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Look what you made me do parody undertale

It was written by gymleadercheren and sung by djsmell. Sans sings it while he fights against Frisk on the Genocide Route after they killed everyone in the Underground. There are also three response parodies. As the climax of the season finale, the song has inspired fans to create remixes, instrumentals, covers, and fan art based on it.


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Undertale is a role-playing video game created by indie developer Toby Fox. The player controls a child who has fallen into the Underground: a large, secluded region under the surface of the Earth, separated by a magic barrier. The player meets various monsters during the journey back to the surface. Some monsters might engage the player in a fight.

The combat system involves the player navigating through mini- bullet hell attacks by the opponent. They can opt to pacify or subdue monsters in order to spare them instead of killing them. These choices affect the game, with the dialogue, characters, and story changing based on outcomes.

Outside of some artwork, Fox developed the entirety of the game by himself, including the script and music. The game took inspiration from several sources. Originally, Undertale was meant to be two hours in length and was set to be released in mid However, development was delayed over the next three years. The game was acclaimed for its thematic material, intuitive combat system, musical score, originality, story, dialogue, and characters.

The game sold over one million copies and was nominated for multiple accolades and awards. Several gaming publications and conventions listed Undertale as game of the year.

The first chapter of a related game, Deltarune , was released in October Undertale is a role-playing game that uses a top-down perspective. When players encounter enemies in either scripted events or random encounters , they enter a battle mode. During battles, players control a small heart which represents their soul, and must avoid attacks unleashed by the opposing monster similar to a bullet hell shooter.

The game features multiple story branches and endings depending on whether players choose to kill or spare their enemies; and as such, it is possible to clear the game without killing a single enemy. Monsters will talk to the player during the battle, and the game will tell the players what the monster's feelings and actions are. Undertale takes place in the Underground, a realm to where monsters, once equal to humans, were banished after war broke out between them.

The Underground is sealed from the surface world by an imperfect magic barrier, the only point of entry being at Mount Ebott. She intends to adopt the human, wanting to protect them from Asgore Dreemurr, the king of the Underground.

The human eventually leaves Toriel to search for Asgore's castle, which contains the barrier leading to the surface world. Along the way, the human encounters several monsters, including: the skeletons Sans and Papyrus, two brothers who act as sentries for the Snowdin forest; Undyne, the head of the royal guard; Alphys, the kingdom's royal scientist; and Mettaton, a robotic television host Alphys created. Some of them are fought, with the human having to choose whether to kill them or to show mercy; should the human spare them, they may choose to become friends.

During their travels, the human learns the cause of the war between humans and monsters. Asriel, the son of Asgore and Toriel, befriended the first human child who fell into the Underground and was adopted by Asgore and Toriel.

One day, the child killed themselves by eating poisonous flowers. When Asriel returned their body to the humans, they attacked and fatally wounded him, resulting in Asgore declaring war. Asgore now seeks to break the barrier, which requires him to collect seven human souls, of which he has six. The game's ending depends on how the player resolved encounters with monsters. Sans stops the human before their confrontation, revealing that the human's "LOVE" is an acronym for "level of violence" and "EXP" for "execution points.

The human fights Asgore, but Flowey interrupts them, killing Asgore and stealing the human souls. With the aid of the rebelling souls, the human defeats Flowey, falls unconscious, and awakens on the human side of the barrier; they receive a phone call from Sans, explaining the state of the Underground after the human's departure.

If the player instead kills no monsters and has completed a previous playthrough of the game, [15] Flowey is revealed to be a reincarnation of Asriel, created as part of Alphys's experiments. Toriel intervenes before the human fights Asgore and is joined by the other monsters the human has befriended.

Flowey ambushes the group, using the souls of all the monsters to take an older Asriel's form to fight the human. The human connects with their new friends during the fight, eventually triumphing. Asriel reverts to his child form, destroys the barrier, and expresses his remorse to the others before leaving. The human falls unconscious and is awoken to see their friends surrounding them, with the knowledge of the human's name — Frisk.

The monsters reintegrate with the humans on the surface, while Frisk has the option of accepting Toriel as their adoptive mother. Another ending ensues if the player kills all monsters, [11] [15] in which Frisk becomes influenced by Chara, the fallen human child whose body Asriel attempted to return. When Frisk reaches Asgore's castle, Sans attempts to stop them, but Frisk kills him.

Flowey kills Asgore in an attempt to get mercy, but Frisk executes Flowey anyway. The fallen human child assumes control and, with or without the player's consent, destroys the universe. To enable further replays of the game, Frisk must first give their soul to the fallen human child in exchange for restoring the universe, which will permanently alter every subsequent Pacifist run.

Undertale was developed by Toby Fox across 32 months. Fox worked on the entire game independently, besides some of the art; he decided to work independently to avoid relying on others. He found that "there's a psychological thread that says audiences become more attached to characters drawn simply rather than in detail", particularly benefiting from the use of visual gags within the art.

Fox did not want grinding to be necessary at any point in the game, instead leaving it optional to players. He also did not wish to introduce fetch quests , as they involve backtracking, which he dislikes. He asked some friends who are inexperienced with bullet hell shooters to test the game, and found that they were able to complete it.

He felt that the game's difficulty is optimal, particularly considering the complications involved in adding another difficulty setting. The game's dialogue system was inspired by Shin Megami Tensei , [23] particularly the gameplay mechanic whereby players can talk to monsters to avoid conflict.

Fox intended to expand upon this mechanic, as failing to negotiate resulted in a requirement to fight. According to Fox, the "idea of being trapped in an underground world" was inspired by the video game Brandish [21].

Fox was partly influenced by the silliness of internet culture , as well as comedy shows like Mr. He also felt that creating the world was a natural process, as it expressed the stories of those within it. The character of Toriel, who is one of the first to appear in the game, was created as a parody of tutorial characters.

Fox strongly disliked the use of the companion character Fi in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword , in which the answers to puzzles were often revealed early. The game's soundtrack was entirely composed by Fox. A self-taught musician, he composed most of the tracks with little iteration; the game's main theme, "Undertale", was the only song to undergo multiple iterations in development. The soundtrack was inspired by music from Super NES role-playing games, [16] such as EarthBound , [29] as well as the webcomic Homestuck , for which Fox provided some of the music.

He ultimately decided to play segments of the music separately, and connect them on a track. Undertale 's soundtrack has been well received by critics as part of the success of the game, in particular for its use of various leitmotifs for the various characters used throughout various tracks. These versions were released on August 15, Other Undertale media and merchandise have been released, including toy figurines and plush toys based on characters from the game.

Ultimate in September , marking the character's official debut as a 3D model. This costume also adds a new arrangement of "Megalovania" by Fox as a music track. After previously teasing something Undertale -related a day earlier, Fox released the first chapter of Deltarune on October 31, , for Windows and macOS for free.

Because of the larger scope, he anticipates getting a team to help develop Deltarune , and has no anticipated timetable when it will be completed. Once the game is ready, Fox will release the game as one whole package. Undertale received critical acclaim, and was quickly considered a cult video game by numerous publications. Daniel Tack of Game Informer called the game's combat system "incredibly nuanced", commenting on the uniqueness of each enemy encounter. Reviewers praised the game's writing and narrative, with IGN's Plagge calling it "excellent".

The game's visuals received mixed reactions. Giant Bomb's Walker called it "simple, but communicative". About a year after release, Fox commented that he was surprised by how popular the game had become and though appreciative of the attention, he found it stressful. Fox said: "It wouldn't surprise me if I never made a game as successful again. That's fine with me though. Undertale garnered awards and nominations in a variety of categories with praise for its story, narrative and for its role-playing.

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Search Results "look-what-you-made-me-do-parody-undertale"

Americans, A Collision Of Histori Play all Share. Create and share your own look what you made me do GIFs, with Gfycat.

Undertale is a role-playing video game created by indie developer Toby Fox. The player controls a child who has fallen into the Underground: a large, secluded region under the surface of the Earth, separated by a magic barrier.

Sans:I don't like your perfect crime, how you laugh when we die, but, now the turn is MINE, you're cruel. Sans:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. Both:Look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do look what you just made me do. And again i made a lyrics yata yata yata it took me for 3 hours to finish it cause i still have to go to youtube blah blah blah and Anyways, i hoped you guys enjoyed my lyrics so credits go to OR30 just go to youtube so you can see the credits and if you liked her song like it and subscribe to her for more well i don't think chara's the bad guy but this song is too good go and check it out and thank you for viewing this i love you all! This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

【Undertale】Look what you made me do *Remake ver* |Flip note 3D MP3 Download

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【Undertale】Look what you made me do *Remake ver* |Flip note 3D MP3 Download


Look What You Made Me Do Undertale






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