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Famous male female couples in history

Celebrity couples, no matter the era, have a way of sweeping the public off their feet. Maybe it's the way they look at one another, or the not-so-secret PDA they share during red carpet appearances. From Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, who ruled the early '50s before Bogie's untimely death, to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose real-life fairytale continues to captivates the world long after their wedding, here's a look at the most iconic celebrity romances from to present day. Frank and Ava had affairs with other people until their divorce was finalized in

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33 Iconic Movie Couples Who Made Us Believe in Love

Who did you and your boo channel when you were getting ready for senior prom? Of course you remember the famous lovebirds who dominated the tabloids during the months when you were just itching to get out from under your parents' roof. Here's a look back at those glamorous couples whose love felt just as real and intense as your crush from chem class.

Musical power couple Carly and James got married in , just a year after they began dating. But Carly had her sights set on James way before they first met. They had two children together, but ultimately the couple filed for divorce after a decade of marriage.

Ali and Steve started dating in and got married a year later. Despite the couple's glamorous veneer, their relationship was secretly quite rocky. The couple got divorced in Anjelica and Jack began dating in the early '70s, and their on-and-off relationship spanned the next 17 years.

Anjelica wrote in her memoir that Jack was constantly unfaithful, and she finally left him when he disclosed that was expecting a child with another woman. Still, the couple was a sought-after staple in the s and '80s Hollywood scene.

One of the most famous couples of the 20th century, Liz and Richard met in , and famously—despite the fact that they were each married to other people—began an extravagant love affair. Their first marriage lasted from , and they tied the knot again for less than a year in Sally and Burt met on the set of their film Smokey and the Bandit and dated for five years. Burt reportedly proposed to Sally on numerous occasions, though the two never got married.

Jerry and Mick, one of the most glamorous couples of the '70s and '80s, were each iconic in their own right. The couple got married in , but their year long relationship was plagued with infidelity on Mick's part, and after having four children together, they split in Diane and Warren started dating in the late '70s, and then did what many young-and-in-love stars tend to do: They made a movie together.

Though they co-starred in Reds in , their relationship didn't last long, in part because Diane wanted to get married she even gave Warren a marriage ultimatum!

This celeb couple was together on and off for more than 12 years. Carrie and Paul's marriage lasted only a year, but they continued to date until a trip to the Amazon, when Carrie had a psychedelic vision that Paul was controlling her, which prompted her to finally call it quits for good. They got engaged in when Diana was 19 and Charles was 32, and as you are probably aware, the engagement caused a total media frenzy. The two got married that same year and had two sons—hi, Prince William and Prince Harry!

Their relationship ended quite tragically, though: Diana and Charles divorced in after Charles' affair with his now-wife Camilla Parker-Bowles , and a year later, in , Diana was shockingly killed in a car accident. Brooke and Michael became close after they met in The two "dated a lot," Michael told Dateline , and he asked her to marry him multiple times.

In the same interview, Michael also said that Brooke was "one of the loves of my life. Goldie and Kurt are one of Hollywood's longest lasting couples and have been happily unmarried for the last 35 years. Apparently, avoiding marriage is part of what has kept them together! According to E! So for me, I chose to stay, and Kurt chose to stay. Sarah Jessica and Robert dated from until , and their relationship allegedly ended because of Robert's struggle with alcohol and drug addiction at the time.

Looking back at the relationship, SJP told People that "there was a huge amount of time spent making sure he was okay. Billy and Christie's romance got off to a rocky start because Billy was dating both Christie and her friend, the model Elle Macpherson, at the same time!

Of course, Billy ended up with Christie, and they got married three years later in The marriage lasted nine years, and they had one daughter together. The two remain on good terms. Maria and Arnold met in and got married nine years later in They have four kids together and were married for 25 years before getting divorced amid scandal in The scandal being that, well, Arnold had fathered a child with the family's longtime housekeeper.

Demi and Bruce met in and got married that same year in Las Vegas. But even though they hit up the altar relatively quickly, their intuitions were clearly onto something because their marriage lasted for over a decade. They have three children together and remain friends to this day. Every time Rita and Tom grace the red carpet together hand-in-hand, they remind the world that love can survive in Hollywood. It all started when they met on the set of the film Volunteers in Three years later, they were married.

According to People , Tom is adorably still in awe of their relationship, "We just like each other Elizabeth and Hugh met in , right as their careers were taking off. After 13 years together, they split in , but the two are still very close.

Elizabeth has said that "he remains my best friend to this day," and Hugh feels the same way. They are even godparents to each other's children. So sweet! Nicole and Tom met in when she auditioned for Days of Thunder a film they would eventually co-star in. Nicole told People that when she first saw him, her "jaw dropped. After two children and some stickiness involving the Church of Scientology, the couple divorced in Winona and Johnny started dating in and famously co-starred in Edward Scissorhand s a year later.

Despite getting engaged five months after their first date, the couple called it off in , and Depp had to get his 'Winona forever' tattoo altered to say 'Wino forever. It's hard not to love the love of David and Iman.

I'd never gone after anything in my life with such passion in all my life. I just knew she was the one," David told Hello! The couple was together for 26 happy years before David sadly passed away in Kim and Alec met on the set of the film The Marrying Man in , and clearly they took the title to heart because three years later they put a ring on it.

After having one daughter together, the couple split up in with a very contentious divorce that left Alec with a mandate to attend anger management classes. He is now remarried to yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin.

This '90s dream duo started dating in when Johnny was 31 and Kate was These blond beauties started dating in , and Brad proposed two years later in At one point, the couple even had matching blonde haircuts, prompting everyone to believe that their union was meant to be.

Sadly, however, the pair split a year later. Looking back, Gwyneth now says of the relationship, "I wasn't ready, and he was too good for me. The duo stayed together for 13 years, despite quite a few scandals. They got engaged a year later and Victoria wore a literal crown to her wedding. Over the course of their year marriage, they've had four children, and they've become known as one of the sexiest and most fashionable celeb couples in the world.

Jada and Will have been one of the most solid couples in Hollywood since their marriage. Their pet names for each other are "my king" and "my queen," so they must be pretty solid. In , Jada opened up about their relationship on the show Sway's Universe , explaining, "Will and I are family. I am going to hold him down At the end of the day, that is a man that can rely on me for the rest of his life, period.

Reese and Ryan were famously brought together by their cult favorite film Cruel Intentions. They got married in and had two children together before divorcing in The two are still on good terms, but so far no word on whether or not Ryan is a fan of Big Little Lies. After Jennifer and Brad got married in , they easily could have been crowned prom king and queen of Hollywood. Their wedding caused an absolute media frenzy not to mention that the ceremony included literal fireworks , but after seven years of dominating red carpets together, the couple split in Still a lil sad about it, tbh.

How could anyone forget this iconic duo? Britney and Justin got together in and Canadian tuxedos haven't been the same since. There were rumors that they split because of infidelity on Britney's part see: Justin's hit "Cry Me a River" but unfortunately we'll probably never really know what went down between these two.

This '90s dream team got married in and are still going strong 16 years later. On their 13th wedding anniversary, Sarah posted a sweet Instagram with the quote, "I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me.

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The 7 best couples in history

The showbiz industry is home to some of the most talented individuals in the world. For this list, we took a look at the best duos and partnerships throughout Hollywood history, both male and female. What this means is that iconic duos are usually better together than they are apart. We considered a wide range of twosomes, from iconic female duos in history to popular two-person acts in both music and showbiz for this list. They may have gotten a divorce, effectively ending their professional partnership, but they remain one of the biggest classic duos in music history.

Does such a thing exist? Can 12 of the most famous couples in history teach us anything about how to nurture and enjoy the perfect relationship?

History is full of extraordinary couples. Some are remembered for their long-lasting romances, while others are defined by their tragic downfalls. But who were the best? From Antony and Cleopatra to John and Jackie Kennedy, we examine seven of the most remarkable relationships from the past — as voted for by HistoryExtra readers.

The 20 Greatest Real Life Love Stories from History

From spine-tingling kisses to unforgettable romantic gestures, these are the best movie couples to ever be captured on film. Did your favourite make the cut…? Their romance is forbidden due to class barriers and her imminent engagement to controlling ego maniac, Cal Billy Zane but that only adds to the illicit excitement of this all-time great on-screen love affair. Kiss me as if it were the last time. Classic romance never dates and the story of Isla and Rick might just make Casablanca one of the greatest love stories ever told. The lakes and mountains of Wyoming were where the two cowboys would escape their wives and the mediocrity of their everyday lives to embark on an all-consuming romance that is as seductive as it is tragic. The lives only half-lived, the subtle nuances of growing love, and two stunning performances are what lands this duo as one of the best movie couples of recent decades.

The Ultimate List of Fictional and Famous Couples #RelationshipGoals

With a BBC drama about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton tumultuous relationship about to air, we look back at the moment iconic couples in history. This summer sees the resurrection of one of the most charismatic celebrity relationships in a one-off minute drama on BBC 4. After two weddings, a daughter and numerous reconciliations, Burton and Taylor are still heralded as the iconic couple of modern history. By Sarah Holmes. They dated for longer than they were married, but Elvis and Priscilla were the couple of the moment in the late sixties.

When two people come together to make the perfect match—be it your married-for-decades grandparents or one of many famous couples embracing on the big screen—it sparks all the feels.

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The Most Famous Celebrity Couples From 1979 to 2020

The greatest duos of all time can exist independently of each other, but totally shouldn't. These are combinations and famous duos whose whole value is greater than the sum of their parts. For instance, you can have cheese and it will be glorious and you can separately have ham and it will be succulent , but put them together and boom: ham and cheese and delicious.

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Who did you and your boo channel when you were getting ready for senior prom? Of course you remember the famous lovebirds who dominated the tabloids during the months when you were just itching to get out from under your parents' roof. Here's a look back at those glamorous couples whose love felt just as real and intense as your crush from chem class. Musical power couple Carly and James got married in , just a year after they began dating. But Carly had her sights set on James way before they first met. They had two children together, but ultimately the couple filed for divorce after a decade of marriage.

Famous Couples in History

In the majority of her poems, Sappho wrote about love — and the accompanying emotions of hatred, anger and jealousy — among the members of her largely young and female circle. Sappho gave her female acolytes educational and religious instruction as part of the preparation for marriage; the group was dedicated to and inspired by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Her focus on the relationships between women and girls has led many to assume that Sappho was a lesbian — a word derived from the island and the communities of women that lived there — but it is also true that the existence of strong emotions and attractions between members of the same sex was considered far more common and less taboo than in later years. This ascetic, probably celibate scholar who lived in classical India around the 5th century A. Though it has become famous for its sections on sexual instruction, the book actually deals much more with the pursuit of fulfilling relationships, and provided a blueprint for courtship and marriage in upper-class Indian society at the time. In addition to his classic work on love, Vatsyayana also transcribed the Nyaya Sutras, an ancient philosophical text composed by Gautama in the 2nd century B. The Kama Sutra has been translated into hundreds of languages and has won millions of devotees around the world. Six months after her death, the deeply grieving emperor ordered construction to begin.

Apr 1, - 'I wish I knew how to quit you' – 10 of the most iconic movie couples stories we learned about from some of the best movie couples in history. they disagree on whether men and women can ever truly be platonic friends.

In honor of Valentine's Day , we're looking back on all the famous movie couples who have graced the big screen together. Our list is full of Hollywood legends who have teamed up multiple times to play love birds ahem, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen , as well as the couples whose relationships lasted long after the closing credits we're looking at you Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell! Although movie scripts may come and go, these 33 characters and their epic love stories are forever cemented in our hearts. Despite the inevitable tears, we never grow tired of seeing Maria Natalie Wood and Tony Richard Beymer confess their love for each other on the fire escape. Soon we'll have the upcoming remake of their love story to look forward to.

Do you believe in true love? Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in love lasting forever?

Love is a powerful emotion. Throughout history couples in love have caused wars and controversy, created masterpieces in writing, music, and art, and have captured the hearts of the public with the power of their bonds. From the allure of Cleopatra to the magnetism of the Kennedy's, these love affairs have stood as markers in history. Prepare to swoon over these love stories of the centuries.

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Throughout history, men and women have joined together in partnerships both romantic and practical. Kings and their queens, writers and their muses, warriors and their lady-loves have at times had an impact on their world and on future events. The same could be said for some fictional couples, whose often-tragic romances have served to inspire both literature and true-life romantic adventures. These passionate, political, and poetic couples from the Medieval and Renaissance ages will go down in history.



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