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Another meaning for life partner

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! My wife was biting her lip and tears began seeping down her cheeks. The charcoal man and his wife listened to this little dispute, and said nothing. I wanted a wife and children, but I didn't want to risk losing them because of the ranch. Home Thesaurus wife.

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What is a life partner?

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Top definition. LifePartner unknown. A life partner is a romantic or otherwise very close friend for life. The partners can be of the same or opposite sexes, married or unmarried , and monogamous or polyamorous. Yoite and Miharu Rokujo are each others LifePartner. The greatest feeling one can know when it is reciprocated. Can hurt like hell when its not or when one is not true. I just can't imagine myself without you.

You are my life partner. I promise to forever love ,honor,and cherish you for eternity Lifepartner unknown. A type of romantic relationship where the partners believe life is an experience so they support each other in anything. Lets say in a relationship one party is religiously against drug use and the other party would love to try lsd.

In a regular relationship you would most likely get a no, and would try lsd secretly anyways. But in a life partner relationship you would get an answer like 'okay babe, you want me to be there or how you want to experience this, with your friends,alone, perhaps in an other country? Heard Germany has good lsd!

Or lets say one is want to do a challenge like hitchhike and backpack in the balkans doesn't say 'oh thats dangerous! Lifepartners living together - but if they want to experience living alone, than that- and they can have sex partners, as if the experience is wanting to have one night stands the other partner supports it.

Dude, did you heard that Anitta and Cody are lifepartners, so Anitta keeps having one night stands whie Cody persuing a new experience witch is a YouTube chanel where he covers songs from Logic, except Cody's voice is awful. A politically correct way of saying gay lover.

Usually the gay lover you would marry, but you can't because it is not legal to marry other dirty assclowns. Unless you go to Massachussets where I think it's still legal, that is until the gays abuse it like they do each others sphincters. Bruce and Terri make the cutest lifepartners, too bad they can't marry Oh well, let's go throw a big gay parade and force gayness on unsuspecting breeders. The Seinfeld Curse Chad Douche Canoe Zuka Play Date Milwaukee Milkshake SLPT Woof Gulag HeadMate

Life partner synonyms

Significant other SO is colloquially used as a gender-neutral term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship [1] without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, gender identity , or sexual orientation. Synonyms with similar properties include: sweetheart, better half, other half, spouse, domestic partner, lover, soulmate , or life partner. In the United States, the term is sometimes used in invitations, such as to weddings and office parties. This use of the term has become common in the UK in correspondence from hospitals, e. Its usage in psychology and sociology is very different from its colloquial use.

And at first glance, research seems to back this up, suggesting that married people are on average happier than single people and much happier than divorced people. Dissatisfied single people should actually consider themselves in a neutral, fairly hopeful position, compared to what their situation could be.

To save this word, you'll need to log in. They are partners in the real estate business. Singapore's most important trading partner is Indonesia. She was a senior partner at the Wall Street firm.


Synonyms for partner ally associate colleague companion friend husband participant spouse wife accomplice assistant buddy chum cohort collaborator comrade confederate consort crony date helper helpmate mate pal playmate sidekick teammate coworker MOST RELEVANT. A partner has the right to draw out any, or all, of the partnership funds. Is Mr. Bellmer handsome—handsome enough to be Nelly's partner? But at the time--you see there was a girl, the daughter of my uncle's partner. It seems fairly certain also that Heidegger was none too loyal as a partner. The Little Doctor turned her glance resentfully to her brother's partner. Elizabeth and her partner were "both well stricken in years. It is, what can I do for my partner, how can I best make reparation to him? Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver buttinski clubhouse lawyer coach confidant consultant counsel counselor director doctor expert friend guide helper instructor judge kibitzer lawyer mentor monitor partner priest quarterback referee righthand person second-guesser teacher tutor.

Meaning of "life partner" in the English dictionary

It's becoming more and more popular for people in relationships to refer to each other as "my partner" instead of calling each other boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. But exactly what is a partner in a relationship, and what's the difference between calling someone partner vs. Partner is simply a way of describing someone you're romantically or sexually involved with. It doesn't necessarily indicate any particular level of seriousness or commitment, although some people do tend to associate the word with a more committed relationship.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

A life partner permit is an application based upon the individuals relationship with a South African for permanent residence. Applications for a life partner permit should be made by those individuals who are in a permanent relationship with a South African citizen or Permanent Residence holder. Life partner permits do not discriminate between hetrosexual or same-sex couples and the requirements and process are identical.

Significant other

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Top definition. LifePartner unknown. A life partner is a romantic or otherwise very close friend for life. The partners can be of the same or opposite sexes, married or unmarried , and monogamous or polyamorous. Yoite and Miharu Rokujo are each others LifePartner. The greatest feeling one can know when it is reciprocated.

English to Bengali Meaning :: life partner

Musin Almat Zhumabekovich :. The most terrible thing in love is that it is not given to you in life to know who really is your second half. And even if you find it, then you cannot be sure that your love for all your eternity will love you, as it may simply abandon you because of some trifle. Cupid is a cross-eyed sniper. For many people, love with late ignition. If you have a broken heart, then destiny is going to offer you something better. Love is the blues of sincere feelings.

The majority of life partners had cared for the former patient alone, whereas the majority of the former patients' children had support from their other parent, their.

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The definition of life partner in the dictionary is either member of a couple in a long-term relationship. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics. We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. I am hopeful that one day I will meet that right man and will have a very happy life partner.

But, why limit ourselves to this definition? I like to think of a life partner as any person we have formed a long-term connection with. These are the big relationships in our lives, the natural, symbiotic arrangements that we have fallen into over time. These relationships can be purposefully cultivated or develop completely by happenstance.





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