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Select your nearest Central Casting office. Read through your Details Blog then check out this guide for inspiration on s fashion. Depending on the production, the wardrobe department may provide clothing for Background Actors. Overall, s fashion was glamorous, well-groomed, and put-together, even for more casual stay-at-home looks.

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1950s Fashion for Men and Women

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Did you used to watch Grease as a kid and dream of having your own grease lightning someday or did you want to join the Pink Ladies so you too could be the coolest girl at Rydell High?

Or maybe you just memorized every song and loved to belt them out anywhere you went. Trust us, we get it. You're in a safe place here We have mens and womens styles and sized from a Danny wig so you can get John Travolta's suave hair, and of course the T-Bird jacket, as well as both Good and Bad Sandy so you don't even have to choose which side you're on.

Whether you're putting on a stage musical revival or heading out for Halloween in a group theme, our Grease costumes are a fantastic option for fans of the timeless film. You might even say these costumes put the "bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop" in your Halloween. Search through our selection of Grease outfits for the best costumes of Halloween. Can you believe it? After all, it has the famous love story of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson.

It has the fast paced action of hot rod racing. All you need to do is get outfitted in one of our officially licensed Grease costumes. We carry such a large selection of Grease Halloween costumes based on the film that you can easily transform into your favorite character. Whether that means hanging out in the auto shop in a mechanic jumpsuit or dressing up like Bad Sandy for a trip to the carnival is up to you!

This guide should help you make the critical decision of who to dress up like, along with tips on how to pose for photos and how to get the most out of your Grease costume. There are plenty of ways to craft a unique Grease experience. Of course, any talk of Grease outfits needs to start with the T-Birds! Here, we have a couple of T-Birds in their natural habitat. If you want some major bonus points while dressing up in our Greased Lightning costumes, then make sure to bring your hot rod, or find a friend who owns one.

It makes for some great pic opportunities! The Pink Ladies are the true powerhouse of the school. All you need is an attitude, an affinity for awesome cars, and one of our signature jackets! It makes for a great group costume when you pair up with some of your favorite gals.

You can also transform into a Pink Lady if you need to keep any T-Birds in your life under control. Of course, one of the best parts about Grease is the large ensemble of characters.

You can gather up your friends and family to become the entire Grease crew! Kids can easily join in on the fun too! Maybe you have a little rebel without a cause or perhaps your little girl is looking to rule the school as the coolest kid around.

Just check out some of these great costumes to help turn your child into a classic character! The coolest of the cool always make their way into the Pink Ladies crew. Just think about it for a second! The way your girl strolls through the house like she owns the place?

Your child might just have what it takes to join Danny Zuko and Kenickie as part of the guys from Rydell High. From the moment it hit the silver screen, everyone knew that Grease was going to be a sensation!

After all, it had everything. It had a gripping love story and a dangerous rivalry between gangs. It had manly comradery. It had the female friendship of the Pink Ladies. It had dreams of grandeur and some sweet vintage automobiles. It even had a flying car at the end! The boys have a lot of great options when it comes to a movie-themed outfit! Well, then you can become a real grease monkey. Of course, with our selection you could even be a real monkey, but that has nothing to do with Grease.

One of the true treasures of the movie is the members of the Pink Ladies! Just work it out between all of your friends who gets to be Sandy. Then, after her friendship with the Pink Ladies and her relationship with Danny starts to rekindle, she gets in tough with her darker side, becoming a little big bad! If you want to become Sandy, just choose which version of her lines up the best with your own personality. Of course, she probably should have at least finished high school before chasing after her dream.

They may have just been characters in an exhaustion-induced dream, but they had a good message to relay to Frenchy… head back to school, girl! Few girls have the courage to drop out of high school to pursue their dream of becoming a hair dresser. After all, you want to share your Grease experience with the world. With a few of our posing tips you can get the best out of your photos. Just take a look at few of our poses below to help jumpstart your own imagination for some great pic ideas! You heard the gal, Danny!

Imagine this. You just finished a hot rod race. Your boys from the T-Birds surround you. Your best gal, Sandy is looking at you with such admiration. What do you do? Well, you pose in this studly victory stance! Danny Zuko can be a bit thick-skulled sometimes. He might have a sensitive soul inside, but that tough guy image can sometimes block his true feelings from being expressed. All it takes to break through to those true feelings is a sassy pose, like this one.

You can truly tell that Danny and Sandy are going to make it! This classic bad girl look shows Danny that aloof look that will have him spilling his guts about his undying love for you. What fun is that? Costumes are always more fun when you can do it with the one that you want! Of course, Grease makes it easy for you to dress up like your favorite movie couple. Since Sandy and Danny have such an iconic look, you can quickly transform into the doo-wop couple by wearing our Grease couples costumes!

Grease has taught us one important thing about love. Sandra did it by dressing up in black, complete with a leather jacket to get her man. You can do the same by posing together for a great pic together as Danny and Sandra. After all, nothing proves true love like a car that starts randomly flying through the sky.

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Accessories Accessories. Our Grease costumes will make anyone proud to go to Rydell High! Our Grease outfits are officially-licensed and well-made, with movie-accurate details. Perfect for groups and families, you can start with our Sandy Grease costume options, and then be sure to check out our Danny costumes for men!

Go, Greased Lightning! Made By Us Exclusive. Previous 1 current 2 Next. Grease Costumes Can you believe it? Grease Movie Costumes From the moment it hit the silver screen, everyone knew that Grease was going to be a sensation! Shaping Up You heard the gal, Danny!

Lightning Imagine this. Devoted You can truly tell that Danny and Sandy are going to make it! Grease Halloween Couples Costumes Costumes are always more fun when you can do it with the one that you want! One That I Want Grease has taught us one important thing about love.

Grease Costumes

Greasers are a youth subculture that was popularized in the s to s by predominantly working class and lower class teenagers and young adults in the United States. The subculture remained prominent into the mids and was particularly embraced by certain ethnic groups in urban areas , particularly Italian-Americans and Hispanic-Americans. Rock and roll music, rockabilly and doo-wop were major parts of the culture. The word "greaser" originated in the 19th century in the United States as a derogatory label for poor laborers, specifically those of Mexican or Italian descent. It was not used in writing to refer to the American subculture of the midth century until the mids, though in this sense it still evoked a pejorative connotation and a relation to machine work.

The term "greaser" is used to describe a youth movement that began in the United States during the s. Usually greasers were involved in street gangs that evolved in both urban and suburban neighborhoods.

Did you used to watch Grease as a kid and dream of having your own grease lightning someday or did you want to join the Pink Ladies so you too could be the coolest girl at Rydell High? Or maybe you just memorized every song and loved to belt them out anywhere you went. Trust us, we get it. You're in a safe place here

Men’s Rockabilly Style

The s decade holds countless great themes for Halloween costumes. Try a Greaser look with a leather jacket, white T Shirt, and blue jeans. Shop these cheaper Halloween costumes, or for more higher quality 50s inspired clothes start here. Our s menu at the top will help you find anything you might need. Forum Novelties Mens 50s Varsity Sweater. Lucky 13 Mens Lola WorkShirt. Clothe Co. Mens Retro Bowling Camp Shirt.

Rockabilly mens clothing - Vintage clothing for and 1950s fashion for men

Vintage clothing for men is returning to many wardrobes. Particularly in demand is 50s men's clothing. But other retro clothing for men is also very much in style. Retro fashion for men is wearable at any occasion.

Either way, the spirit of the rockabilly is hard to match.

There were three main fashions for men and boys in the s: The Clean-Cut All-American A mainstream guy concerned about his reputation with parents, teachers and "nice" girls would sport a military-inspired crewcut or tidy side-parted hairstyle. It went well with his letterman jacket and Ivy League credentials. A budding musician, poet or intellectual, his style reflected s musicians like Buddy Holly, who popularized wearing nerdy dark-rimmed glasses and a pompadour hairstyle. A rebel with or without a cause who liked to look a little dangerous.

Party Deko und Kostüme für jede Veranstaltung!

Skip to main content Men's 50's Costume. In Stock. The jacket is pretty good quality given that it's a costume. It definitely wreaked of a paint-like smell right out of the package.

While this 50s Greaser costume was worn towards the end of the decade, the s was largely about the wholesome all-American look. Although the Cold War and threat of nuclear weapons loomed over the heads of Americans during the fifties, it was a decade when the country could finally breathe a collective sigh of relief. America during the s was booming. People had more leisure time than ever before and life was pretty darn good. Following the short-lived Bold Look of the late forties, conformity was the order of the day in post-war America at the start of the fifties.

Greaser (subculture)


s Men's Costumes: Greaser, Elvis, Rockabilly, Prom. Flash back to the free spirited s, when young men carved a new world out of Rock 'N Roll. The.


1950s Men’s Costumes: Greaser, Elvis, Rockabilly, Prom







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