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Girl boy discrimination quotes

Girls and boys see gender inequality in their homes and communities every day — in textbooks, in the media and among the adults who care for them. Parents may assume unequal responsibility for household work, with mothers bearing the brunt of caregiving and chores. The majority of low-skilled and underpaid community health workers who attend to children are also women, with limited opportunity for professional growth. And in schools, many girls receive less support than boys to pursue the studies they choose. This happens for a variety of reasons: The safety, hygiene and sanitation needs of girls may be neglected, barring them from regularly attending class. Discriminatory teaching practices and education materials also produce gender gaps in learning and skills development.

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The top 50 most empowering feminist quotes of all time

Any tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the Great Soul, would be an empty one, if we were to take no cue for our own guidance from his words and from his life; for him ideas and ideals had no value if they were not translated into action. He saw man and women as equals, complementing each other.

And he saw himself not as a visionary, but as a practical idealist. Traditionally, woman has been called abala without strength. In Sanskrit and many other Indian languages bala means strength. Abala means one without strength. If by strength we do not mean brutish strength, but strength of character, steadfastness, and endurance, she should be called sabala, strong.

Gandhi said: "The outstanding impression my mother has left on my memory is that of saintliness. She was deeply religious. She would not think of taking her meals without daily prayer. She would take the hardest of vows and keep them without flinching. Illness was no excuse for relaxing them. Gandhi married at the age of thirteen to Kasturba. But he lost no time in assuming the authority of husband to lord over her life emphasis added.

Kasturba became his active partner and supporter in all his activities. She was a devoted wife who was content to live in the shadow of her illustrious husband. She had multifaceted personality. She was fiercely independent woman. Kasturba became Ba-mother of all who took care of Bapu's extended family. Gandhi learnt much from Kasturba and perhaps even more from his mother. His spiritual bent of mind seems to have come from her. Motherhood became increasingly his model for liberation of India and his own life, a mother, having brought forth a child, selflessly devotes herself to his care till he grows up and becomes independent.

Even after children are grown-up her constant desire is to make herself one with them. Unless we have feeling and devotion for our motherland many countries will be lying in wait to crush us down He saw no hope for India's emancipation while her womanhood remained un-emancipated. He held men to be largely responsible for the tragedy. In the course of his social reform work the realization came to him that if he wanted to reform and purify society of the various evils that had crept into it; he had to cultivate a mother's heart.

He learnt the fundamental aspects of his soul politics from his mother and his wife but women's influence on him was not limited to his family. The bhadra mahila responsible or new women , created in nineteenth century by Indian social reformers, became the model for Indian women on the nationalist era. Although many associate the ideals and organizations of the "new woman" with Gandhi, as Elise Boulding indicates "well before Gandhi was calling women to practice Satyagraha, the grandmothers, mothers, wives and daughters of the educated classes in India were forming organizations providing educations and action-training for other women, in order to re-build an Indian society freed from colonial structures.

Geraldine Forbes examines the model that Sarojini Naidu developed in her speech as President of the Indian National Congress", a model with India as the "house", the Indian people as "members of the joint family and the Indian woman as the "Mother". Naidu, Gandhi, and many other advocates of women's and national liberation agreed wholeheartedly that women and India would advance together to the extent this new familial model for India was adopted by the women and men of India.

Gandhi believed women could do much to transform India on all levels. He believed that equal rights for women and men were necessary but not sufficient to create a more just social order.

What good does it do to us to have equal rights if we are divided within ourselves and unable to attend true unity with others? In a letter written to RajKumari Amrit Kaur from Wardha on , Gandhi writes, "If you women only realize your dignity and privilege, and make full sense of it for mankind, you will make it much better than it is.

But man has delighted in enslaving you and you have proved willing slaves till the slave and holders have become one in the crime on degrading humanity. My special function from childhood, you might say, has been to make women realize her dignity. I was once slave holder myself but Ba proved an unwilling slave and thus "opened my eyes to my mission. There is not a woman in South Africa who does not know me.

But my work was among the poorest. The intellectuals I could not draw I have not the gift There is invisible bond between them and me. Poor women understood what he was saying because he spoke in the religious pantheon and referred to the facts of caste and gender.

Some times highly progressive, other times conservative, he created an empathy with his audience through this cultural fine tuning. Gandhi was totally opposed to gender discrimination. Gandhi did not like Indian society's preference for a boy and a general neglect of a girl child. In fact, in most cases she is not allowed to be born.

If born her survival is not ensured. If somehow she survives she is subjected to neglect. She does not get respect and the status she deserves equal to that of a boy. He described discrimination against women as an anachronism as already stated: he said: "I fail to see any reason for jubilation over the birth of a son and for mourning over the birth of a daughter. Both are God's gifts. They have an equal right to live and are equally necessary to keep the world going. He said that if she is weak in striking, she is strong in suffering.

Gandhi described; "Woman as the embodiment of sacrifice and ahimsa. The husband's earnings are a joint property of husband and wife as he makes money by her assistance. Each would forfeit these rights after they have grown up, and even before that if he or she is unfit for them. In short, I admit no distinction between men and women except such as has been made by nature and can be seen with human eyes.

Gandhi prepared a primer for the children for a primary school. This primer or Balpothi is the form of a mother teaching the child. In a chapter on housework, The mother asks her son, "Dear Son, you should also help in the housework as your sister does. I am a boy. A boy plays and studies. Sister says: How come I also like to play and study? Brother: I do not deny that but, dear sister, you have to do housework as well. The mother: Why should a boy not do house work?

Son: Because the boy has to earn money when he grows up, therefore, he must study well. The Mother: You are wrong my son. Woman also makes an earning for the family. And, there is a lot to learn in house work-house cleaning, cooking, laundry.

By doing house work you will develop various skill of the body and will feel self-reliant. In good housework, you need to use your eyes, hands and brain. Men and women, both need to be educated equally in housework because the home belongs to both. Gandhi expounds this theme further.

More often than not a women's time is taken up not by the performance of essential domestic duties, but in catering for the egoistic pleasure of her lord and master for her own vanities. To me this domestic slavery of woman is the symbol of our barbarism mainly. It is high time that out womankind was freed from this incubus. Domestic work ought not to take the whole of women's time.

His policy of empowerment was that man must participate in the housework and reduce the drudgery of women's home work. Gandhi was not only a great political leader but a passionate lover of humanity. An implacable enemy of all injustice and inequalities, he was a friend of the lowly and the downtrodden. Harijans, women and the poor commanded his most tender attention.

He had almost an instinctive understanding of women and their problems and had a deep abiding sympathy for them. The oppressive custom of dowry too came under fire from Gandhi. He preferred girls to remain unmarried all their lives than to be humiliated and dishonored by marrying men who demanded dowry He found dowry marriages "heartless".

Gandhi wished for mutual consent, mutual love, and mutual respect between husband and wife. He said: Marriage must cease to be a matter of arrangement made by parents for money. The system is intimately connected with caste. So long as the choice is limited to a few hundred young men or young women of a particular caste, the system will persist, no matter what is said against it.

The girls or boys or their parents will have to break the bonds of caste if the evil is to be eradicated. Injustice, like exploitation, has to be resisted wherever it is found, not only in the political field. Women set aside their traditional roles, they came out of seclusion, they cast off their purdah. They entered the public domain along with men, and offered satyagraha; they remained undaunted by police beatings and extreme hardships in prison.

Even illiterate tribal women from the forests joined the freedom movement. That is the Truth-force Gandhi urged in private matters as well. In fact, that is where he wanted it to begin.

The first condition of non-violence is justice all round in every department of life.

Gender Discrimination Quotes

Emily Fund. Women's Rights Quotes. Women are changing the stream, making it clean and green and safe for all -- every gender, race, creed, sexual orientation, age, and ability.

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40+ Empowering Feminist Quotes To Keep You Fighting the Good Fight

Don't support any type of discriminations,for better tomorrow. Be the change. I had an sudden urge to spill my anger somewhere while reading about Vedic Ages so I thought poem will be the best way. It's because they belong to backward classes Aren't they just another human made by God Discriminating them will be discriminating Almighty. In India many girls are not given privileges. In later Vedic Age they were abandoned These atrocious people regarded son as The light to their clan And they consider girl as the mother's blame Now also many places like Haryana Practices female foeticide and infanticide Just because they think girls are inferior Humans also cause injustice to one another Many people become victims of wars And many innocents are confined to death. Is anything written in the holy scriptures About causing harm and injustice? We are the one who has made these rules And we do all kind of thing in the name of God God never told us to discriminate people God never told us girls are inferior God never told us to be racist God never told us to do injustice But then why we all do these things.?? From where do these practices crept in the society??

To Kill a Mockingbird Quotes

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "gender-inequality" Showing of Okay, now, what are the worst things you can call a guy? Fag, girl, bitch, pussy.

Need some feminist inspiration?

Search this site. About Me. Miss Maudie and Eleanor Roosevelt.


Muhabbat humari kismat me kanha saheb, Hm to gareeb log h hme sirf hmdardiyan milti h. Don't put on jeans Or own a phone! What's the need to Even step out of home? Don't laugh aloud.

Being a girl or a woman in our society is quite challenging. If you are one, then you can recall a number of things which your parents and society says to you but not your brother. In every family, every girl faces discrimination to some extent. It is not necessary that parents are discriminatory, but our surroundings make them over cautious. This is because, they want their daughter to be safe and secure all the time. Ultimately, these things turn into gender inequality.


In developing countries, gender inequality holds millions of girls and women back from reaching their full potential, preventing many from gaining an education, voicing their opinions, accessing healthcare, and deciding their own futures. In September , at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders agreed to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs — a set of 17 Global Goals that aim to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time by , including gender inequality. Gender-based violence is a major consequence of gender inequality. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Raised in India, she learned firsthand the important role that a supportive family and access to education can play in increasing opportunities for young girls. She shares the inspiring words of a young girl she met during her travels across the globe.

Mar 3, - Equal rights and opportunities for girls and boys help all children fulfil their Gender norms and discrimination heighten their risk of unwanted  Missing: quotes ‎| Must include: quotes.

It's Women's Equality Day, and you know what that means: Hordes of Facebook posts and tweets pointedly wondering why we're still celebrating gender equality. It's enough to make any feminist want to roll the eyes right out of their head. But before you do any permanent damage, check out these 17 inspiring quotes about women's equality. It won't erase the knowledge that half of your high school acquaintances and distant relatives don't have a basic understanding of how sexism works, but I promise it will help.

Gender equality

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50 Feminism Quotes About Empowerment and Equality for Women

Many womxn have had to relive incredible trauma over the last month. We were faced with Dr. We have celebrated celebrated? We can and should be angry.

Any tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the Great Soul, would be an empty one, if we were to take no cue for our own guidance from his words and from his life; for him ideas and ideals had no value if they were not translated into action.

Throughout history, women have been battling against patriarchy and a predominately misogynistic society. Women have banded together to fight for their right to vote, combat discrimination, disband rape culture and portrayal in the media, and reprimand crimes against the female gender. Feminists have won some great victories, but the battle for gender equality has evolved into a powerful movement with ambitious feminists leading the charge. The most recent MeToo campaign has been shedding light on discrimination and exposing the predation of women in the entertainment industry. It has offered a necessary outlet for victims of sexual assault and opportunities for more women and men to learn about and align with feminism.

Gender Quotes



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