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Looking for girlfriend > 50 years > My husband got another woman pregnant what should i do

My husband got another woman pregnant what should i do

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Let us not forget Gabrielle Union experienced this with her husband Dwayne Wade and the list goes on and on. While many people may rush to judgement or whether or not a person should stay or leave, it is always easier said than done until the situation happens to you. We talked to a few of our PynkGirls and as usual, they kept us on the edge of our seats with their responses to the matter. Check out what they had to say:. Would a man allow a woman to cheat and bring home his child?

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My husband got another woman pregnant

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His lover got pregnant and has had a baby daughter. We have a year-old son at university. I love my husband and just wish the baby had never been born.

No matter how much you hate the other woman, loathe the fact your husband had sex with her and detest everything about the situation, remember how much you love your son and think how you would feel if someone tried to keep you from him.

If your husband was sneaking round just to see the other woman, your resentment would be justified — but he wants to see his child.

The last thing a baby needs is a deadbeat dad who abandons his responsibility both financially and emotionally. Your own son deserves to know his sibling too.

It will be hard opening your heart and home so that he can be a father to both his children but, if you love your husband and decide you want to continue your marriage, you have to accept his daughter. That way, if there is any false hope at her end, it will be very clear he has every intention of staying married.

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My husband cheated and got another woman pregnant – Agony Aunt

Stella, 38, had been married to Tim, 40, for seven years and was hoping they would have a baby before she turned Instead, her life was turned upside down. The first sign I knew something was wrong was when I walked into the bedroom and my husband Tim was whispering to someone on the phone. When he saw me he said "Gotta go" and when I asked him who he was talking to, he paused for a bit before he mumbled, "Someone from work.

I am going to get a divorce because of my infidelity , which resulted in my girlfriend becoming pregnant. How will this pregnancy with another woman affect my divorce? Are there paternity laws I should consider?

Lori had known … for several weeks. Lori felt like she must be dreaming. As their car rolled over the gravel driveway toward a small mobile home, Lori caught a glimpse of the woman, Vicki, through an open window. She was with her diaper-clad toddler. And then she spewed out question after question— How could you?

‘Are You Pregnant With My Husband’s Child?’

I thought I could handle the situation and I loved my husband enough to stand by his side, but now we are married and, as the due date approaches, I find myself hating this entire situation. She got married and now lives in another state with her husband. I told my husband that, if that is his child, I want a divorce, and he told me that he would give up his rights to see the baby if it would make me stay. That child already has another father who is married to the mother. Why does my husband need to be involved? I need help. You need help, and you need more help than I — or anyone — can give you in a single advice column reply.

My husband is having a baby with his mistress.

My husband has been having an affair with a woman for about 2 years. I decided to stick it out with him because I felt he was going through a mid-life crisis. I took the infidelity but the baby is more than I can take. We have been married for 25 years and have been together for I just don't see how our marriage will work.

His lover got pregnant and has had a baby daughter.

Join now to personalize. My husband got another woman pregnant. My husband got another woman pregnant and the child is now a year old. It put great strain on us at first but after long talks, I told him that I would not come between him and his son as long as the affair is over with her.

My Sex Addict Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant

I have and I wanted to talk about it. I am so sorry that this has happened. I have only had a few stories from partners who knew that their sex addict husband had a child by another woman but I have no details to share with you. I can relate a story about a young underage teenage boy who had a brief affair with an older woman.

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#PynkTalk: If your husband cheated and got another woman pregnant, would you stay?

WHEN I found out after 24 years of marriage that my husband had been having an affair, I really thought our relationship was over. However, my husband managed to convince me the affair was over, and that he'd never do anything like it again. Neither of us wanted our marriage to end, so after counselling and some heart-searching, I forgave him. As we really talked about our relationship for the first time in a while, I felt things were better than ever and he told me he felt the same way. However, I have now learned that the woman he had an affair with is expecting his baby any day now, and I feel betrayed all over again. He says he never knew she was pregnant — but how can he say with one breath that he loves me, and in the next, lie to me like this? Before you decide anything, you need to establish when this pregnancy occurred.

As a wife whose husband treated her like crap and did the despicable, I will tell you that your heart will hurt for Now he doesn't want anything to do with our baby since then. I am the other woman who got pregnant with a married man.

Wives, knowing what your husband has done with the OW, does not have to ruin your marriage. I said absolutely! Today I am going to write about the icky realities of what happens when the other woman gets pregnant.







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