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Na Ae Ra is the prettiest girl in her town. Many guys around her try to win her heart but she dreams of marrying a civil servant. One day she meets Cha Jung Woo who is dorky and preparing for civil service exams. They fall for each other and eventually marries. Her dreams of living happily ever after are short-lived when her husband announces that he quit his job and wants to do business. She supports him through years by working to her bone when he was coding software in a basement and failing to find buyers.

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Cunning Single Lady

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A divorced-to-reunited rom-com that has flaws aplenty but manages to get the most important thing right: its heart. Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook turn in quality performances as our lead couple, and are the key reasons to tune in to this unassuming little show that turned out to be quite a bit more heartwarming than I expected.

To be perfectly honest, I usually steer way clear of shows about divorced couples getting back together. For their sakes and ours? The writers of these types of shows often seem to think that extended stretches of hostility between the ex-couple is funny stuff, and as a result, we spend so many episodes watching the ex-couple scheming against each other that the eventual reconciliation feels hollow and unauthentic.

Based on that description alone, I lost any remnants of interest I might have had in the show, coz it made the female lead character sound like such a materialistic, conniving person. And the premise sounded ripe for loads of the kind of scheming hostility that I just talked about. Thankfully, the blogosphere helped me to realize that this show was worthy of a look.

As the show progressed and as I heard more positive things about it than I expected, I decided to give it a whirl — and came away pleasantly surprised. Let me set the record straight. The only real conniving we get in the show comes from secondary characters. Thank you , writer-nim, for not making it that kind of show. Basically, not every drama needs to be dissected and taken apart. Some dramas benefit from the process of careful dissection, while other dramas fall apart.

In my experience, selecting the right lens through which to view a drama can make or break your experience of it. In the case of Cunning Single Lady, I recommend a soft-focus lens with some rosy filters. Every time you encounter a lapse in logic, close one eye. Or both eyes. And when our lead characters get to display moments of sincere vulnerability, zoom in and savor the moment. These few pieces that were on the mark were so well conceived and executed that they basically carried the rest of the show.

The thing that impressed me the most — and which I think was absolutely critical in making the rest of the story plausible and even believable — was the set-up. From their initial courtship, to their early days of marriage, to the eventual breakdown of the marriage. The added-on animosity that they feel towards each other in subsequent scenes is done less elegantly, I have to say. The flashbacks from their individual points of view and the accompanying disdain for the other person feels rather two-dimensional, especially when contrasted to the earnest and heartfelt portrayal of their early relationship.

Because we know that beneath the petty antics, there is a lot more heart than meets the eye. There are quite a few things that I like about Ae Ra. A contract? You might as well have asked me to write an apology letter.

Do you know that? Like in the scene above in episode 13, where Ae Ra is looked down upon by fellow interviewees vying for the same job at Shilla Hotel. Got it? The tables effectively turned, the woman scurries away in horror. She takes responsibility for her decisions.

One of my favorite things about Ae Ra, is how she takes responsibility for her decisions, in particular, her decision to marry Jung Woo. And in episode 11, she takes responsibility for that decision with quiet grace, not once but twice. As mother and daughter talk in bed, Mom tearfully expresses regret at having pushed Ae Ra to marry Jung Woo, thinking him a smart civil worker.

Marrying him and divorcing him were both my own decisions. And I also love how squarely she takes hold of the responsibility for her marriage and divorce. I made the decision to marry you. I told you that I liked me for who I am right now. The President of Shilla Hotel said he recognized my talent with my buffet deal.

To stay up and work through the night to create something of my own.. I finally realize how happy that can make me. And good for her, that her appreciation for that runs deep enough to outweigh any and all romantic factors, despite the kind of scorn she has received from being a single, divorced woman.

A weaker person might be tempted to take whatever romantic opportunities that came her way just to mitigate the stigma of being alone. This, despite his very long filmography too. Well ok. That is, until this show. And as our story progresses, we get to know Dorky Jung Woo too, who just might be my favorite version of Jung Woo of them all.

Eventually, I got my answer. But there are a couple of distinct versions of him that pleased me quite well. Past Jung Woo tickled me no end with his goofy ways, square personality and his bowl hair cut that made him look like an overgrown little boy.

Dorky Jung Woo is hands-down my favorite kind of Jung Woo. Every time he peeked out, I liked him a little more. Ok, so not everything is cute in how Jung Woo starts to find his way back to Ae Ra. I actually thought that was mean, not sweet. I love the moment in episode 12 too, when Jung Woo looks super proud of Ae Ra as she fields objections from the executives at the proposal presentation for Shilla Hotel. He sees them tussle for a bit and then watches as Yeo Jin collapses to the ground.

And he does it respectfully too. I love that even when the stakes appear to be really high and so much seems to be on the line, that Jung Woo remains unwaveringly clear on his choice. No matter what Ae Ra says to cut things off between them, Jung Woo cheerily revels in the knowledge that Ae Ra loves him, which is just so darn sweet. And how about that time when Jung Woo goes to see Ae Ra and sneaks up on her to give her a backhug, only to get his foot stomped on and his side swiftly elbowed by a startled and very self-sufficient Ae Ra.

Like here, when he goes to the warehouse where Ae Ra is working, just so that he can grin goofily while watching her work.

One of my favorite moments is this little beat in episode 14, where Ae Ra meets Jung Woo in the elevator while carrying two big cardboard boxes. Slightly startled, Jung Woo takes them from her. I think I enjoyed L as Secretary Gil more in concept than in execution.

On the upside, L is a total cutie and Secretary Gil is written as a bit of a smartypants with a nice number of knowing, clever lines. Which means that there were moments when I found him adorable, and others when I cringed through his delivery. Overall, though, I still found Secretary Gil a fairly bright spark in the show. And have I mentioned that L is a cutie? Although a fairly minor secondary character without a whole lot of screen-time, I did enjoy having Hwang Bo Ra as Min Young.

Hwang Bo Ra has a very pleasant, earthy warmth to her that I really like. I love a good bromance, as many of you know. The thing is, the bromance that this show tries to serve up between Jung Woo and Secretary Gil is cute, but lacks emotional depth.

The lack of emotional resonance and potency in the bromance made it feel a little ok, sometimes a lot two-dimensional, unfortunately. On the upside see? And I do enjoy the fact that Secretary Gil can see right through our hot-shot CEO and has no qualms about calling him out on stuff.

Which means that this section will be a quick one. Just remember, all this bad stuff is stuff that can and should be overlooked while watching this show. This was the Most. Not only was it unbelievable, there were serious continuity problems related to it since Yeo Jin can be spotted wearing clear hosiery in the episodes prior. Which means the leg its presence AND its supposed absence became quite a distraction.

That strange tangent on Secretary Gil and his break-up in episode 10 is decidedly weird. Not only does it feel out of character for Secretary Gil to behave in that manner, this entire arc feels completely unrelated to the rest of the story. The bigger culprit in this case, is Yeo Jin, since Seung Hyun spends more time being harmless read: not manipulative.

Over the course of the show, Yeo Jin just kept getting worse and worse. And as we get into the later episodes, Seung Hyun sheds his nice-boy shell and shows his manipulative colors too. From vain layabout Dad, to nagging sometimes hysterical Mom, to Poisonous — seriously. And then, the show dealt with each of the items at various points in the drama, until the issues are all out in the open and our leads are realistically in a place where they truly want to reconcile and start over.

Big points to this show for getting that one thing right. Imperfect but sweet, with a big heart. By then my mood shifted and I was rooting for these characters to get back together. Mostly how annoying almost everyone but the leads are! Still, this is actually a drama I can rewatch because of the cute leads. A reunion! Like Like. Oh, YAY that you checked this one out and ended up loving it! He does comedy so well!

He and Lee Min Jung were excellent together.

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A divorced-to-reunited rom-com that has flaws aplenty but manages to get the most important thing right: its heart. Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook turn in quality performances as our lead couple, and are the key reasons to tune in to this unassuming little show that turned out to be quite a bit more heartwarming than I expected. To be perfectly honest, I usually steer way clear of shows about divorced couples getting back together.

Watch ' Cunning Single Lady ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. As Na Aera, a divorcee who dreams of meeting a divorced knight in shining armor, repeatedly fails in her romantic endeavors, she tries to get back with her newly wealthy ex-husband through a series of cunning yet desperate tactics in this comic melodrama.

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Review: Cunning Single Lady [Sly and Single Again]

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Cunning Single Lady is a romantic comedy about a woman Lee Min Jung who divorced her husband Joo Sang Wook when he was poor, but years later she learns he became rich and successful. She ends up getting a job at his company, and the two have to face the past and their feelings for each other head on. Cunning Single Lady came out in which is at the tail end of a time period I really like. And this drama definitely embodies romantic comedies of the time. She initially marries Jung Woo with hopes for a good life as a housewife.

Jesook Song. An ethnography of young, single women struggling to live independently in South Korea.

A comical, mellow drama about a woman who dreams of meeting a white knight after getting divorced but ends up trying to start over with her ex-husband who becomes filthy rich. Na Ae Ra Lee Min Jung is focused on her appearance as she believes it will lead her to a better life. They eventually get married, but they also get divorced.

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Na Ae-ra grew up believing she was born to be only pretty and not smart. While working at her family's restaurant, she falls in love with Cha Jung-woo, a geeky engineering graduate student studying to enter civil service. Na Ae-ra wants to become a housewife, and after Jung-woo promises that she will be, they get married. Jung-woo's businesses keep failing and Ae-ra struggles to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs. After secretly suffering a miscarriage from the stress of being the sole breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae-ra divorces Jung-woo after four years of marriage.


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