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I need to change my life today

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Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. If you could just pick one or two or seven habits to create in the next few months — habits that will have the most impact on your life — what would they be? I often get asked this question, because people are overwhelmed when it comes to starting positive life changes. But if I were to start again, and had to pick one or two, it would be the one or two listed below. Here they are, in my order of preference but yours may be different :. Develop positive thinking.

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Whether you're fed up with what you're doing now or you want to change something specific about yourself, you can make a decision to change now so that you can enjoy a better, more rewarding life.

Sometimes, you just need to take action instead of continuing to pile up dreams without doing anything more about them. Making a big change in a matter of hours may not be possible, but you can at least get started on the path to change. Some things you can do to get started include brainstorming, setting goals, and taking a small step toward your goal.

Keep reading to learn more about how to change your life around in a matter of hours. While making big life changes in a matter of hours may not be possible, you can start planning ways to move toward your goals.

Brainstorm your goals so you can figure out what steps you need to start taking to move you closer to your dreams. For example, ask yourself where you see yourself in 10 years, then break your larger objectives into smaller actionable items.

Like if you want to find a new job, break it down into small to-dos, like updating your resume, researching new companies, or writing a letter of resignation. In order to stay motivated as you work toward your goals, post them somewhere visible to stay focused.

Another way to stay motivated is to reward yourself. For example, after updating your resume, treat yourself to your favorite specialty coffee or to a movie. To learn how to stay positive as you work toward your goals, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit.

Learn why people trust wikiHow. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Explore this Article Writing Out a Plan. Motivating Yourself. Coping with the Changes. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Think about your long-term goals. What are your long-term goals? Think about where you see yourself in ten years. Do you want to be a home owner? Do you want to be running the company you work at now? Do you want to be married with some kids? Consider whether or not you are moving in the right direction to achieve your long term goals.

If not, you will need to identify some areas for change. Figure out what you'd like to change. Sometimes change is so big and so scary that you don't want to contemplate it at all. But you can do something about that, and you can do it right now. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Brainstorm and write out your answers to the following questions as quickly as you can. What's working well in my life right now? List some of the positives about your life as it is right now.

To make a change, you need to be aware of what you like as much as you're aware of what you don't like so that you don't end up wrecking the positives in your life. You can also list some of your strengths here so that you know what you have to draw on as you go through the change process. What are the areas of my life I want to change?

Do you hate your job? Are you in an unhappy marriage? Write down the parts of your life that are making you really unhappy. Pick out the top 3 to 5 things you'd like to change. Again, quickly and without too much thinking, write down the steps that you can take to make changes. Do not overwork this——there is plenty of time for fine adjustment later.

Read everything that you've written. You've just created a quick, personal road map for change. Over time, you can refine this road map, For now, you've broken down those large and looming "it's all too hard to change" feelings and turned them into some concrete steps.

Read through what you have written to solidify them in your mind and start working towards these goals. Break larger objectives on your list up into smaller actionable items. To achieve a goal, you need to break it into smaller, more realistic goals. For example, instead of writing something generic like "find my passion," pick something actionable and specific. You can instead say, "visit a career coach" or "take an aptitude test. For instance, instead of writing "find a new job," break it down into steps like "update my resume," "create a LinkedIn profile," "research new companies" or "write a letter of resignation.

Do something to move towards your goal. After you have reviewed your list of items, figure out what you can easily accomplish in the next 48 hours and do it. Here are some examples: To get out of an unhappy relationship: Talk to your partner, line up a new place to stay, pack your belongings, or ask friends to help you move. To make yourself more healthy: Throw out all of the junk food in your cabinets, join a gym, talk to people who will support you, or get some new sneakers.

To move to a new city: Find an apartment in the new place, list your current house or condo for sale, start throwing away things you don't want to take with you, or call your friends and relatives to tell them the news. Part 2 of Post your goal somewhere that is visible to you. Having your goal somewhere that you can see it, such as on your refrigerator or as the wallpaper on your laptop, can help you to stay focused on the goal. By reminding yourself of your goal every day, you will help yourself to make choices that bring you closer to achieving your goal.

Commit to keep working towards your goal until your achieve it. It is important to commit to achieving your goal when you first set it and to recommit any time that you stumble. Maintaining your commitment will help you to stay focused and keep working towards your goal. Start a journal or a blog to track your progress. Writing about your journey can be a great way to keep yourself motivated. Journaling can help you to privately sort out your thoughts about your new situation, while blogging can allow others to share the journey with you.

Decide which method you are more comfortable with and begin writing today. Visualize accomplishing your goal. Visualization is a powerful tool that can help keep you motivated to make the change you have envisioned. Take about 10 minutes every day to simply think about what it will be like to accomplish your goal. Imagine what it will look like, how people will react, and how you will feel.

Stay positive. Staying positive can help you to accomplish your goals by keeping you happy. The happier you are, the more you feel capable of accomplishing your goal. If you find either yourself or those around you being extra critical, think about making some changes. Spend time doing things that make you feel happy with people who make you feel good. Walk around the mall with your best friend or go see a movie with your significant other.

Reward yourself. You can also help yourself to stay motivated by setting rewards for yourself. Simple things like rewarding yourself with a new outfit after you lose 10 pounds can make a big difference in your motivation to stick with your goals. Make sure that you choose rewards that are healthy and that you can afford to provide yourself. When you accomplish a goal, make sure that you give yourself the reward right away.

Part 3 of Tidy up your environment. Nothing can clear your head like getting rid of the stuff that's holding you back. Ask yourself if you really need those piles of papers, unwatched DVDs or unworn clothes.

How to Change Your Life in Just One Day

A few years ago, I decided to change my life for the better. I thought I would write about the changes I decided to make in case others could benefit from it. There were numerous reasons why I wanted to make these life alterations, but the main ones were:. I knew I was capable of so much more.

That's it. By the age of 30, I had five multi-million-dollar business success stories behind me and had spent more than a year traveling the world. That is not the key.

Are we living our purpose? Are we being true to ourselves and our values? Are we courageously going after our unfulfilled goals and dreams? Are we growing and learning? Are we finding balance and doing the things that matter to us?

Change Your Life -- Now! -- In 3 Ridiculously Easy Steps

But if you want a better life—to be happier, more prosperous, have more love, more fun, better health, etc. There are things you can do today that can have a profound difference on your world—immediately. However, if you think about an airplane traveling in the sky, a tiny shift in direction means little in the short term but over the long run takes you to an entirely different destination. The same is true in your life. The teeny tiny energetic changes you make in your life today can create entirely new realities weeks or months from now—or even later today! A while back I wrote an article called Breaking the Cycle of Scarcity. Later that day I received an email from a reader:. She has recently been struggling with money. I just need to say it over and over again. I called her to find out what happened.

How I Changed My Life for the Better

Imagine that with just one wave of a magic wand you could turn your entire life around. Well, you my dear, hold the power to use that wand at any time, all it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust…. External shifts can be hard to make overnight, however internal shifts can happen in seconds. We all know the feeling of being in a good mood one minute and then a bad mood the next.

Are you one of those people who thinks changing your life is so difficult that it's just not worth the effort?

It was the perfect opportunity to take everything I hated and turn my life on its head. But sometimes it takes losing everything in life to realise where your path truly lies and what you must do to find happiness. Happiness is a choice when your choice is to concentrate on you and give love and kindness to everyone.

5 Ways to Change Your Life Today

Whether you're fed up with what you're doing now or you want to change something specific about yourself, you can make a decision to change now so that you can enjoy a better, more rewarding life. Sometimes, you just need to take action instead of continuing to pile up dreams without doing anything more about them. Making a big change in a matter of hours may not be possible, but you can at least get started on the path to change.

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! What you do in small, almost undetectable moments of your life has the biggest impact. What most people don't realize is that those who take the big payout end up with significantly less money than those who opt for the cent per day. The live for the moment culture of today stops people from investing. The point is that if you want to have a completely different life in a year or two, you need to start now, and you need to start small.

I Want To Completely Change My Life Now


The only thing you have control over now is how you choose to live your present and future life. I had a heap of regrets that were holding me back in my life. I came.


I Want To Completely Change My Life Now







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