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Find the difference detective cheating husband level 10

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Find The Differences – The Detective – Cheating Husband – Level 10

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Side Cases are basically extra side missions you can participate in throughout the game for extra money and SP. There are 50 total Side Cases in Judgment. None of them are missable and they can all be completed after the main story in Premium Adventure. They have various prerequisites to being able to do them, mostly related to reputation level from befriending people around Kamurocho, and the final two Side Cases require befriending all 50 people.

After tailing him you need to a take a picture of him and the other women entering the red brick hotel. You then have to tail the women after they exit the hotel. Once you finish tailing her you head back to the office to talk to the client and end the case. He runs a real estate company on East Shichifuku Street, which you should head over to.

He says he schemed the husband in exchange for keeping his cheating secret after the wife hired him, and offers to use the picture you took of the husband to blackmail him more and split the payout. Choose whichever option you want, I opted for no. He then attacks you along with a group of thugs, who you can promptly mop the floor with as you are the superior detective.

He has you stay the night to try and find out what the deal is. You have to check some images of the room to spot whether there has been any intrusion. In the second image check the door handle, the sealed window, and the sink. Yagami wakes up to the sound of a person in the room, who appears to be a woman wearing all white with dark black hair as described by the client.

You then chase her out of the apartment on foot. Once you catch her, the case is over. When you observe her a man will come over and speak to you, go through both his conversation options to learn some about her past. Mafuyu presents a new clue about a planned power outage. Choice: Select Objection. After that you head back to your office to set up the trap, then head to the batting cages on the North end to find the culprit.

You get up to them by going up the stairs around the back of the building. Talk to the main on the bench, then speak to the two homeless men standing by the barrel, who ask you to get them two Bento to jog their memory. Head over to the South-West corner marked in the Champion District to find the bag, then the opposite North-East corner to find a homeless man wearing the jacket. He wants a replacement in exchange for the Tiger one, which you can get at the store Don Quijote for 5, Yen.

You have to head over to the parked spot in the Hotel District to look for clues. Head to the marked spot, then look up at the wall. You should see a blonde guy in a black suit about at third floor level who you can look at. You then have to beat him up, because he decides to fight you after you knock him down. He is promptly arrested, and the case will be complete.

The riddle answer will be the combination to a safe that has the book manuscript inside. The method is the same, solve a math riddle and input the 4 digit code into the dial safe to be awarded the master manuscript. Multiply the numbers together, and the number of digits in the result is the answer, so the safe combo this time is The logic for this puzzle is to basically treat the equations like a clock, so anything that goes above 12 rolls back over to 0, and anything that goes below zero rolls back over to If you subtract 10 to from 7 it rolls back to 9, and if you add 11 to 3 it rolls past 12 to 2.

So the safe code ends up being You have here phone and email, so first thing you can do is go speak to Tsukumo in the Mantai Internet Cafe. He asks you to go pick him up a package from Poppo on Showa Street, which you should do then return to him for the info you need. He tells you that she is now working at the Poppo on East Shichifuku Street, where you should head to speak with her. She tells you some info about why she left, then you head outside to give the client a call, but something is off.

Head back in the store after the phone call and talk to her again, which will end in you having to fight a single knife wielding enemy and then end the case.

You can then choose to get help from your other friends or not, which you should choose to because everyone needs a little help from their friends. Next you have to head to the marked hangout spots to get more info about the gun selling the gang are doing. The one you want to go to to progress is the Apple Pie break room, but if you go to others a few friends will give you some items to help you out.

At Apple Pie the girls suggest going by Theater Square where you saw the man with the gun earlier. Once there you should interact with the man and the woman speaking on the North-West side of the area, who will talk about how people are buying the guns. Afterward a whole lot more thugs will roll up, but all your friends from around town will come by to distract them, allowing you to get away. He sends you an image as a hint, which looks like a back alley.

If you look directly up and to the right from the direction you start in you should see the boy sitting on an AC unit on the fourth floor. Once you spot him the boy heads out, and the case ends. Head over there and interact with the marked spot, then look straight up to the top of the crane to spot him.

In front of the elevator to go up into the building there is a spot to look, then you can head up the elevator to the second floor. Head into the office where there will be some Yakuza inside, and they decide to misunderstand you and you have to beat them up. Ohato will then meet you outside, having finally realized he should be there for his son.

Before you go over there make sure you have completely full health and some recovery items and extracts. This Side Case involves fighting the hardest enemy in the game, so you want to go in fully prepared. Before you take on this fight you want most of the combat related skills. Basically everything in the Ability category, and all of the avoidance and guarding related skills in the Battle category.

Without them this fight will be extremely difficult to get through. Speak to the man in the coat when ready, and he will challenge you to a duel.

You will be transported to an arena when you accept, and you will immediately want to use any extracts you want active at the start of this fight.

The opponent will start of the fight by grabbing you and stealing your phone, which stops you using other items. You can still use shortcut items though, so make sure to bind items to those for the fight. During this fight the opponent basically has 3 phases.

First phase is fighting as normal, but the arena has electrified walls that only actually damage you, so you want to try and stay away from the walls as much as you can as hitting them takes off a significant portion of your health.

After a bit he switched to a different weapon that causes red balls to fly at you very quickly, and this is where you want to be charging EX gauge to use against him. This charges your EX gauge very quickly with having Re-Guard and Heart of a Champion unlocked, allowing you to then use EX Boost to attack him and stop him dropping your health. Because of how fast the balls are you can even charge the EX Gauge back up to full while EX Boost is active, which is very helping.

Keep hitting him while EX Boost is active. After that you can take other requests from Bar Tender. Miki grabs the other guy and starts tossing him over his head in some sort of wrestling move, which Yagami thinks is as good as any photo of money changing hands.

Instead of going to the nearby window, walk around the hallway and go through the door around the corner, then snap a pic through the gap. Head over to the marked location in front of the Modern Mahjong building, then head up to the fourth floor and examine the sign for the business. Head over to Don Quijote to buy one, then go back to the office again. Change into the Janitorial clothes then speak to the man outside. Head back downstairs and fly the drone up to the window, then go back upstairs for the final time.

The client wants you to pose as a decoy for a man who is going to be doing a performance, and wants you to draw away reporters who have been hounding him.

After that change into a different outfit in your inventory so that you can get away. At Bantam, there should be a guy standing off to the side of the bar you can talk to. The clues should lead you over to Wette Kitchen on the West side of the map, head upstairs to look for her. Inspect all three women and none of them will match, but Yagami will note two of them are similar. While investigating, first look at all the plated fish on the table and the bowl of ice, then look at the pond close to you.

Head to Sushi Gin to speak to the owner. He says that they fired a man who might have been the person in question. Show him the picture that the lady gave you of the man who stole her purse. The Chef suggest you go to a pachinko parlor to look for the man, this is located just South of Theater Square. The man who meets you there says the cat is very valuable for unspecified reasons, and it needs to be found before someone else finds it.

First thing you should do is head to the third floor of this building, where there is a shop with a bunch of cats in it. Head over to the marked area and you should hear a cat meowing. Walk near the green power box and look up on the light fixture and you should see the cat on top with an interact prompt.

It wanders into Millennium Tower, so follow it in there to the marked spot on the lower floor. The suit guys all come back out again and the man offers to double your pay in exchange for the cat, to which you can choose to cooperate or not.

I opted not too, at which point they will attack you again. Put on your Dirty Clothes disguise, then continue the next section of tailing. Reward: 80 SP The first bomb you need to find is just slightly up the alley, closer to the white car. After you disarm this you are phoned by the bomber, who says you need to find a third bomb before it goes off. Complete the chase segment to get it back and complete the case.

Win or lose to complete the side case. Reward: SP The the hint mentions an ox and an inn, which should you lead you to Akaushimaru Hotel District , which is the small triangular shop on the North-Western corner of the map.

Find The Differences Detective Cheating Husband Level 10 Answers

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Stories are one of the mechanics which drives the game and lets players earn Prestige Points to level up. Each story is unlocked at a certain level. Some stories are resolved in one level, while others may be told over several levels.

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Find The Differences - Detective 3

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Kunci Jawaban Find The Differences Level 10

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Side Cases are basically extra side missions you can participate in throughout the game for extra money and SP.

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Find The Differences

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Find The Differences The Detective Cheating Husband Case Level 10 Solutions


Detective needs you to solve some difficult cases. You'll be drawn into the plot of multiple investigations Nov 10, - Uploaded by Watermelon Gaming.








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