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Baby girl name y word

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Names of the mother Goddess shakthi are the best names the girl child could have. The Sanskrit names of the Goddess are listed here in alphabeticla order. Sanskrit names of Lord Shiva Boy baby names. Please click this Icon to play Radio. Shaiva Lahari.


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Hindu Girl names starting with Y

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Our name is what we use to introduce ourselves and unique names are conversation starters by themselves. If you wish to choose one such unique name, you should take a look at these 24 unique Hindu baby girl names that start with Y. Liked any of these Hindu baby girl names that start with Y? Let me know which ones in the comments section below. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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24 Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names that start with Y

However, Y remains a very rare first initial for girl names today, with only Yara, Yaretzi and Yareli currently ranking in the US Top Along with Yara and Yael, other uncommon and unique Y-starting girl names we recommend include the mythical Yseult, the literary Yvaine, and the smart surname name Yardley. Browse our comprehensive list of girl names beginning with Y. Unique names rank below the Top and are listed alphabetically. This unusual name from the Nahuati or Aztec language sprang onto the US popularity list in made a brief appearance in the Top before sliding down a bit.

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When deciding what to name your baby, you may be looking for names that end in specific letters. Some of the most popular endings include A, N, and Y. This allows you to blend the name with the child's last name or with the names of the child's siblings. The Y doesn't appear until Emily at number It is much more common for boy names to end in N rather than in A or Y. The most common Y names are Henry at number 16 and Anthony at number If none of those currently popular appeal to you, consider that you may be calling William "Billy" or Thomas "Tommy.

Hindu Sanskrit girl Names Goddess Shakti

Web aussiethings. Y Girls baby names beginning with the letter Y. If I have missed any, please add them. If you feel that certain information is incorrect in this site, please email me with the updated details and why you think the presented information is wrong.

One of the most challenging decisions you need to make after having a baby is choosing a name.

Our name is what we use to introduce ourselves and unique names are conversation starters by themselves. If you wish to choose one such unique name, you should take a look at these 24 unique Hindu baby girl names that start with Y. Liked any of these Hindu baby girl names that start with Y?

Girl Names Starting With Y: Find Y Names For Girls at

Last Updated on March 14, From Yachi to Yejide and everything in between, dozens of baby girl names starting with the letter Y along with the meanings and origin of each name. Keep a separate list of the names you like, either on your phone or handwritten on a notepad. Yaretzi was the most popular baby girl name starting with Y in


Y is for Yanna, Yelena, Yvette, and Yolanda—and a handful of other baby girl names you might want to say yes to. Read More. Yvette had one moment of glory in the 60s when she got a lot of attention, but has since settled comfortably into the retirement Meaning "violet flower" in Greek, the very midcentury sounding Yolanda was once a flower in full bloom who is now wilting Yara is a beautiful name with a beautiful history. Pronounced YAH-rah, it's the name of a Brazilian goddess with green hair

Christian Girl Names Starting with Y


Thousands of Hindu Names for baby girls in sanskrit with meaning. Thes Indian girl names are mainly the names of Goddess shakti. Many are from para, the Para or the Transcendent Word (above the other lower stages of speech known as Pashyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari) Sanskrit girl names starting with "Y".


Indian baby girl names starting with Y


Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Y




Christian names starting with "Y"


Girl Names Starting With Y


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