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How to make hair look wet guys

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No two types of hair are identical. But two men with very similar hair can look wildly different if one takes time to style it properly with the right product. That is to say, how a man styles his hair — and which gel, pomade, cream, mousse, or wax he chooses — makes all the difference. Now, there are a lot of choices out there.



The Best Hair Creams to Keep Your Locks Looking Lustrous All Day Long

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Finding the perfect product for your type of hair can be kind of a daunting task. If this is going to be the thing that finally takes you from a haplessly intolerable dude with decent hair to a haplessly intolerable dude with really good hair, there's a lot of pressure not to mess it up.

I mean, fuck a personality, man: When you've found the one true bad-hair-day panacea nothing else really matters, does it? If going weeks without a trip to your barber is starting to make you think you should've read a few more books while you were coasting along on the strength of your hair alone, don't you worry your pretty little head: We've rounded-up a few of the best hair creams around to keep your lettuce looking as luscious as it used to be before lockdown life. If hair cream isn't already an essential element of your grooming regimen, it should be.

Heavier than a mousse but lighter than a gel, hair cream can double as a no-frills conditioning treatment, or a styling product ideal for the shaggier look you're trying to make the most of or for any medium or longer hairstyles, really. Get with the program, guy. Treat yourself to a hair cream that'll restore your 'do to the glory of days bygone and bring back the good grooming that allowed you to avoid reading anything longer than a precisely worded text message your entire life, you beautiful bastard.

The brand's forming cream provides a medium hold with medium shine and is perfect for any dude who wants to keep his thick hair staying that way. Moroccanoil reigns supreme when it comes to hydrating products. If your hair is dry, brittle, or dull, apply a small amount of this to wet or dry hair to give it natural-looking shine. A styling cream is the perfect antidote to keep your hair from getting frizzy throughout the day.

V76's styling creams are some of the best around. This medium-hold one is great if you have a more complex hairstyle you're trying to give shape to all day. If you find that pomades or waxes are too thick, try one that's cut with cream.

It's easy to both apply and build with, so it works efficiently for any type of hair length, style, or texture. The same team of people that perfected the breezy, beach-inflected pieces you've been filling your closet with for years also make a damn good grooming cream if you're looking for a natural finish and light hold. If you feel like you need extra conditioner throughout the day, Kiehl's hair cream offers just that. Apply it in the morning and it'll keep your hair feeling soft and hydrated.

Use this on ends that need a little refreshing. Apply to air- or blow-dried hair. Oribe represents the gold standard for hair styling products, and this cream is no exception. Subscribe to Esquire Magazine. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jerry Stiller: What I've Learned. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Forming Cream. American Crew amazon. Hydrating Styling Cream sephora. Jack Black. Texture Cream nordstrom.

Styling Cream. V76 by Vaughn amazon. Scheme Cream. Hanz de Fuko birchbox. Cream Pomade. Baxter of California baxterofcalifornia. Sage Styling Cream. Grooming Cream. Saturdays NYC saturdaysnyc. Creme With Silk Groom. Kiehl's kiehls. High Dive Creme. Grooming Creme. Bumble and Bumble bumbleandbumble. Oribe amazon. Robbie Fimmano. Christine Flammia Christine Flammia writes about style, grooming, and more; she is the former associate style editor of Esquire and is currently pursuing a PhD in communications at Columbia.

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Pomade, Paste, Gel and Beyond: the 15 Best Hair Product Brands for Men

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First of all, keep in mind that the sleek wet or wet look hairstyle works with all cuts. For an optimal wet effect, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will boost your shine.

The goal of most men is to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. Less hair means less maintenance, right? But, the pitfall of this thinking is that the tenants of good hair apply no matter how long your hair is, what texture it is, or how much you have. Here are the best tips for all men to achieve their best hair possible, straight from the experts. Three to four times a week is best for most guys.

Wet Look Hair - How To Get The Slicked Back Hair Look Right

So how can you deal with hair-raising problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up? Matte products absorb light and instantly make hair appear a little thicker. To get the undivided attention of a barber or stylist, timing is everything. Go for the former and your stylist is likely to be at their freshest and most enthusiastic too. Mousses, sea salt sprays and even serums can have a real impact on the finished style when used correctly. Fan of hair wax but struggle to get it out of your hair? In the same way that your teeth are only as good as your gums, your hair is only as good as your scalp, so Linda Frawley, senior master at Charles Worthington , suggests looking after it. To de-stress and boost circulation to the scalp, ensuring healthy hair growth, think about getting regular, stimulating head massages. If you reduce washing and use a conditioner, the result will be smoother, healthier looking hair.

To Each (Hairstyle) His Own (Hair Product)

And having a Don King hair day can affect more than just your appearance. Even the thought of a bad hair day was shown to affect self-esteem dramatically. And what makes it unique depends on its structure. Hair varies in thickness — from 50 microns a unit of measure equal to 1 millionth of a metre in people with fine hair to over microns. Thickness also depends on the number of individual hairs on your head.

Finding the perfect product for your type of hair can be kind of a daunting task.

Both men and women are after getting a wet hair look without damaging their hair too much. Be it a stylish undercut, a comb over, a wet beach look or just a spontaneous wet hairstyle, you want the beauty to last all day long without fail. The worst thing that can happen is half of your hairstyle starting to look dry and messy while the other one stays wet and beautiful.

Dealing With Men’s Thick, Wavy & Unruly Hair

It is basically an extremely sleek, uber-stylish coiffure that makes your hair look like you just came out of the shower or the rain! As with all great and excessively stylish looks, this one takes some upkeep and a lot of preparation. There are a few different ways to accomplish this debonair hairdo, and they are a bit more complicated than the lather-rinse-repeat you may be used to.

Using a super strong hair styling product would help me achieve the exact hairstyle I wanted. Or so I thought.. Truth be told, it was never the case, as there were always downsides. My hair appeared oily, unnatural, it was stiff as a rock to touch, washing out product was a pain, it was way too shiny, and so on.. What I discovered overtime was that each hairstyle required a different product. The wrong product literally equated to a bad hair day, no matter haircut or how professional your barber or stylist.

Hairstyle: how to get the sleek wet look in 5 simple steps

Sashaying down the AW19 runways at Haider Ackermann, Burberry and Fashion East and appearing on red carpets everywhere Margot Robbie, Allison Williams and Vanessa Kirby we're looking at you , wet look hair is officially the high fashion 'do to be working on your next night out out. Frankly, if Kaia Gerber's working wet look finger waves, we want to work wet look finger waves. To the untrained eye it might look like you've just stepped out of the shower, but there's actually way more to styling wet look hair than you might think. Is it just water or does that dry? How do you keep it looking wet all day?

Mar 24, - Here are the best tips for all men to achieve their best hair possible, straight from won't make hair look greasy, and also won't build up on the scalp. And remember, “if you put on a hat while your hair is wet, it will dry flat to.

Slick-backed hair has evolved through the years: You can still wear it like a stock trader , or opt for a more casual-cool, less shiny finish. Same idea, less slick. Regardless of your intent, we wanted to know how to get long-lasting, good-looking results every time.

35 Hair Tips for Men, According to Experts

The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. For an easy wet look, try massaging in some hair gel all the way down to your roots. Finish by using your fingers or a comb to create the shape you want.

How to Get the Wet Hair Look for Guys

Call it a Mod cut, a shag, a mop top, or just bangs—medium-length, pushed-forward hair is gaining popularity yet again. Douglas Booth above , Ben Whishaw, and Owen Wilson have all worn it, and these tips will have you primed for the style too. Start with clean, towel-dried hair.

Whether you have short back and sides or long curly locks, you can achieve this look no matter what.

Caring for your hair is simple enough. All you need is shampoo and conditioner and— bam! Styling your hair, however, is an entirely different matter. This newfound embrace of varying styles requires varying types of products to corral them. So many men go hardcore with gel.

23 Expert Hair Care Tips For Men


4 Ways to Get Wet Hair Look That Last All Day Long


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