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If there are no LMC midwives available, please contact your local hospital to find out what services they can offer you. When are you due? Search by midwife name. Where do you plan to have your baby?

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Northland For a full list of midwives in this region and to refine your search, click here. Lisa Woodward. Tari Norris. Melissa Dunn. Romany Beaumont. Angela Yendell. Joy Pooley pyle. Jacqueline Jax Cullen. Deina Payne. Catherine Marsh. Karaina Wihongi-Court. Bethany Smith.

Where to birth your baby Home Birth. For a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy you can plan to birth your baby at home with a midwife. Women who choose this option are more likely to have a normal birth and less likely to require medical interventions. Local Birthing Unit. These units provide a home away from home environment and are a good option for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. Like home birth, women who choose a birthing unit, are more likely to have a normal birth and are less likely to require medical interventions.

Secondary or Tertiary Hospital. These facilities are for women who require specialised care. In some centres these are the only facilities currently available to women. Home Birth There are a number of midwives offering home birth care in your area.

Research demonstrates that home birth is safe and provides a number of advantages, such as less intervention and a greater likelihood of normal birth and well babies. Home birth also supports women and their whanau to feel more physically and emotionally comfortable. Birthing units These units provide a home away from home environment and are a good option for women with uncomplicated pregnancies. In association with.

NorthTec and Northland DHB address nursing shortage with new programme

What is a maternity service? Maternity is concerned with the care of women and babies throughout pregnancy antenatal , labour and the first six weeks after birth postnatal. For low risk pregnancies, where there are no complications, the provider of care Lead Maternity Carer is normally a midwife who is working in the community and funded by the Ministry of Health. If a pregnancy or birth becomes higher risk then an obstetrician may become involved in the care along with the LMC. If you suspect that you may be pregnant but are not sure then it is advisable to take a pregnancy test.

The Whangarei Hospital Maternity Service is both a primary and secondary facility. The hospital midwives also look after women who are under secondary obstetric care due to a more complicated pregnancy.

This is a good method. Most new mothers would be happy to pass on the contact details for their midwife in Northland if she was happy with the maternity care she received. If you confirm your pregnancy by way of a consultation with your GP you can discuss your options for lead maternity care. The Doctor should have contact details of local Northland midwives in the area.

Care and information provided to pregnant woman

Ten years ago,Maran Greenwood featured in a Stuff article about the shortage of midwives in the Northland area. At the time Maran had just given birth to her son now aged 10 and the pair were photographed from their hospital bed. Fast forward a decade later and Maran is not only a busy mum of three soon to be four. She has just completed her final midwifery exam at AUT and will graduate later this year in July. Retraining to be a midwife was a natural step for Maran, who was previously a secondary school teacher in the performing arts and health. One thing that made retraining for Maran more of a possibility was receiving The Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust KEECT Tressa Thomas Retraining Award, which assists women aged 25 and above, to undertake study in order to return to a profession or to take up work paid or unpaid in the community. The main purpose of the Tressa Thomas Retraining Award is to help women achieve their educational goals, through the provision of scholarships, financial and other assistance. It is now open for applications, closing on 22 July. The award enabled Maran to pursue her long-term ambition to become a midwife and help support women and their families at such a crucial time in their lives. Growing up in Alaska I was surrounded by strong women, who supported and inspired me.

Your Midwife

There are five accredited pre-registration midwifery programmes currently available in New Zealand and are provided by:. The midwifery schools also offer satellite programmes for students in provincial centres, enabling them to access most components of their education from their home, although some travel will be required. Midwifery schools offer the four year equivalent programme over three extended academic years, meaning that each year has a minimum of 45 programmed weeks rather than the more usual 36 weeks. All students, whether full-time or part-time, must complete the programme within four years of commencement.

Names have been removed except the experts who advised on this case to protect privacy.

Are you a home birth midwife in New Zealand not listed here? All the midwives listed on our site have specifically registered with us as home birth midwives. Check out our your home birth page for advice and guidance on choosing a midwife, or read about the maternity system in New Zealand here.

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Secondary maternity facilities are designed for women and babies who experience complications and may require care from an obstetrician, anaesthetist, paediatrician as well as a midwife. Well women may use these facilities in the absence of other maternity facilities in their area. Primary maternity facilities are designed for well women who have no complications during pregnancy.

If you are searching for a midwife by name please begin by entering as much of the surname as you know to be correct. Do not include a first name unless necessary and please do not include a location. Alternatively if you are searching by location, please do not include any information in the name fields. Skip to main content. How to find a midwife What to expect from your midwife in New Zealand What if you are not happy with your midwife?

Northland maternity facilities

Marie has moved! Just perfect bliss. I will work in partnership with you, to provide you with a friendly, safe and effective service. My aim is to emphasise an open relationship of sharing information and create a plan designed by you, for you. You are a unique individual about to embark on a new journey that will take you through pregnancy to motherhood.

Dec 9, - Sorry we couldn't find any programmes for your search. NorthTec and Northland DHB are working in partnership to enhance the Northland nursing Deanna (Dee) Telfer, Acting Director of Nursing & Midwifery (Northland DHB). Northland's population is the fastest growing in NZ with an percent.

Northland For a full list of midwives in this region and to refine your search, click here. Lisa Woodward. Tari Norris. Melissa Dunn.

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