all his property, money, and recurring salary. Knowledge In connection with 6, he actually trusts you because he knows you better than anyone else.

He exerted efforts to know you. He knows your favorite color, music, food, place — and he also knows your attitude and everything about you. He is always interested to know you. Truthfulness He is honest and transparent. He trusts you and you can also trust him in return. He appreciates even the little things you do for him. And because of that, you are more inspired to serve and love him because you know that your efforts will not be wasted.

He can tolerate pain or endure suffering because he is aware that all of them are just trials that should make him stronger rather than weaker. Persistence He is persistent and consistent.

He never stops until he achieves his dream for you and your family. He will continue no matter how hard or how long it will take to provide your family a brighter future. Self-control He has self-discipline. He knows how to control himself to avoid gluttony, drunkenness, idleness, lust, and other vices that will put your lives in misery.

Understanding He understands you. He understands himself. He understands what he says. He understands his choices or decisions. He has understanding because he practices and experiences what he preaches. Compassion He understands you because he is compassionate. He feels your happiness, thus, he wants you to stay happy. He also feels your sadness and suffering, thus, he wants to do everything to ease your pain. Forgiveness He is not vengeful.

He knows how to forgive, forget, and forward to live a happy life with you and your children. Righteousness He rejects evil. He departs from sins, malevolence, and corruption. He does what is right, and that is why he is blessed. Justice He is fair and just. He will never make you feel that life with him is so unfair.

Respect He respects you as a woman. Though they may be different from his, he respects your own opinions and decisions. He also knows how to respect himself. Contentment He is happy and content with you. For him, you are his dream come true. He never wishes to have other wives or mistresses. He never envies other men, because, for him, he feels like he is the luckiest man on Earth because he has you. Selflessness He has a sense of sacrifice. He thinks about you and your children first before himself.

He gives up his own things for you. He spends his money, time and energy for the whole family, not only for himself. Godliness He is a God-fearing person. He brings you and your kids closer to God. Hopefulness He always sees a good future with you no matter how difficult the present is. He always gives you good and positive vibes which help your home and family become happier, more confident, and always keep going no matter how difficult life is. Faithfulness He is faithful to you.

He believes in you. His faith is in action — his faithfulness makes him listen to you, love you, and sacrifice for you. Diligence He works hard for you. He is motivated to work to build a brighter future for your children.

Kindness He is a kind-hearted man. He always wants to help you and see you smile. He is not rude. Gentleness He is gentle with your mind, heart, and body. When you commit mistakes, he rebukes you gently and calmly, not furiously.

He gives you time and space whenever you need them. Humility He is not proud and arrogant. He is a strong person mentally, emotionally and spiritually — and that is why he can afford himself to go low to overcome pride and encourage kindness, peace, and happiness to the people around him.

Acceptance He accepts you for who you are. However, he continues to inspire you to grow as a better person. He inspires you to change for the better by doing and showing you the change he wants you to be. Support He supports you in your endeavours to be a better and more successful woman. He also supports your children in their own choices in life as long as he sees them to be righteous and make them truly happy.

True love Finally, he is truly in love with you. He knows it, he is sure about it, he feels it, and he always tells you about his true feelings even in random times and places. However, if a man is truly in love with a woman or his wife, he will strive to develop those qualities above.

Excellent qoutes only God can be that good and perfect husband you described…. Signed a tired good wife!!! Please draw yourself close to God because He has all of those attributes and more and He desires to be that Husband to you and for you. He is all you need. He has all power to turn your life and your husbands life around. Thank you Grateful Woman. I needed to hear those words today. You have been a tremendous help.

God bless. Aquire wealth enjoy as many women as possible. Get a protege later in life. And give away your fortune to charities in the twilight of your life. Anything else is just folly. Today is my blessing day cos when I read this, I know that God Bible is the only who can save and lead my family. Be not conformed to this world,but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. All things are possible as a follower of God who has the mind of God. Good quotes, thanks! You are in control of your choices.

Once you make the choice to leave, then you can heal. No matter what you think, at the end of the day, you choose to move your foot towards the door and choose to grip your luggage with your hand.

I know its been a while since your post.

How to Be a Good Husband for a Happy Marriage

And the easiest way to sustain your collective happiness and guarantee that you float over the rockier terrains of matrimony is to take matters into your own hands and be better husband. No, that doesn't mean pampering her at every turn and showering her with extravagant gifts. It means simply being more present, being more thoughtful, and being more supportive about the little things in your daily life. To give you some added help, we've compiled 30 research-backed methods that will instantly elevate your husband game.

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As the excitement of wedding and honeymoon fades away, and you adjust to the wind and grind of real life, you realise that you have a partner to share in your joys and sorrows. Slowly, you become so used to each other that romance your romance starts dwindling. The vows that are made during the wedding ceremonies are not always followed through by people, but if you are the type of man who wants to really be the perfect husband to the woman you cherish, it is not too late to rekindle the spark and make your woman feel that you love her. Being a good husband is not something that comes naturally to most men.

These Are The Non-Negotiable Qualities That Make A Good Husband

I spent many, many years chasing damage cases and emotionally unavailable men and many more years writing about these experiences and creating a career out of it! I made the same mistake countless others make. Forget about rational thinking and objectivity and a sense of knowing I deserve better, this is what I wanted and this is what I went for. And what a waste of time and energy that was! By some miracle, I extricated myself from the murky waters of delusional thinking, realized a life of ups and downs and endless heartbreak that comes from only pursuing the unattainable is a tragic way to live, and fell in love with and married the most wonderful human being on the planet. The shocking thing about him is that he treated me well, whereas previously the way to my heart was to treat me like crap, and that made me care for him even more! And I see countless other women making the same mistakes as me over and over again. What a shame and what a waste. If you want to settle down and get married, then you need to be able to recognize the qualities that make for a good husband. Look, not every guy is Mr.

10 Signs You Have a Great Husband

If you plan on getting married, you want a good husband. No one is out there carefully searching for a bad one. But, finding a good husband isn't as easy as it seems like it should be. Sometimes you think you've found the perfect person only to end up hurt in the end.

Updated: January 24, References. So you got married and became a man of vows.

This article originally appeared on ManWifeandDog. In my line of work, I meet a lot of great husbands and the wives who adore them. Over time, it's not hard to pick up on a pattern among these men -- especially when I chat with other wives about why they chose the men they've married and what qualities in their husbands have most shaped their marriages.

The 5 Types Of Men Who Make GREAT Husbands

What are the qualities of a good husband? Let this list of qualities guide your marriage, family, and life as a whole. Affection He gives you the affection you deserve as his wife.

For some of you, it was just this morning. If you want to make sure you're doing a great job as a husband, there are some things you'll want to make sure you're doing — all of which will result in a happy marriage. And then ground your marriage in those beliefs, as well. One thing we are good at as men is being confident in our careers. And confident husbands are considered sexy by their wives.

54 Small, Nice Ways to Be a Better Husband

Want to start? For one, that will become exhausting for her. Try to friends or a mentor you can lean on for counsel, as well. This has the dual benefits of getting different perspectives on things, while also developing and strengthening those friendships, too. But that work, while essential, is also often invisible or underappreciated, at the very least.

Jan 22, - Be thankful that such a nice girl would marry someone like you. An excellent wife, who can find? Her worth is far more than jewels. –Proverbs


17 Easy Ways To Be A Good Husband For Your Wife Every Single Day


How To Be A Good Husband - A Definite Guide






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