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ChuChu TV, the company responsible for some of the most widely viewed toddler content on YouTube, has a suitably cute origin story. Vinoth Chandar, the CEO, had always played around on YouTube, making Hindu devotionals and little videos of his father, a well-known Indian music producer. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. Chu Chu loved it. In a few weeks, it had , views.


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Robert Norman Ross October 29, — July 4, was an American painter , art instructor , and television host. Ross went from being a public television personality in the s and s to posthumously being an Internet celebrity in the 21st century, with his talent and kindness leading to major popularity with fans on YouTube , Twitch , and other websites years after his death. While working as a carpenter with his father, he lost part of his left index finger.

This minor disability did not affect the way he held his palette while painting. In , year-old Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force and was put into service as a medical records technician.

Air Force Clinic at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska , [8] [9] where he first saw the snow and mountains that later became recurring themes in his artwork. He developed his quick-painting technique to create art for sale during brief daily work breaks. During his year tenure with the U. Air Force , Ross developed a taste for painting after attending an art class at the Anchorage U. He found himself frequently at odds with many of his painting instructors, who were more interested in abstract painting.

In Ross's own words: "They'd tell you what makes a tree, but they wouldn't tell you how to paint a tree. Ross studied and became quite good at alla prima through Alexander's show, and began selling Alaskan landscapes painted on the inside of novelty gold-mining pans.

He retired from the Air Force in with the rank of Master Sergeant after 20 years of service. He first went to Florida and studied painting under Alexander, then joined the "Alexander Magic Art Supplies Company" and became a traveling salesman and tutor. Annette Kowalski, who had attended one of his sessions, became convinced that there was a great opportunity for Ross to succeed on his own, and persuaded him to do so.

She invested her life savings in the company, as did Ross and his wife. The business struggled at first; his trademark permed hairstyle came about as a cost-cutting measure, when his regular crewcut haircuts became too expensive. Ross later confessed that he disliked the hairstyle, but did not feel he could change it because it was depicted in the company logo.

The show ran from January 11, to May 17, , but reruns still [update] continue to appear in many broadcast areas and countries, including the non-commercial digital subchannel network Create. During each half-hour segment, Ross would instruct viewers in oil painting using a quick-study technique from the imagination that used a limited palette of paints and broke down the process into simple steps. Art critic Mira Schor compared him to Fred Rogers , host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood , noting that Ross's soft voice and the slow pace of his speech were similar.

Ross also filmed wildlife, squirrels in particular, usually in his garden, and he would often take in injured or abandoned squirrels and other animals. Small animals often appeared on his Joy of Painting canvasses. Ross used the wet-on-wet oil painting technique, in which the painter continues adding paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting a lengthy amount of time to allow each layer of paint to dry. From the beginning, the program kept the selection of tools and colors simple so that viewers would not have to make large investments in expensive equipment.

Ross frequently recommended odorless paint thinner aka odorless mineral spirits for brush cleaning. Combining the wet painting method with the use of large one- and two-inch brushes, as well as painting knives , allowed Ross to paint trees, clouds, mountains, and water in a matter of seconds.

Each painting would start with simple strokes that appeared as nothing more than smudges of color. As he added more and more strokes, the blotches would transform into intricate landscapes. Ross painted three versions of almost every painting featured on his show. The first was painted prior to taping, and sat on an easel, off-camera, during filming, where Ross used it as a reference to create the second copy—the one viewers actually watched him paint.

After filming the episode, Ross painted a more detailed version for inclusion in his instructional books. Ross dedicated the first episode of the second season of The Joy of Painting to Bill Alexander , explaining that "years ago, Bill taught me this fantastic [wet-on-wet] technique, and I feel as though he gave me a precious gift, and I'd like to share that gift with you [the viewer].

Ross was well-known for the catchphrases he used while painting such as "happy little trees". Specifically, he was fond of his method of drying off a brush that he had dipped in odorless thinner by striking it against the can of thinner then striking a box for early seasons, and a trash can on later seasons. Occasionally he would strike the brush hard on the trash can saying he "hit the bucket" and then on the easel.

He would smile and often laugh aloud as he said to "beat the Devil out of it". Ross wore clothes that he believed would be a "timeless look" jeans and a button-down shirt.

He also used a minimalist set and spoke as if he were only addressing one viewer. When asked about his laid-back approach, and his calm and contented demeanor , he commented,. I got a letter from somebody here a while back, and they said, "Bob, everything in your world seems to be happy.

That's why I paint. It's because I can create the kind of world that I want, and I can make this world as happy as I want it. Shoot, if you want bad stuff, watch the news. The landscapes he painted—typically mountains , lakes , snow , and log cabin scenes—were strongly influenced by his years living in Alaska , where he was stationed for the majority of his Air Force career. He repeatedly stated on the show his belief that everyone had inherent artistic talent and could become an accomplished artist given time, practice, and encouragement, and to this end was often fond of saying, "We don't make mistakes; we just have happy accidents.

By his own estimation, Ross completed more than 30, paintings in his lifetime. On rare occasions he would incorporate a cabin into a landscape, but he typically painted its chimney without any signs of smoke, implying that it was unoccupied.

The audience gave him a huge ovation; he was slightly nervous at first, but felt better after cracking a joke to the crowd. Snow was later given a private painting lesson by Ross. Ross visited New York City to promote his hardcover book, The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross , [30] and painting techniques to a studio audience several times.

On one visit in he appeared on The Joan Rivers Show. There was one in , when Phil Donahue , who watched his videos and loved his painting technique, invited him to the show to promote his work.

Ross took five audience members on-stage to do a painting and even Phil himself did a painting and showed it in that episode. In the early s, Ross did several MTV promotional spots that, according to the American City Business Journals , "dovetailed perfectly with Generation X 's burgeoning obsession with all things ironic and retro.

The episode included a final message of thanks from Ross to his fans and viewers, and a musical tribute. Ross had one son, Steven Ross, with his first wife, Vivian Ridge. Steven, also a talented painter, occasionally appeared on The Joy of Painting and became a Ross-certified instructor. Ross and Ridge's marriage ended in divorce in Ross and his second wife, Jane, had no children together. In , Jane died of cancer.

In , two months before his death, Ross married for a third time, to Lynda Brown. Ross was very secretive about his life and had a great liking for privacy, with only a tight circle of friends.

Some of only a few interviews with his close-knit circle of friends and his family can be found in the PBS documentary Bob Ross: The Happy Painter. His company, Bob Ross Inc. Ross died at the age of 52 on July 4, , due to complications from lymphoma , which he had battled for several years.

Ross's likeness has become part of popular culture , with his image spoofed in shows, films, and video games like Family Guy , [37] The Boondocks , [38] Deadpool 2 , [39] and Smite. Pablo Picasso". Google celebrated the 70th anniversary of his birth with a Google Doodle on October 29, It portrayed Ross painting a depiction of the letter "g" with a landscape in the background.

Newfound interest in Ross occurred in As part of the launch of Twitch Creative, Twitch hosted a nine-day marathon of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting series which started on October 29, in commemoration of what would have been his 73rd birthday. A portion of the advertising revenue has been promised to charities, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The minute episodes are taken from seasons 20, 21 and 22 of the original The Joy of Painting series. They created a YouTube channel for Ross which gained over one million subscribers within a year.

The renewed interest in Ross also led to questions of where his paintings were located, given that it was estimated over 1, works were created for The Joy of Painting. In an investigative report by The New York Times , the Kowalskis affirmed that they still held all of his paintings, though without the proper care generally needed to store art.

Prompted by numerous letters from fans of Ross, the Smithsonian American Art Museum contacted the Kowalskis and offered to take a selection of Ross's paintings, along with other items from the show, to place on exhibit at the Museum. The Twitch streams created a new interest in Bob Ross from the younger generation, and caused his popularity to grow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Bob Ross, see Bob Ross disambiguation.

American painter and television host. Daytona Beach, Florida , U. Orlando, Florida , U. Painter art instructor television host internet personality. Vivian Ridge m. Jane Ross m. Lynda Brown m. Retrieved September 15, The Biography. Verizon Media. Retrieved July 19, Bob Ross Incorporated. Archived from the original on July 29, Retrieved January 24, Press of Mississippi. The Joy of Painting. Season

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Robert Norman Ross October 29, — July 4, was an American painter , art instructor , and television host. Ross went from being a public television personality in the s and s to posthumously being an Internet celebrity in the 21st century, with his talent and kindness leading to major popularity with fans on YouTube , Twitch , and other websites years after his death. While working as a carpenter with his father, he lost part of his left index finger. This minor disability did not affect the way he held his palette while painting. In , year-old Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force and was put into service as a medical records technician.

In this new book from Routledge and MiddleWeb, author Rita Platt shows how you can create a joyful classroom community in which students are determined to work hard, be resilient, and never give up. Each chapter includes practical tools, tips, and ideas that you can use immediately to develop these skills in students, so they find more joy and success in the learning process. Rita Platt ritaplatt is a National Board Certified, award-winning teacher.

Elsagate is a neologism referring to the controversy surrounding videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids that are categorized as " child-friendly ", but which contain themes that are inappropriate for children. Most videos under this classification are notable for presenting content such as violence, sexual situations , fetishes , drugs , alcohol , injections , toilet humor and dangerous or upsetting situations and activities. These videos often feature popular characters from family-oriented media, sometimes via crossovers , used without legal permission. The term itself is composed of Elsa a character from Disney animated film Frozen , who is frequently depicted in such videos and -gate a suffix for scandals.

The man behind the legendary double rainbow video has passed away

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos YouTube star Corey La Barrie killed in car crash. Pelosi: Stimulus bill is a big price, but virus is a big problem. Toobin identifies most important moment from Trump's Supreme Court case. Fauci: Reopening early could have 'really serious' consequences.

YouTuber Corey La Barrie killed in car crash on his 25th birthday

Back in , Paul L. The video went viral a few months after its upload when it was aired on Jimmy Kimmel and Vasquez himself even appeared on the show. The video became so popular, it even prompted merch and remixes, as well as an ad for Windows Live Photo Gallery featuring Vasquez and a double rainbow song performed by Jimmy Fallon in the style Neil Young. In , The Ringer ranked the day the video went viral July 3, as the ninth happiest day on the internet since

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If your little bedroom is also the place you eat, work, Sims, and chill, then it's probably the perfect time to upgrade your situation. Don't worry though. You don't have to blow that savings to get your Martha Stewart on. Something as easy as adding pillows or a soothing plant child in that empty corner, can take the aesthetic of your space from zero to real quick no Drake needed.

10 Tiny Decor Changes to Make Your Room Feel All Fresh and New Again

Our coronavirus coverage is now free for the first 24 hours. You can find the latest information at tampabay. Please consider subscribing to the Tampa Bay Times.

This takes place within the Steven Universe world and uses the Game Grumps. Welcome to The Sonic Cafe! Here you will find everything and anything related to the world's fastest hedgehog and his friends! So pull up a chair, have a coffee, and let's talk Sonic! It's a Don't Starve reference with Sonic, Huh.

On with the show: Pinellas arts students now compete virtually for a coveted award


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