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Getting your girlfriend a gift card

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According to psychologists at South University, the psychology of gift-giving during the holidays is complex. It is a way to express feelings of love, connect with another person and reinforce appreciation, but it can also trigger feelings of guilt or resentment -- particularly if a gift is a lot more or a lot less than what was expected. The right Christmas gift to show your girlfriend that she's special is one that is very thoughtful, personal and demonstrates that you care. The wrong gift is one that took little thought or effort -- or one that simply doesn't make sense for her.

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Top Ten Things Not to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

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Twinkle In Time is an incredible online service that lets you create and order a personalized map which captures how the stars were arranged on a given date and location. You can pick the date she was born, graduation date or even the day she was proposed to. But it can also be perfect for wedding anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions. If your woman recipient is an astrology lover, this present will simply knock her boots off.

We are certain she will be happy to have the map hanging in her office, living room or bedroom. You think the world of your favorite woman, and you want her to stay hydrated as well as have great-looking skin. If this is what you wish for her, look no further than Kool8 bottle. We named one of the best water bottles of , and the Kool8 indeed lives up to the hype. Eco-friendly, BPA-free, built to last and double-walled insulated, it has everything you can dream of in a reusable bottle.

The water bottle can hold up to 18 ounces of fluid and can keep your drinks cold for up 24 hours. And the best part, it comes with a tea infuser, making it the perfect gift for a tea lover. If you have used or seen a Staub dutch oven in action, then you know how amazingly handy it can be in the kitchen.

Staub dutch oven is flawlessly round, superbly built, and effortlessly easy to clean … it simply checks all the boxes for someone who loves to cook but hates the extra work. This dutch oven can do just about anything, whether you want to simmer a hearty stew, braise veggies or slow cook meat. With Staub cast iron cocotte, you get quality at an irresistible price point. Besides, it fits perfectly in any panty and on most stoves. If you are used to conventional cookpots, though, you must find this stove to be slightly on the heavy side.

Of course, if you are interested in a more traditional choice of the dutch oven, you can go for Le Creuset. Kickstart her new year with something she will actually love to wear.

If your lady is fond of a minimalist feel and look in her jewelry, this gold watch with a mesh strap is what the doctor prescribed. The simple yet stylish face makes it a good fit for just about any style because it can match most outfits. Her wardrobe is probably full of colorful, odd-looking shoes that make a bold statement.

Kate Spade New York Madelyne pumps are what she needs to add some more sizzle to her shoe collection. The woolen texture will simply rock her world. Every genuine wine fanatic knows that a glass of cabernet, chardonnay or pinot tastes great when chilled.

All she has to do is place these glasses in the freezer or fridge for about 2 hours. They will keep her vino tastefully cool, even during the sweltering months of summer.

They are BPA-free and designed to chill both red and white wines. Each glass comes with an insulated band made from silicone for an extra comfortable grip. Garmin Forerunner Music watch was designed with the everyday runner in mind.

It can not only play her music playlists on the go but will deliver running feedback and data pre and post-run. Overall, this is an affordable fitness gizmo she can wear all-day.

Nespresso Citiz will definitely be her best coffee upgrade for the new year. After 9 minutes of inactivity, the coffee machine switches itself off, making a great gift for an eco-conscious girlfriend, wife, best friend or mom. It also works super fast, bringing water to a boil in under 25 seconds.

She can also adjust the cup size to meet her single-serve coffee needs. Revlon is a big name in the hair-styling department, and this one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot airbrush is one of their best products yet. After all, you probably wanted to treat her to a blowout on her big day.

This nifty hair-drying brush will give your loved one a solid couple of years of pampering, primping and more. Succulents are all the rage as birthday gifts right now, and with good reason. They are uber-easy to grow and do well in indirect light that can be dim to bright. To thrive, the topsoil should be dry yet well-drained. Well, with a succulent and easy to maintain ceramic planter, you show her how you truly feel.

If the birthday girl is an avid perfume or fragrance collector, this Good Girl Eau de perfume by Carolina Herrera will delightfully fit the bill.

This top-shelf fragrance features night floral notes of white flowers, alongside other stronger scents. Your mom or wife probably had a polaroid camera in her teenage days. This Snap Instant Digital Camera is a delightful upgrade from that. It snaps clearer, higher-res photos that offer that retro look and feel of polaroid pictures.

The icing on the cake is the embedded Zero Ink Printing technology. What that means is that she can take and print pictures in less than a minute. It might not be good for Instagram selfies, but the reminiscence this instant camera brings will be all worth it. You can even share snapped photos without needing a computer connection.

As a general gift-shopping rule, you must consider the person you are buying the gift for. If she is very picky when it comes to what she wears, you might want to hold off on getting her jewelry. If the birthday lady is well known for her simple and timeless style, this pendant necklace from Kate Spade New York could be the answer.

You can personalize it with her initials, and it can be dressed down or up. It is one of the most reviewed birthday gifts for her when it comes to necklaces. So women clearly adore it. Everyone knows that one lady who likes to stay on top of everything.

She likes to plan out every little detail weeks, if not months ahead. If this sounds like your favorite birthday girl, this illustrated lemon wall calendar by Global Printed Products will help her stay organized and keep her life in perfect order year-round.

Himalayan pink salt rock has been touted to have numerous health and spiritual benefits. They are thought to help cleanse the air and restore a sense of calm, relaxation and peace. Where can I sign up? It gives off a warm, amber glow that can transform the ambiance of a room in a jiffy. This salt lamp by WMB has an adjustable knob, wooden base, and is compact. Help take her brunch game to a whole new and exciting level with this mini waffle maker by Dash.

Looking for the best present for an outgoing lady? Make sure that the color and style best fit her outgoing personality and attitude.

Good thing, it a perfect look she can don to evening parties, cocktails, date nights, and every occasion in between. It comprises well-designed pages in which she can note all her sentimental notes.

She can use it to remember crucial dates and write down her small blurbs, therefore creating a memento and keepsake for her future. The whole setup is built to last, durable and comes with a cute ribbon bookmark.

Are you not completely sure what gift to buy for her? Buying gifts for some individuals can be an arduous task. After all, everyone loves a great-value Amazon Gift card. Of course, if you want to take your parties to the next level, be sure to add this multi-platform, swivel board to your gift shopping list. There is a three-knife set, inch board, and cute integrated drawer. She will never be bored digging into her stash of favorite cheese again!

After all, candle lovers and fanatic readers seem to go in tandem. Does she need a snazzy way to chop in the kitchen? It can cut, peel, dice, carve, slice, and much more. With a high-grade stainless steel construction and silicone grips, this multi-tool is rust-resistant and long-lasting. YogaPaws is a company that is redefining the world of pilates, yoga, meditation, SUP, and barre. This pair of yoga socks and yoga gloves by YogaPaws will help her ditch the bulky travel yoga mat.

It comprises toeless socks with a natural rubber layer to grip the surface better. The fingerless gloves fit snugly and are breathable and comfortable. She will absolutely love the fact that the set gives a barefoot feeling to any yoga, dance, barre, pilates or other forms of mindful fitness.

For under 20 bucks, you will score this cool mist portable humidifier by AmuseND. USB-rechargeable, she can take this completely lightweight anywhere she wants to bring in more moisture. The beauty of it all is that the battery lasts long for hours between charges.

With 7 breathing lights, it can incorporate instant serenity and ambiance to any indoor space too. If the birthday girl often struggles with allergic mascara, this product by Nu Evolution will knock her socks off. As you might know, most Mascara brands are loaded with irritants, and yet they sit close to her eyes. That means she will say adieu to flakes and clumps, and welcome long, gorgeous lashes that look amazing! This Pixnor facial cleansing brush delivers the same, if not better results as high-end cleansers but at a fraction of the cost.

It will effortlessly get rid of milia, dead skin cells, excess oil, makeup, whiteheads, and blackheads. In other words, this cleanser will help her say goodbye to skin irritation, acne and other blemishes in a breeze! This bathroom mirror doubles up as a waterproof speaker.

What Not to Buy Your Girlfriend

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Mejuri's popular Zodiac Necklace is cool, minimalist, and something she can wear every day. For couples, gifting can be especially enjoyable.

The time of the year when your brain overheats trying to figure out what to get your significant other for Christmas without messing up. Fortunately, this year I will make it easier for you with a list of what you definitely should not give your boyfriend or girlfriend.

I've never been a very good gift giver. Some people are just so good at picking out meaningful items for their loved ones. So, I'm the gift card guy, and I've always been good with that. Who doesn't like getting a gift card? Minimal shopping for me, and the gift recipient gets exactly what they want.

I bought my girlfriend a gift card to buy yoga pants. It ruined our relationship: Ask Ellie

I don't think it's out-and-out rude so much as impersonal. Gift cards essentially shift the burden of shopping and deciding on the gift to the recipient, and then restrict where they can shop. There are times when that could be what you want. If your job is to get a gift for everyone in your department, a coffee shop gift card is a safe, fair, and easy choice, which will probably appeal to most. If it's for your girlfriend, that same gift card could look thoughtless and lazy. There are ways to make gift cards more personal. At the very least, choose the business to match the individual. Make s Make sure the recipient can and does shop there. If it's an hours long trip to the nearest location or the person dislikes that business for whatever reason, don't get that gift card.

20 gift ideas your girlfriend will actually love

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. Q: By luck, a dating site matched me up with a childhood friend now both mids. She's also never married, has no kids. She's a very responsible, level-headed woman.

Log in or create account. Gift-giving in any relationship can be tricky, but when it comes to a gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, figuring out how much to spend can be downright daunting.

If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be tough—but it doesn't have to be. To make your holiday shopping easier, we've rounded up 20 things your significant other will be sure to love, from the trendy luggage that people are obsessed with to everyone's favorite Instant Pot. Get your girlfriend her own sweatshirt to cozy up in so she can stop taking yours.

OPINION: 5 gifts not to give your significant other for Christmas

Click the Buy Gift Card button to start the ordering process. I understand that this is only a notification of the gift. The recipient will need to claim the physical or email gift card using the confirmation link that will be emailed to them when I finish with checkout. Here you can choose when you want us to send your gift.

It's easy to let a bad gift slide when it comes from your elderly aunt or a clueless friend. It's par for the course, funny even. It's an experience all but guaranteed to make more than a few female recipients apathetic to the very idea of exchanging gifts. So if you're still in the position of not knowing what to get the woman in your life, let us help you out. Rule 1: She doesn't want an I.

How Much Should You Spend on a Gift for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

For many guys, getting their girlfriend a gift for an upcoming birthday, holiday or special celebration can be an anxiety filled task. If you find yourself clueless upon buying a gift for your girlfriend , a good place to start is knowing what gifts are typically best to avoid. Once you've got the basic "don'ts" down, the key to giving a successful girlfriend gift is to start brainstorming early. Waiting until the last minute will be the kiss of death -- literally. Give yourself at least a month to start thinking about her interests and hobbies. Pay attention to the types of movies she prefers, the food she likes, what she talks about when you're together or how she spends her free time.

I once gave my girlfriend (ex) a check for Valentines Day. If she is really serious about not getting a gift just give her something handmade My parents gift my perfume (I love perfumes) and my boyfriend got me a Sephora gift card, because  10 answers.

Grown-ups give spa treatment certificates and shiny trinkets in jewelry boxes. Unless Julia Child is her lifelong hero, and even then, getting her a skillet, a blender or a slow cooker is kind of a romantic buzzkill. Will it make her jump for joy?

Twinkle In Time is an incredible online service that lets you create and order a personalized map which captures how the stars were arranged on a given date and location. You can pick the date she was born, graduation date or even the day she was proposed to. But it can also be perfect for wedding anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions.






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