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Gemini girl and cancer boy relationship

With Gemini and Cancer compatibility, their star signs are complementary. Like Yin and Yang or flowers and chocolate, this duo goes together well! The partners in a Gemini-Cancer pairing are intuitive and energetic. Alive and vivacious describes the Gemini partner, who is a natural multi-tasker! Gemini is bubbling with boundless energy.


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Gemini Woman Cancer Man

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Cancer man guide and Gemini woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. You're heading for Whiplash with this one!!!

When it's bad it's bad, weeks without speaking and they say Gemini have multiple personalities, but when it's good, WOW he's amazing, always makesme smile, fiercely loyal and has a knack of making me feel like I'm the onlywoman in the world. He Is never disrespectful or abusive, he'd rather walk away thanargue, which drives me nuts. Our issue is communication, neither wear our heartson our sleeves BUT I do know I'll love him forever cause he is the most specialand amazing guy I have ever known.

I am a Gemini gal that has been dating a Cancer guy for a year and ahalf now. In the first 3 months, it was all sugary sweet He seemed to like to release his anger on me regardless ofthe reasons. Then, after a year of an on-off relationship, things began tostabilize. He treats me better though there are no more sugar coated words likein the first 3 months. But one thing never change Ialways caught him checking my phone and all and I thought I'll be doingthis I am a Gemini woman who met and fell head over heels with asensitive, caring and sensual Cancer guy.

He was perfect! None of my previousboyfriends could measure up to him in terms of how caring and sensitive he wasto me, how he tried to please me all the time and how he always made time forme.

However, he was extremely emotional and clingy, texting and calling me ALLthe time, endless emails, etc. Initially, it was so sweet and romantic and Icouldn't bear to be apart from him.

Things are gettinga bit bad now that my job demands are increasing he does free-lance work andI cannot afford to spend time doing nothing but cuddle in bed with him - whichhe is interpreting as my rejection of him. Gemini gals love to be in love andbe swept of their feet but after a while we want to get back on our feet tolive our lives as we see fit. Trust is another area where Cancer guys lack. Infact, my previous Scorpio BF gave me more freedom - and they're supposed to bethe suspicious type.

So, in conclusion, Cancer men make caring lovers but afterthe romantic dust has settled, us Gemini's will find them too suffocating and weneed to move on. I am a Gemini woman who's been on and off with my Cancer man for 4years It was a text book guy who I thought hadbeen sent to me as a blessing As a Gemini woman who is currently dating a Cancer man I can identifywith some of the experiences here.

My Cancer man is a doting, attentive,romantic type who was like heaven-sent for me. However, his possessive, clingyand moody behavior is really trying my patience. I really, really love him andhe treats me like a queen. I don't think I have ever met a person who cares forme as much as he does but so far, I have had to sacrifice my social activities,some old pals and soon, my mom too if he keeps up with his insecurities.

I ambending over backwards to accommodate his feelings and occasionally I'm askingmyself if it's all worth it. His lack of confidence and self-esteem, whichoriginally was sweet, is getting to be a bit tiresome and I'm not sure if usGemini's have the emotional depth to handle this in the long run. Wouldappreciate advice whether I should hang on or let go? If you feel these things from the beginning run and run far away,because once Cancer has you in there claws you are nothing but a play toy tothem, putting up with the mood swings, the insecurities is not worth it whenthere are many other people out there you can be compatible with.

Easier saidthen done I know that is why you should listen to your instincts, I alsothought this was the one, then to find out his rage and insecure paranoidsecretive behavior was a constant cycle wearing on me day in and out.

I thinkthis one is better left a one night stand and maybe you will hurt him but moveon and forget about it or you will be dealing with it for a while, there is noshort affair with Cancer male or female. I have known him for a year and he just told me that he likes meand I am special it took him a year to tell me that and he is never directalways asking questions around never direct, and sometimes he seems so cold andrude he barely talks to me, and after 5 min, he will come and talk to me likenothing was wrong, he is very private never talks about his personal life.

I amvery confused though I don't know if he likes me and he is very protective of mefor sure which he says he does, but he talks to every girl he seems flirty andI don't trust him that much, I am very confused and I really care about thisguy, does anybody have any experience does he really like or is he playing meany advice would help. Cancer guys really have a way with words. They are charming creaturesand mine wooed me with incessant text messages, emails and phone calls.

I wasliterally swept of my feet! He was kind, thoughtful and knew how to say theright things every time. He was my Mr. With time, the mood swings,insecure and controlling traits emerged. I found that I was always trying todefend his behavior to my friends and to myself. Infact, I gave up on manyfriends to appease his insecurities. His constant need for reassurance anddemands for my time caused detriment to my job performance.

In the end, afterthe passion had died down and the sex wasn't that exciting anymore, I saw thatthis relationship was toxic to me and moved on. It hurt terribly becauseunderneath it all, he was a decent guy.

In conclusion, Gemini's need someoneadaptable and who understands their nature. We cannot feel trapped orcontrolled - it will kill us. Hi Im a Cancer guy and dated a Gemini woman, I knew my insecuritieswould be the biggest obstacle from my side, and so I fought my jealous natureand trusted her wholly im a Gemini rising so I understand the need for freedom In the end she cheated on me with several guys Ouch All I can say is open, honest communication from Gemini and trust from Canceris needed for this combination to work!

I'm currently back on a relationship with my on-off boyfriend ofalmost 2 years. He's caring, thoughtful, but a tough guy because he doesn'tlike to lose. With our relationship, I'm the insecure Gemini and he's thestrong-minded Cancer. We drive each other pretty crazy after a while butsomehow we find each others need to care for one another to help us patch upthe holes. As a Gemini woman, Cancer men are unique and we come from differentworlds but we both have a lot to learn from one another and I've learned a lotof patience!

I myself have personally experienced this relationship and still trying to find a way out. I was in love with a Cancer man one year younger than me and we both are in high school.

At first of the relationship I was still my carefree crazy and social self. Then he came along and swept me off my feet with the emotional and sensitive behavior as well as caring attitude and words. God I swear I have never felt anything like that before. I was instantly attracted to him even though I had many other guys of different horoscope I checked!

It drove me super nuts and I kept asking myself, is it worth it? Am I making the right choice? But once our relationship started, every time I wanted to end it or breakup, he would come pulling me back to him with his sensitive yet lovely charm.

I failed sooo many times to end things because every time we do, I will think back of him then in the end get back together. In the end after 8 months I got sooo tired of everything but our relationship got better.

However I am not willing to jeopardize my social life any longer for his sense of insecurity, so I am pushing myself now to let go of him once and for all. But my heart hurts soo much and seeing him makes me wanna hug him and pulls me to him.

Well I had no choice but to tell my Cancer male to get lost. Being a Geminifemale ive got 2 different personalities. He's got about 8, I had enough. Going back to myfiery Aries men they make me tick unlike a Cancer male haven't got time to workthem out life is too short!!

I find it funny how so many of us Geminiwomen who have an affair with a Cancer male have had it on and off. I was only 14 when I met my Cancer guy and I was instantly drawn to him, evenwhen we were apart our chemistry was off the chain ehem, and I like to be incontrol thank you very much , granted im a gem born on the cusp- gem-Cancer butim a gem girl in every sense and I just could not for the life of me work thekid out!

After being so smitten, then really confused, then really hurt, and then more hurt Cancer men invite you to experience love-ache like never before , and then after that, pulling out all out all the gem tricks of charm and wit and flirtation, which ALWAYS work I got really angry at myself for letting one guy hold me down, I was ready to fly again.

And I flew I don't know how the little crab did it I got into a car accident and he came 2 my rescue. I told him I wanted to starthanging out with him more and he seemed like he wanted that to and even told mehe liked me a lot but wasn't ready for a commitment. He made plans with me thenbroke them then I wouldn't hear from him I am a Gemini woman and was with the most amazing Cancer male for 2years.

As said above, he unlike anyone I had ever met - was so romantic, doting andcharismatic, great and caring in bed. He would always call when he said and saylovely things to make me feel so special.

The relationship was great for the1st year although he was insecure After the 1st year he seemed to get bored and go out more the more. I guess Igot more distant, but it was because I was comfortable and thought that he wasdeeply in love with me. This was a mistake as after another year HE ended itand I was heart broken : He said it was because he realized he was not IN lovewith me like he should be and didn't want to settle sown with me.

Its been a year since we split and I am still not over it. Although I thinkback the actual relationship and can see we were not compatible I don't thinkany guy will ever compare to a Cancer guy.

I was a cool, flighty Gemini girl who had 15 relationships in thepast 10 years ; most didn't last longer than 3 months.

They were mostly withcolleagues who were fun to be with but not very serious. I found most of themimmature. Until I met Cancer guy who was romantic, nurturing and so wonderful.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

When Gemini and Cancer come together in a love affair, it may be a rather curious relationship. Sensitive, emotional Cancer has trouble communicating clearly, but clear communication is what defines Gemini. Cancer is the Sign of home and hearth, while Gemini is the thinker. Cancer is strongly intuitive and maintains an almost psychic connection with their loved ones, but can tend toward possessiveness and idealization of their Gemini partner.

Donna Roberts. How compatible are Gemini woman and Cancer man mentally, emotionally and sexually?

At least the dull moments will be rare. Your shared love of cultural activities can be the glue that holds you together. Museums, amusement parks, food festivals! Domestic Cancer prefers to throw intimate dinner parties in the company of a tight-knit circle of friends.


Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. A Cancerian man lives in his sensations, emotions, and imagination. He loves history and likes to read about the glory of bygone ages, from the Byzantine, through the Medieval and the Renaissance. He returns from his great crusades unsoiled and unperspiring, to claim the scented hanky of his lady fair. That is to say, the Crab, like the real or legendary knight, has more intimate things planned than pocketing a hanky, no matter how slow and courteous his initial approach may be. A Gemini girl could get emotionally carried away by the romantic scene his gallantry conjures up in her own imaginative mind. With her predilection for daydreaming, she can easily envision herself wading impatiently across the moat, then running through the clover to meet him, her long, golden hair or raven-black tresses flying behind her.

Cancer man and Gemini woman

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Cancer and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Cancer man guide and Gemini woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. You're heading for Whiplash with this one!!!

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date?

The volcanic nature of the Gemini woman, appears in the life of the Cancer man as a "cold shower", it is unpredictable and incomprehensible to him. The world view of Cancer is absolutely the opposite of the woman Gemini. The man Cancer is looking for maternal love, the image of a saint in a woman, and this does not correspond to Hurricane Gemini. Cancer is looking for a happy and peaceful life, but the woman Gemini will give him a life bright, full of impressions and adventures.

Cancer Love Chart

Gemini would go outside and have the weirdest sexual experiences, and Cancer would stay at home and wait for the night to be loved by their tender partner. This is not always the case, of course, but it is very rare for a Gemini partner to manage to relax their Cancer and make them join their sexual adventure. Still, there is a link between them, pretty strong for that matter. Cancer continues the sign of Gemini , and in a way their nature is a consequence of endless conversations and rational explanations.

When the Airy Gemini and Watery Cancer fall for each other romantically, their relationship may have some ripples and rough stages but soon it will be a peaceful association especially in case of Gemini woman and Cancer man. She admires his chivalry and he loves to cherish her multiple personality display. A Cancer man is very courageous and money minded person. He lives in his sensations, emotions, and imagination. His love for the chivalrous and noble grace makes him happy.

Cancer Man and Gemini Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Different Worlds. So far, so good — so they start dating. After a very short while, however, Cancer man Gemini woman compatibility will start to falter. How come she changes her mind eighteen times a day? What if she changes her mind about him?

Aug 4, - This is a Water sign match that can work out swimmingly. We know of one Cancer-Cancer couple where the woman proposed to her Your differences are many: Aries is a diehard independent and Cancer is a family guy; Aries needs Gemini is the zodiac's fickle tween, waffling between bouts of.

Gemini and Cancer are roommates on the Zodiac wheel and could be close enough in degree for big compatibility. There's just a shade of difference between a late-degree Gemini and an early degree Cancer. Look to the degrees of your suns but also to the rest of the chart, especially where there are air and water energies.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Love Compatibility

A Cancer man and a Gemini woman are very different from each other, but as a couple, they get along much better than would be expected. There is a hidden relationship between Cancer and Gemini known as antiscia. This means that there is the exact same length of day and night when the Sun is in each of the signs. Zodiac signs that are antiscia to each other are a better match by sign than they would otherwise be.

The Cancer man Gemini woman love compatibility is a beautiful journey with some twists which can be taken care of, if apprehended properly. The forth sign of the zodiac is ruled by the Moon, which represents one's true self, the emotions and is affiliated to the unconscious state of the mind. On the other hand, the female Gemini is ruled by the planet of Mercury, also known as the Messenger of Gods, represents effective communication of ideas and opinions in the day to day life.

Email address:. The Cancer man and the Gemini woman will be attracted to one another since the beginning.




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