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How to get friendly with sons of hodir

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: WoW: Guide - Sons of Hodir to Exalted in 1 Hour

Thrusting the Spear with the Sons of Hodir - A Reputation Guide

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Solidsamm Working On His Sons of Hodir Rep The Sons of Hodir is one of those factions that almost all end game players are in the process of grinding or have already tackled.

If your goal in Wrath of the Lich King is to melt faces in end game raids, dominate heroics, or PvP your heart out at level 80, then your only option for a shoulder enchant is this faction of frost giants. Shoulder enchants are not the only reason to get moving on your Sons reputation though.

Like other Wrath factions the group offers a wide range of purchasable items, including the multi-person Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth. Oh, and for those of you struggling with your gold income, the daily quests offered by the Sons of Hodir will fill your coffers quickly and easily. First things first, you need to get to neutral with them before you can begin any dailies. To do this you must run a series of quest chains, a total of 26 quests, that ends with your character becoming neutral.

If you are still leveling fear not, for the initial 16 quest chain is accessible to level 77 and higher. After becoming fast friends with Lok'lira the Crone and her sisters at Brunnhildar Village, you will be tasked with finding yourself a mount to continue in the Hyldsmeet event.

With harness in hand your are set to begin your second quest line. This series is half as long, only comprising of eight rather quick and easy goals and leads you to the mightily depressed Thorim. The shiny blue object will start your third and final chain , comprising of a pair of easy quests that will get you to Neutral with the Sons of Hodir for all non-Humans.

Now you can begin your long, hard grind to Exalted. The rest of the way will mainly be completed through various daily quests that open up depending on your reputation level. Friendly offers us a total of five quests although Wrath launched with four :. All of the above quests, with the exception of Everfrost turn-ins, net you rep per completion. You need to first locate an Everfrost Chip before you can begin the quest, then the repeatable version opens up.

Both quests reward you with some gold and rep. Neither of the turn-ins are marked as daily, so you can turn them in as often as you please. After you work your way to Honored, two new dailies reveal themselves. Lucky for us, the reputation gains are bumped up on the Honored quests.

You now receive and reputation respectively. We have one final quest added upon becoming Revered, Feeding Arngrim. Another collection quest, kinda, but a bit more interesting than Polishing the Helm.

However, no rep bump here as it only rewards rep. The good thing is that all of the quests are completable till Exalted, meaning by the time you hit Revered you can earn rep a day.

That calculation assumes you only do the turn-ins once per day. Removing them from the equation, you can go from Revered to Exalted in 11 days. This guide originally closed with a recap on the lore surrounding the Sons of Hodir and how you become friendly with them. I decided to remove it so I don't spoil anyone's fun. I will just say that the chains introduce you to a lot of Norse mythology, and that the plot continues after you open up the Sons of Hodir faction.

Personally, I think that Blizzard gave the Sons of Hodir the only shoulder enchants in the game for a reason. The designers probably felt that a quest chain lasting some 40 quests if you continue the story line warrants a good amount of attention. By giving the sought after enchants to them, they ensure that many players will go through more than half of the quests.

At that point I was very interested in where the plot was taking me lorewise and will continue on to its culmination. How many of you have already completed the rep grind? Did you do it before or after the Relic quest was added. If before, how pissed were you over the extra time spent? Hopefully you didn't vendor all your Relics and made a killing by selling them off! I must say, I'm barely into honored, but it's been a great quest line. Not only that, Thrusting Hodir's Spear is one of the coolest dailies ever And one of the dirtier hodir quest names :P.

For the record inscriptions gives you the best shoulder enchants in the game, I think the stats were almost twice as good as what they offered. I will probably still grind out the rep eventually but it won't be nearly as fast as I finished the oracles quests. Just started my quest grinding in SP and once I was sent to the east for there quest have done it every day. Almost exalted and have the SP quest achievement to boot. I will be starting my quest grind and rep in Ice Crown next.

Hell, i made 80 back in Zul Durak. I have done the quest line and have gotten to Honored on my two 80's. That was about a week ago. Needed a bit of a break as doing those quests twice a day was getting a bit old.

I'm sure I'll pick up up again soon, plus I need to start on the Ebon Blade dailies as well. At least they have the tabard grind option which is nice. I managed to get to exalted with the sons of hodir about 2 weeks before the patch was a little annoyed to find that it became easier to grind, although I think there should be an achievement for getting to exalted before the patch.

Oh and the relics, I sold about of them to a vendor a week before the patch, teaches me to read patch notes from now on. I hit Exalted with the only hours before the servers went down for that patch. I gave all my Relics of Ulduar to a guildie because I am nice like that. I reached exalted with the Sons of Hodir back in late December, so the relics are no good for me. I managed to do it before the Relics Daily, but I wasn't angry at all, I consider the ones who reached Exalted before the Relic Daily are uber pwnage.

I got Exalted a long time ago. Took awhile, but I wasn't pissed about the whole Relic thing being added later on. It's kinda like na achivment in itself to do that Really Fun Daily Grind. Atm i cba to do the dailys.. I got exalted before the patch. I am still grinding. I have not been vendoring my relics because there is another vendore in Storm peaks that allows you to trade them in for drink and food buffs which I found helpful while questing.

I was one of the first people on my server to reach Storm Peaks and found this quest chain right away. As soon as I got neutral with the Sons I immediately found one of the Everfrost chips by accident, my mouse just happened to cross paths with a chip and there it was. Only one other horde player to my knowledge was in the area at the time and I didn't see any alliance. I found 13 of the chips in my first hour of searching in between questing.

I was revered with them within 2 days of starting the initial quests. I was exalted before I hit I have a bit of a mount addiction and went after the rep so hard because of the Ice Mammoth, and I kept finding so many everfrost chips that it made no sense to back off until I was exalted. I've actually avoided the Sons of Hodir because now i have two Level 80 characters and the reputation grind is just so damn boring. Maybe if they made it easier or cheaper I'd go for the "real" shoulder enchant, but otherwise screw this fraction.

Notify me of follow-up comments via email. All rights reserved. Powered by Squarespace. Project Lore. Friendly offers us a total of five quests although Wrath launched with four : Hodir's Tribute recently added — Something to do with all those Relics. Polishing the Helm — An easy collection quest. Blowing Hodir's Horn — An easy kill quest party to make it even faster.

Hot and Cold — Annoying collection quest due to the spawn rate of the hot metal and ability for other players to ninja loot it from you. Spy Hunter — A very easy kill quest.

Thrusting Hodir's Spear — Vehicle-based quest that is quite awesome. Worth getting to Honored to partake in this daily. Reader Comments 19 i have started with the rep grind for sons a while back and im now revered, and halfway to exalted. January 27, bigwang.

January 27, Cloudbearer. January 27, Pauldy. Thanks for the post. January 27, Rogue4Life. January 27, Drstealth. January 27, Thunder. Not bad. January 27, Nightcrusade. January 27, enKrypt. January 27, Alayea. January 27, Atlas. Yup yup, already exalted.

The Sons of Hodir quest chain

The Sons of Hodir is arguably one of the most important reputations in Wrath of the Lich King due to the items they offer. They're the only faction in Northrend that offers shoulder enchantments for PvE, in rare and epic flavors. The Sons of Hodir have all of your shoulder enchants. The quest chain to completely open up the Sons of Hodir rep grind is long.

As a guide for world of warcraft reputation, in particular for Wrath of the Lich King adventure, The Sons of Hodir is related to the race of Frost Giants living in Dun Niffelem, a huge ice fortress in central Storm Peaks. Both Horde and Alliance can gain Reputation with this Faction. Led by King Jokkum, the Frost Giants of Dun Niffelem are an ancient race created by the Titans many eons ago as protectors of the northern reaches of Azeroth.

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Getting Friendly with the Sons of Hodir – Gaining Sons of Hodir Reputation

Post a Comment. Latest Posts Loading Choose A Langauge. Bookmark This Page. A Little About Me My Battlegroup is Bloodlust. I used to PvP a lot but lately have been doing dungeons instead. I really enjoy doing dungeons and have made my later characters based on what I want for dungeons and speccing them based on what I need in dungeons.

Wrath 101: The Sons of Hodir

This guide will take you through the quest chains and give you the fastest circuits for dailies, and a few other tips. This guide assumes you have an epic flyer, but it really doesn't matter if you don't. When I say 'Fly back to Thorim' and you're at, say, Dun Niffelem, you may wish to fly to the Grom'marsh Crash site, and then fly from there. Your choice. Also, this quest chain and a few of the dailies will also be included in Jame's Storm Peaks guide when it comes so if you decide to wait for that for the rest of the zone, doing this will give you a slight reduction in speed in parts, and you'll have to go through and tick what you've done already.

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Were you playing as a human? It is possible to go directly to honored as a human because of diplomacy. Cranky: Nope, I'm Horde!

Sons of Hodir

You last visited: Today at Advertise here. Discussion on Sons of hodir exalted in one day! I havent done this, just going to share it

No worries mon, this troll be just full of information about them that you be needing for your reputation and a little mojo advice on how to get it a little faster too! Just a quick update that I didn't add. Remember the Relics now can be turned in for your Son's rep. Yup and when I was grinding for my Ice mammoth a few months back I got so bored I just went to the AH and bought stacks of relics for around gold, such a time saver ; , ideal if you work or go to college. Yes, it's a heck of a long grind, it sure can seem like it , but their rewards at the end are very nice, especially the inscriptions! Grats on getting your Mammoth!

Sons of Hodir quartermaster?

King Jokkum. Frost giant. Dun Niffelem , Storm Peaks. The Sons of Hodir are a faction of frost giants located in Storm Peaks region of Northrend and named after the titanic watcher Hodir. They are a war-like race that make their home in Dun Niffelem. Long ago the Titans created " seed races ", including giants , to watch the world of Azeroth together with watchers. The Sons of Hodir in particular struck up a friendship with the Titanic watcher Thorim , who eventually married Sif.

Apr 7, - Hello Everyone from Warmane forums! this is my first guide! in this guide ill be showing and telling you how to get from Hated to Exalted with  Sons of Hodir Quest Chain Guide(For exalted and quest.

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Sons of hodir exalted in one day!

The Sons of Hodir quest chain is perhaps the longest continuous quest chain in World of Warcraft. You must complete a large portion of the quest chain to gain access to the Sons of Hodir reputation faction. You start off with the relatively simple task of freeing some prisoners from the hands of the Vrykul women.

The Sons of Hodir - Faction

Solidsamm Working On His Sons of Hodir Rep The Sons of Hodir is one of those factions that almost all end game players are in the process of grinding or have already tackled. If your goal in Wrath of the Lich King is to melt faces in end game raids, dominate heroics, or PvP your heart out at level 80, then your only option for a shoulder enchant is this faction of frost giants. Shoulder enchants are not the only reason to get moving on your Sons reputation though.





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