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How to make your husband happy on phone

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How To Make Your Husband Happy

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It's not just compliments and sex he's hoping for — though, let's face it, he wouldn't mind a little more of those, too. Or whatever your silly side has the urge to do. Men feel relief when they get an occasional break from a woman's serious, action-oriented sides which he's not knocking; he totally digs how ambitious and efficient you are.

Of course he's not going to complain when anyone says something nice about him who would? So for every time you whine about his football obsession or forgetting to take out the trash, remember to high-five him for picking up the kids from soccer or tell him how kickass his work presentation looked.

It'll get you big-time brownie points, not to mention a very smiley husband. We're not saying your hubs doesn't love having you around there's no one he'd rather Netflix and chill with. So consider this your invitation to plan that girlfriend's getaway , or even a long Saturday brunch. Okay, before we trigger any outrage, let us explain: In healthy relationships, housework is divided up, but it's not always split down the middle.

What with jobs, kids and, uh, a life in the mix, sometimes one of you ends up cleaning more than the other. And even if it's "his task" to do the laundry , if he's super swamped that week, do your best not to hem and haw about handling it. Tossing in a load sans complaint will show him you're a team, she says, and it's all about that ebb and flow. Alright, we admit it: The word "vulnerable" sounds all kinds of self-help-book cheesy.

But until recently, it wasn't really a thing for men to embrace their soft sides, failures, or weaknesses. You're busy, overworked, exhausted. Girl, we feel you. But it may actually make you feel better if you get a little action , and he'll be on top of the world if you're the one to get things going. He'll get the message pretty quick Ladies are pros at balancing everything, but give your guy some props because he's likely busy AF at work, too. In fact, maybe give him extra props: Research shows a woman's brain is built to be better at multi-tasking than a man's, so it's that much harder for him to juggle work life, home life, and a social life.

And since you know he needs those appreciative words now, feel free to throw a few of 'em his way to show him you've noticed how hard he's working. It's natural to feel a little protective of your you-and-me time every now and again, but don't guilt-trip him about it. Syrtash says that never ends well and, TBH, it's most likely going to make him more stubborn about doing whatever he wants. It might sound kind of "duh," but if you're honest, you probably do it sometimes, right?

If you're like, well, every woman on the planet, you probably have a system for how things should get done and you have no prob explaining each and every one. But for some reason, sometimes what we want in marriage gets lost or miscommunicated. In other words, try not to assume you're on the same page, because that just turns into frustration on both ends. It's not bratty or demanding if you nix the 'tude and tell him what's up with calm sincerity.

He'll be grateful you said it, and likely more than happy to make sure whatever it is you want gets done. You hear it all the time, but experts really say it bums your husband out to see you texting when he's telling you about his day. Or scrolling through Instagram while you're waiting for the waiter on date night. The only exception? When you're sending these sexy texts from across the room. Yes, guys love it when you praise them. But can you guess what they love even more? When you praise them in a way that makes them feel like there's no one else you'd want or could even imagine doing it instead.

This one sounds easy, but it's actually insanely hard for most women it's part of that knowing how you want stuff done thing. But he tried, and that counts for something, especially when the way he organized things probably isn't going to destroy your feng shui.

So take a load off, stop assuming you're the only one who can roast that chicken properly, and let your husband take a crack at it. He wants to!

Even if you're not having sex. There's not much your husband loves more OK, except for getting frisky than hearing those two magic little words. Thanking him for taking out the trash or being a great dad means so much to him. He put the kids to bed. He gave you the last bite of dessert. Bonus: He'll probably start showing you a little more gratitude, too.

News flash: Your husband thinks you deserve to be spoiled hell, yes. He sees you working hard, juggling everything and everyone in your life, and wants you to give yourself a break.

So long as the budget isn't being blown , chances are he'll be stoked to see you loving up on yourself as much as you do everyone else. Going out to get some coffee? Get him his favorite breakfast sandwich, or pick up his favorite beverage, too. Type keyword s to search. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Go Out With the Girls. Throw In a Load of Laundry. Let Him Get a Little Vulnerable.

Initiate Sex. Let Him Off the Hook. Be Direct, But Not Bossy. Put Down Your Phone. Admire Him In Comparison to Others. Let Him Help You. Thank Him. Hit the Spa. Plan Date Night. Do the Little Things. More From Relationships.

17 Things Your Husband Wishes You Would Do More Often

Updated: April 20, References. Keeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be challenging, amidst the stress of daily life. Thankfully, there are small deeds that you can do to keep your husband happy and let him know that you love him more and more each day. Share in the responsibilities of marriage, and try different approaches to leading a happy, spontaneous life that gratifies you and your spouse both emotionally and sexually. Try some of the ideas below to tug on your husband's heartstrings and make your marriage thrive.

I'm happily married to a fantastic man that I love deeply and completely. Dealing with an unhappy husband can be absolutely miserable. After the initial wedding bliss wears off and everything goes back to normal, things can often get tough pretty quickly.

It's not just compliments and sex he's hoping for — though, let's face it, he wouldn't mind a little more of those, too. Or whatever your silly side has the urge to do. Men feel relief when they get an occasional break from a woman's serious, action-oriented sides which he's not knocking; he totally digs how ambitious and efficient you are. Of course he's not going to complain when anyone says something nice about him who would?

12 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

A happy husband is a man who feels loved by his wife in all ways possible. In the beginning of a marriage there is romance, intimacy and warmth, but over time these feelings sometimes dissipate. There are ways to keep your husband happy for many years of marriage. The happier he is, the happier you will both be. Women talk about and express their feelings more than do men, but remember that men have feelings too. A man can go through a range of emotions from the start of the day to the end of a day. When there is an issue that needs to be discussed involving feelings, sit down and discuss it together. Never discount the importance of physical closeness during these moments. There is no substitute for a kiss or a hug that communicates the message: I am in your corner. Criticism and nagging do not make for a happy husband.

50 Things To Say to Your Husband to Make Him Feel Great

How do you make your husband happy? How do you make him feel how blessed or lucky he is to have you as his wife? How do you make him loyal to you so that your marriage will be happier , healthier, and will last longer? Like other human beings with a heart and soul, we also need things beyond physics and nature that can fill our spirits with joy.

Your words have great power in the life of your husband … they can lift him up and give him confidence, or they can beat him down.


How to Keep Your Husband Happy



6 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Husband Happy


Let your husband know your password. Have a friend be accountable for your activity on your phone. Facebook a love note to him. Call him on his lunch break.








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