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Girl meets world riley and charlie fanfiction

Talk to Me. It's been a month since the nature club took their trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. It's been a month since the triangle finally came to an end and Lucas ultimately chose Riley. It's been a good month for the young couple, spending lots of time together, going on dates.

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GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

Talk to Me. It's been a month since the nature club took their trip to the Mount Sun Lodge. It's been a month since the triangle finally came to an end and Lucas ultimately chose Riley. It's been a good month for the young couple, spending lots of time together, going on dates. They're all happy. Lucas and Riley are happy together.

Maya's happy that she's playing the long game with Josh. Farkle, Smackle, and Zay are happy that things are back to normal within their circle of friends. Riley and Charlie decided to be friends at her New Year's Eve party earlier that year. They've been talking every now and again. He's a nice guy and Riley doesn't mind talking to him.

It took her and her friends a while to get used to Abigail Adams High as well, but they're all adjusting just fine now. Riley closes her locker shut and leads Charlie to the bench near the stairs. They talk about what they've both been up to since graduation. It's obvious he still has some feelings left for Riley, but he knows he has no chance after Farkle blurted out that she still loved Lucas during the New Year's Eve party.

She's thrilled to be telling people now that Lucas Friar is her boyfriend. He has an annoyed look on his face. He's too focused on scribbling in his notebook to notice the overly obvious gesture made towards him. You usually walk in together and make googly eyes at each other. He saw me at my locker. We were just talking and catching up on each other's life. It's known that Lucas doesn't like it when Riley talks to other boys about life.

It's kind of a Riley and Lucas thing. Riley goes straight home after school. She tells the others she can't make it to their weekly study date at Topanga's. Riley sits at the bay window alone, getting some homework done.

She picks up her phone beside her and turns it on. No new messages. She texted Lucas earlier that she wants to talk to him, but he still hasn't texted her back. All she sees is her phone wallpaper, a photo of her and Lucas from the ski lodge. It's a photo Topanga took of the couple when she and Cory were informed of Lucas's decision. It's their first picture together as an official couple. She debates whether or not she should go see him now or wait until tomorrow and confront him at school.

She decides on the former because she won't be able to focus too much on homework without thinking about Lucas anyway. She knows he didn't show up at Topanga's either. Riley gets up and grabs a denim jacket from her closet. She informs her parents of her plans before leaving the apartment. She's a good daughter, after all.

The Friar residence isn't too far from the Matthews's apartment. It only takes Riley twenty minutes to get there. Lucas's parents answer the door and let her in. The Friars really like Riley, she's been having dinner there regularly since the two started dating.

A startled Lucas is sitting at his desk playing computer games. He knows what she said, and he's offended to hear her say that. Lucas sighs in defeat. There's no use in trying to argue with the brunette.

He turns off his computer to give his full attention to an interrogative Riley. He rolls his chair from his desk to his bed so he's sitting in front of her. She wants answers, and she's not leaving until she gets them. His voice softens, "It's always been you, Riley, you know that. You talked to him all night, what was I supposed to think?! Riley laughs. She explains to him the Charlie situation from today since she didn't get the chance to tell him earlier.

I should know better. I'm sorry. I forgive you," Riley tells him. Lucas beams when Riley calls him cute, even if it's due to his jealousy.

He gets up from his chair and plops down beside her on his bed. That's our thing. She takes his hand in hers. More than anything in the world.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed! It's been a while since I've written fanfiction, so I apologize if I'm a little rusty. I really like how this turned out, though. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Riley confronts Lucas on why he doesn't like it when she talks to other guys. Riley's at her locker, gathering her books for her next class, history, which Cory teaches. Riley's eyes widen at the voice and quickly turns around to face the owner of it. Charlie smiles. Charlie turns to Riley to apologize, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get in between you two. She loves Maya, but she doesn't like how Maya sees right through her. She's reluctant to tell Maya this but she tells her anyway.

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Charlie and Riley

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She was catching a ride with you this morning. She said you cried and begged that you needed some father daughter time. Corey started shaking his head.

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate. Tried to keep in character but sacrificed being in character for angst. Lucas and Maya find out. Something was wrong, Maya thought.

Author's notes: This is currently a one shot, but I have ideas to continue it, they just aren't coming out right into words at the moment. A month since Riley had realized that her best friend was secretly harboring feelings for Lucas. A month since she had decided that she'd rather keep both Maya and Lucas as friends than lose them both to inevitable drama. A month since she had started dating Charlie. It's a been a month since Texas and Riley is wondering if it will ever stop feeling like her world is dangling over the edge of a gaping abyss that's waiting to swallow her up. Lucas and Maya are still circling each other in a dating-like fashion. They go to Topanga's on their own and to the movies.

Lucas Fryer: all-American, Texas-born, all-around nice guy. He had great friends, hair, and—for the most part—a great attitude. Riley Matthews: Lucas' crush-turned girlfriend as of ninth grade , naive, gullible, but with a big heart and good intentions. These two were going to make it. They were going to be the stereotypical high school sweethearts who got married, attended the same college, had babies, and lived 'happily ever after.

In Girl Meets Semi-Formal he asks Riley to their school's semi-formal after having waited ten months to muster enough courage to ask her after believing Lucas would would ask her. When Lucas did not ask Riley, he asks her to the semi-formal in the way she dreamed Lucas would ask her and she unintentionally agrees to go with Charlie instead of Lucas, causing Lucas to get jealous.





Nov 25, - Girls like Riley don't get guys like Lucas, girls like Maya do. Riley's lucky that someone like Charlie sees something in her. She knows she's lucky.








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