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Does a short girl look good in a saree

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Follow on Twitter. Sarees stand out as the most popular piece of Indian clothing and it is a timeless piece that everyone can wear. You can drape a saree in a number of different ways for shorter girls and there are a number of different ways to hold yourself in a saree to make yourself look and feel taller. Draping a saree is a work of art. A saree worn in an untidy or unfashionable way can ruin your day.

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Fashion Hacks For Short Girls To Look Taller In Sarees

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Follow on Twitter. Sarees stand out as the most popular piece of Indian clothing and it is a timeless piece that everyone can wear. You can drape a saree in a number of different ways for shorter girls and there are a number of different ways to hold yourself in a saree to make yourself look and feel taller.

Draping a saree is a work of art. A saree worn in an untidy or unfashionable way can ruin your day. Some women feel that they cannot pull off a saree as well as a tall or slimmer figured woman, but I am here to give you 10 pointers on how we shorties can rock as saree just as well, if not better, than the tall women out there.

A saree is timeless and sophisticated and when you follow these 10 steps I am sure you will look stunning in one! Wear high heels — This one is a given, but put on your heels when it comes to wearing a saree. As short women, we all need a little extra help making our legs look longer and leaner. The best length petticoat is just at your ankles, anything longer will show under the saree and anything shorter will show through the saree.

Pin it right! The way you pin your saree can make the difference between a well put together look and a completely messy one. When creating the creases, make sure they are quite thin and if need be ironed them before hand so they lay flat and easier to pin down.

You want to make sure that you pick a saree with a light weight material so it will make you look taller. A thick or heavy material will only add more weight to your appearance and will look like it weighs you down. Say YES to vertical stripes — On the off chance that you end up picking a saree with some sort of pattern, go for vertical stripes. These stripes give you a deception of tallness. Make sure they are thin to medium sized stripes.

Anything with horizontal stripes should be avoided as they will make you look wider and shorter. NO to a big print — Basically, you should avoid enormous prints that cover the majority of the saree. They will make you look broader than you are and might actually look like they are overpowering your smaller frame. Go for a smaller print or a saree with think borders.

I personally think plain sprees with a darker colored border will make you look tall. Go for black — When in doubt, wear black. This is my motto for every outfit in life, not just saris, but there is some magic in the color black. Whether you are curvy, short, tall or anything in-between ,everyone looks flawless in black. The darker shade will give you a classier look and instantly make you look slimmer.

Choose the right blouse — Much the same as the saree, maintain a strategic distance from a blouse with horizontal stripes. Make sure you offset the material of your blouse from the material of your saree. If you had a heavy saree with a lot of work then go for a lighter or more plain blouse. Wearing a heavy saree and a heavy material blouse will weigh you down and make you look shorter. Wear a well fitted blouse — This is just as important as the blouse material.

Make sure your blouse fits you. If you wear a blouse that is too big for you then you will look smaller than you actually are.

Also make sure the blouse is the right length, not too long and not too short. A well tailored blouse will tie the entire saree look together. Saree Pallu — Finally, my last tip, and the only way I wear my sarees is to pin up the pallu.

Pinning up the pallu will make you look taller and more put together. Wearing a pallu across your arm will actually cover more of your body which will give the illusion of shortness. I hope all these tips help all my shorties out there with picking and wearing the perfect saree for your body type! If you have any additional tips make sure to share them in the comments! Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Saree Draping For Short Height Women – Tips

Put your own content here: text, html, images, media There are many similar sample content placeholders across the store. All editable from admin panel. Saris are one of the best outfits for women, the best things about the saree is that they are suitable for all occasion whether you are traveling, for office, you are in home or to attend any occasion like any wedding, party, function or any other event.

Sarees are the ageless piece of clothing that has Indian heritage and culture wrapped around it. Are you wondering what these tricks are and what type of sarees look good on short height girls?

Unfortunately there is no magic trick to increase the height but a few secret fashion tactics can help petite girls to create an illusion of being taller. Scroll through now to learn fashion tactics I bet you never knew about increasing height without heels. As far as the beauty and fashion world is concerned, all girls or women fewer than 5 feet 3 inches come under petite frame. According to a statistical data, average women height in India is 5 feet which means most of the women are of short height.

Tips for Small Women to look Taller without Heels

We hear you short height beauties! We have got your blouse needs covered. Being short makes the saree wearing process quite tricky. The 9 yards should be worn perfectly for you to stay slim and look elegant. Any mishap will bulk up your look, and take your whole saree style to drain. From choosing the right way of pleating the saree to picking up the right accessories, you need to show a bit more care for your saree style to stand out. One point where many fail to get right check mark is the blouse design.

7 Blouse Designs to Try If You Are Short in Height

If you are a short girl like me then you know all the saree woes that we go through. Choosing a saree that will suit you is a humongous task. And sporting that saree in a great way is whole different world indeed. Your Sassy Guide is here to get you through this.

An elaborated long fabric that women in India love to don ceaselessly in order to flatter their curves and flatter them is a Saree to us!

The unfading interest of saree can only be well-kept-up if it is draped impeccably. A saree worn in an untidy way can ruin your day. Ladies bashful away from wearing sarees as they feel that it will look graceful just on tall and slim ladies, However, in all actuality, a saree is for every single lady regardless of the possibility that you are short, you can look exquisite and sophisticated by remembering a couple of points in mind. There are numerous methods for draping a saree, which one can pick according to the event.

How to Drape Saree for Short Height

But while wearing a saree, you must consider the prints and draping styles according to your figure. Managing a saree with a petite figure can be a problem at times. If you are short and want to be the fashionista in saree, here are the best tips for you all. The material of the saree is very important as it decides, how the saree will look on you.

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Especially when it comes to wearing Indian wear, particularly a saree. But a few clever styling tricks and tips can solve this problem. Here are 15 genius saree wearing styles for the short girl. So here are some tips to help you get started! Broad borders automatically reduce the visual length of the sari, making you look shorter than you are.

A Short Girl’s Guide to Looking Great in a Saree

Sarees are called as the six yards of sheer elegance. They are perfect for any sort of dressy occasion. Now, sarees sure look good on tall girls. But sometimes if not paid attention, they may look odd on short height girls, making them appear shorter and maybe heavier too. So to avoid that, here are some of the hacks on how to look taller in sarees if you are petite.

Women generally should avoid big and large prints as they make you look large and gaudy. If short women wear sarees with large prints then they look odd and.


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