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Getting curly hair for black guys

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Updated: December 17, References. Naturally curly hair is stylish and lively, making it quite desirable for the straight-haired among us. While you may never be able to get a full-on afro without a professional perm, getting some body, waviness, and curl into straight hair is possible with a little effort, the right strategy, and the right products. How to Use Hair Gels After rinsing your hair, squeeze a small amount of gel into your hands and run your fingers through your hair, from the forehead to the back. Let it start to set up for a minute, then take a pencil and wrap little curls of hair around the pencil. Count to

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40 Stirring Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

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Updated: December 17, References. Naturally curly hair is stylish and lively, making it quite desirable for the straight-haired among us. While you may never be able to get a full-on afro without a professional perm, getting some body, waviness, and curl into straight hair is possible with a little effort, the right strategy, and the right products. How to Use Hair Gels After rinsing your hair, squeeze a small amount of gel into your hands and run your fingers through your hair, from the forehead to the back.

Let it start to set up for a minute, then take a pencil and wrap little curls of hair around the pencil. Count to Keep working your hair into tiny curls until you like the look. If you have less time: try just running your hair through your hands quickly and getting your hair to stick in a lively, curly-looking position.

If you don't like that crunchy hair gel style, try using a softening gel like IC Fantasia, which can help to keep your hair extremely soft, as well as train it into curls. How to Get Waves Cut your hair very short, buzzed all the way around. After bathing, comb your hair with pomade and brush it hard, from the crown of your head down toward your forehead, your ears, and the back of your head, for at least an hour each day.

Afterward, wear a skull-cap or a do-rag to sleep, keeping your hair moist. If you keep up a strict brushing routine for several weeks, your hair will start to take on a wave-like appearance as it grows out. This was popularized in the mids by rappers like Nelly. Done correctly, it can help make your hair look curly and awesome. To get curly hair, rub a pea-sized amount of gel into your hair, and run your hands through it to create a messy look. For a more natural approach, rinse your hair regularly with water but only use shampoo once a week, since this will help your hair retain natural oils that make it curl more.

After you take a shower, let your hair dry on its own, because towel drying will flatten it out. You could also try combing a pea-sized amount of hair oil into your hair twice a week, which will make your hair stronger and more likely to curl naturally.

If you have medium-length or long hair, try using heat curlers, which you can put in your hair while it dries after a shower. For tips on how to get a haircut to enhance your curls, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook.

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Training Curls With Washing. Getting Creative. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc.

Use hair gels. If you want to use hair products to get your hair curly, the best way to do it is with hair gel. Regardless of how your hair is styled , using a pea-sized amount of gel and running it through clean hair can help you curl it up however you want. Take the time to make individual curls, or run your hands through it quickly for a messy look.

Treat your hair with argan oil. One common way of training your hair naturally is by using a natural hair oil that will help to moisturize and keep your hair strong, making it more likely to take on natural curl and body. Once or twice a week, use a pea-sized amount of hair oil.

Try to use a natural texturizer. Texturizing spray is typically marketed to women, but it's perfectly fine to use for men to use in their hair to increase the natural curl. If your hair has curl in it, you'll be able to emphasize it with texturizer, and if your hair isn't, it can help to create it.

These products are sprayed directly onto the hair. Try out curl-enhancing shampoo. While the claims of many curl-enhancers are somewhat dubious, there are a number of products on the market that claim to curl up naturally straight hair with washing. These shampoos should be used in conjunction with other methods of curling, but it's worth trying out. Method 2 of Brush your hair out before showering. It's possible to give your hair body and lightness by brushing it out before you wet it for the shower.

Whether you're going to shampoo or not, running a brush through your hair will keep your hair from matting and clumping,. Rinse your hair regularly. If you want naturally curly hair, rinse your hair regularly to keep it clean and fresh, but don't use shampoo more than once or twice a week if you have naturally straight hair.

Wash your hair less. If you want to help train your hair to curl naturally, stop washing it so much. Regular rinsing helps to keep your hair lighter, keeping the dirt and build-up out of your hair, but it also allows the natural oils in your hair to keep your hair silky and light, giving it body and curl in the right conditions. Shampoo dries your hair out.

Let your hair air dry. If you want curly hair, you can't use a blow dryer or towel-dry your hair to death. The best way to get hair to curl naturally is to let it dry on its own, preferably overnight. Method 3 of Try a heat curler or roller curlers. Again, commonly marketed for women, but if you have medium or long hair, using a curler is another easy and quick way to get your hair curled up.

Use small-gauge curlers in your hair overnight to get tight ringlets, or try drying your hair with a hair curler after you bathe for the best effects. Get the right hair cut. If you want curly hair, it's a good idea to get a haircut that emphasizes the kind of curl you want.

For guys, that can be tricky, but you want to start out with short-medium hair. Train your hair into waves. Training your hair into "waves" can help give you the appearance of curly hair, even if it's not strictly-speaking curly. While this practice takes time and some dedication, with daily combing sessions and a bit of pomade, you can get your hair to grow in rounded waves that extend all the way around your head.

It's a cool look. Consider getting a perm. Getting a permanent or a "perm" from a hair stylist is the easiest way to get your hair curled up.

While some people don't like to pay for perms and treat their hair with "frying" chemicals, permanents are the surest and easiest way to instantly curl up your hair. While they're more common and popular with women, perms are commonly given to men. Don't be embarrassed to ask for a perm.

Washing is when you use shampoo and conditioner. Rinsing is just running water through your hair without including any product. Not Helpful 13 Helpful Argan oil is great to use, it replenishes the natural oils of your hair, making it stronger and helping it grow nicely.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful This really only works for people with hair that's at least 6 inches long, but here's how I do it. Take a shower before bed and follow your normal routine.

Slightly dry your hair and then divide it into at least 6 sections. Repeat this for all sections. Now, just go to sleep and remove the pins in the morning. Rub your hands through your hair and maybe brush it out a bit with a wide tooth comb.

Not Helpful 17 Helpful Let it grow to about 3 inches.

How to Get Curly Hair For Black Men With a Few Simple Tricks

Are you looking for the best curly hairstyles for black men? Black men with curly hair have a number of cool haircuts they can get. However, the challenge is styling and maintaining their naturally kinky hair and curls to look good every day. Most black guys give up because they feel the time and effort is too much.

Black people often talk about good hair and bad hair. I assumed that you had to use complicated techniques to get curly hair for black men.

I am forever struggling with keeping my hair looking neat with my curly afro. Do you have this same problem? Ultimately, I settle for military-style haircuts or high-taper fades. However, I was wrong.

Waves (hairstyle)

There are many African American males that wear curly hairstyles. Curls are popular with men who have both short and long hair. If your curls aren't quite large enough, you can increase them using rollers or a diffuser. Rollers are best-suited for African American men that have coarse or straight hair. Besides rollers, those with coarse or straight hair can also use a curling or flat iron to increase their curl size. A diffuser works well for men with naturally wavy or loosely curled hair. Select rollers for your hair. The roller size must not be larger than the length of your hair; your hair should be able to wrap around the roller at least one and a half times. Some of your hair may be longer than other parts; select rollers of different sizes. The larger the roller is, the bigger the curl.

How to Use A Hair Sponge on 4C Hair

There is nothing that speaks the kind of confidence that great hair can bring. Everyone loves that particular hairstyle that makes them look cool or cute. For some, it might be no hair at all, it might be just a low cut and for others, it might be the curly hair. In truth, the curly hair fits almost anyone who can have it. There are so many different ways to get curly hair and there are many on counter products that can give you that curly hair you want.

You want to take care of your hair.

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How to Get Curly Hair for Black Men

All the long-curly-hair men out there know this tradeoff well. Arriola himself has long, curly hair, and helps his clients manage their own. Here are his tips for the long-curly-hair men out there, including the products he uses on himself and his clients which include quite a few celebrities and models. Managing your curly hair starts with hair care —the products that clean, hydrate, and nourish your hair, rather than style and control it.

Asymmetric and creative haircuts can highlight the curly texture of the hair with the right hairstyle and an easy to follow haircut tips. Here are 20 black men curly hair styles that could help you choose the ones that can be the best suited ones for you. Blessed by nature are those having natural curls, as they have an advantage of flaunting a range of hairstyles that are awesome, cool and amazing. Otherwise, you can choose to make natural hair curly by the different ways that could help you to turn your straight hair into curls. There are many ways by which you can create curls on your naturally straight hair, like using curlers, rag-rolling method, using bobby pins, or using buns and braids. Natural curls with natural color can help you flaunt an outstanding black men curly haircut, where the thick curls are highlighted with auburn or dark brown dyeing process.

Curly Hairstyles For Black Men

Wave pomades and moisturizers can help hold the hair in place while preventing the hair from getting too dry. In the early 20th century, as many African-American men sought to style their hair with texture-altering products, "pomade hair moisturizer" waves became a popular hairstyle. Men produced waves by washing their hair with soap but not rinsing all of it out before putting on their do-rags. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved The New York Times. How to Get Waves.

This is an Update Men's Curly Hair Tutorial Male Haircuts Curly, Black Men Haircuts, The Secret To Get Curly Hair For Black Men|| Prettyboyfredo Hair Tutorial.

Afro hair has a reputation for being unwilling to cooperate: more often than not it seems determined to do the exact opposite of what its owner wants. The key to keeping afro hair in check is being a good listener, because like with any other hair type it has its own unique quirks which you need to work with, not against. In the late eighties and early nineties, the flat top went viral, sending sales of spirit levels and hair clippers soaring probably.

How To Get Curly Hair Black Male

You often win twice when you accentuate something that is given to you by nature. Natural coils will stop causing you inconveniences and looking awkward as soon as you learn how to present them in the best light. That involves the choice of the right haircut and a couple of effortless styling tips. Here is a bunch of ideas for African American curly hairstyles.

Shear & Shine

Many black men struggle with keeping their hair looking curly and neat. Most of them lose the battle and settle for short haircuts, such as high taper fades or military style. What can be done to keep the hair looking beautiful without cutting it too short? We will teach you how to get curly hair for black men today.

To help identify our hair types, different textures are determined on a scale of with 1 being straight hair and 4 being kinky, in addition, these four hair types can be broken into sub-categories A, B, C Except for type 1 hair which is just straight so an individual who has a 4c hair type would have tighter, kinkier curls than someone whose hair type was a 3b. Knowing this information means you can make smarter choices when it comes to things like shaving or how much moisture your hair needs Higher you are on the scale the more hydration your hair needs and higher your susceptibility to razor bumps.




How to Get Bigger Curls in Your Hair for African American Males


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