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Can my ex husband reduce child support uk

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We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can find out more or opt-out from some cookies. Both parents are legally responsible for the financial costs of bringing up their children. This is called child maintenance. Sometimes it's also called child support.

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Will child maintenance payments stop if I remarry?

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I am a divorcee living in London and my ex-wife resides in France with our 7-year-old daughter. They visit London 3 times each year. I also have a 2-year-old daughter with my new partner. My ex-wife remarried last week and her husband also has a 7-year-old-daughter.

Does any of this affect my child support payments? Your seemingly simple question actually raises a lot of very interesting points. Also, if you have to travel long distances and spend a great deal in order to have regular contact, you might be able to petition to have the maintenance reduced.

However, before you start consulting a lawyer, consider a few things. From the number of cross-Channel visits — both ways — it would seem that you and your ex are on good terms.

Might it be possible for the two of you to talk and maybe arrive at a lower figure for child support? Something arrived at amicably is much better for all parties than going through a legal process. Additionally, if you are on good terms, taking legal action to reduce child support payments could sour those good relations.

Given that you have 10 more years of child support payments and visits, the goodwill might outweigh the money. But, before you do anything, sit down and have a talk with your lawyer who can give you the proper advice in the situation. Find out more about child support payments in our guide, here. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like After the Initial Court Order. Recommended Reading For Separated Dads. I wonder if anyone could help with my question, might be a complicated one I have a family based arrangement with my ex-wife for the last 10 years.

The children were staying with me in the UK 6 days out of 7 as she wouldn't let me have them the 7 nights. She has just had her long-term partner move into her house in the UK, one of the kids has just left school and is due to start a BTEC course at college, the other is My question is firstly, do I need to continue paying now that she's co-habiting? I will obviously fund what they need directly as I have a relationship with them not her and continue to pay for their flights and visits once able to do so again.

My wife left me in Dec after a long marriage. We have three children, aged 26, 24 and The older two work full-time. I earn money through PAYE employment plus taxable profits from my self-employed work.

Upset father - Mar PM. Evening everyonequick question just gone bankrupt my wife and I are on benefits only income except my wife gets maintenance for her child from the ex every month just been told by official recieverthat this money can be used to pay my ipa is this allowed?

Doesn't seem right that her money will go towards my debt manythanks Hugh - 4-Mar PM. Benny - Feb PM. Child maintenance payments have stopped as dad said he's now a stay at home dad and his wife worksso he now has mo money to pay. Is that it? He just stops his responsibilities and thats it?

Bethleigh - Feb PM. I am a single dad. I have two young children, one is disabled, who live with me. I also have three children who live with my ex. This has put me into poverty and I cannot afford the oil for my heating or hot water. Are there any grounds for reducing the payments given my circumstances?

Hi, My ex-partner and I have 3 children together. When we separated. All three children visit my home after school every day and the two younstest were picked up thier mum at 6pm. My ex decided to go via the CMA. I asked for payments for my eldest and my ex made a total of 4 payments. My eldest is now away at university and I am still supporting him financially. I have been paying money directly into my ex-partner bank account for anything that the other two might need for the last 3 years, above what the CMA have asked that I am entitled to pay.

Earlier this year, after an argument my ex went back to the CMA and claimed that I had missed payments. I was then put into a plan and had to pay them directly even after I had provided proof that I had paid more then I had meant to. Whilst I was on the plan, I still paid directly into my ex account and I believe that I have overpaid.

I am now being asked to attend a meeting with the CMA. I have 1 child who I pay csa for, I have just moved out of my parents and bought my first home with my gf, she also has a daughter, as I now have mortgage payments to contribute to and household Bill's, if I earn more money to be able to afford these do I have to a copy my csa payments will also have to increase?

Thanks Chris - Oct PM. Its because last year, we had a big job on andI did quite abit of overtime to pay off some debts and they looked into my annual income for last years. But for the last 6 months I have been back on basic money and no overtime. My basic money is a month, around before tax and national insurance. I am on nowhere near the money I earntlast year and paying would completely cripple me. Does anyone no if this is right?

I have 4 kids I pay child maintenance to 3 is through csa when I phoned to say about my daughter to see if it would be cheaper they said sorry we can't take your daughter into consideration why is this. Rabb - 8-Aug PM. I have had a family based arrangement since for two children. She has taken me to the CMS.

DannyG - 5-Jul PM. Hi, if I have 1 child and my ex and son live mortgage free in a house I paid for do I still have to pay child support? Munter - 3-Jul PM. My ex wife has been living with her new partner for quite some time now with our two children. I see have and see my children every other weekend. I have been paying an agreed monthly based amount to her every month which we have agreed not through the CSA. I am understood to believe that my ex wife has now remarried.

Will this affect what I have to pay to her each month? Any advice would be much appreciated. Hi, if I was to leave my job and travel for 6 months or a year would I still have to pay maintenance?

Raft - Mar PM. CSA want me to pay a month for my son with my ex wife. What I dont understand is my partner has 3 kids with different dads not one pays a penny how can I afford to keep these and pay that CSA should look at individual situations. I'm struggling to pay the bills. Pete - Feb PM.

We recently heard that because I have 2 children and we are married, my children are classed as his independent children to. Will this reduce his child maintenance payments?

Debz - Feb PM. Chris - Jan AM. Hi there, I have 2 kids 8 and 9 with my ex-wife. She has remarried and now lives together with her new husband. Am I entitled to any change in child maintenance payments? Raju - Jan PM. I have two children with an ex wife. My daughter is ten and my son is six.

She is getting married and had a new child with her partner. My question is as my wife has refused me access to see or have my children. Should this affect my CSA. Not to mention that the new partner lives with the ex and also works. Any assistance would be great. Thanks in advance Kenny - 6-Dec PM. I have split up with my wife who I have 2 kids to I have my kids through the week. Feed themand school etc.. I also have them the weekends to stay over sometimes both no nights but not all time both nights..

Am I Entitled To Pay Less Child Support?

If you find yourself in the situation of your normal income having been significantly reduced for reasons beyond your control such as losing your job or illness it is important that you consider how any child or spousal maintenance will be paid. If you and the other parent have previously come to a voluntary agreement you should contact them as soon as possible to explain the situation. Being honest and transparent and keeping your communication open at these uncertain times will be key. Be clear that as soon as your income returns to normal the original payments will resume. However, if arrears accrue in circumstances which are entirely genuine e.

Terminology Private agreements for child maintenance Domestic violence and private arrangements Will receiving child maintenance affect my benefits? Applications for child maintenance Applications to the courts for child maintenance Child maintenance from someone living abroad Useful contacts.

These are external links and will open in a new window. After the government said it would close a legal loophole that allowed "a small minority" to avoid making child maintenance payments, we asked for your experiences. The loophole identified by the Department for Work and Pensions DWP relates to a rule that says money can be taken only from bank accounts held solely by those responsible for paying - allowing people with joint accounts to avoid paying. While the law change has been welcomed, many readers have got in touch about other ways the system is being exploited.

How much child maintenance should I pay?

Coronavirus Update As a result of guidance on Covid, we have closed our three offices, our staff are now working remotely. Please contact the person acting for you via email. If you are unsure of their email address, please click here for contact details. Read More. The answer is no. Some of these are Our team of family lawyers can offer support and advice on a variety of issues affecting families and children. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website and to analyse our traffic. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings.

How ex-partners avoid paying child maintenance

Our most visited pages. But what do you need to know and what steps should you take if you find yourself in a similar situation? Child support is a sum of money which is paid by one parent to help the other parent cover the monthly costs of raising their child. Traditionally the payment covers everyday expenses such as housing, food and clothes but as most parents know the true extent of what you pay out is far more demanding.

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I am a divorcee living in London and my ex-wife resides in France with our 7-year-old daughter. They visit London 3 times each year. I also have a 2-year-old daughter with my new partner. My ex-wife remarried last week and her husband also has a 7-year-old-daughter.

Changes that may affect maintenance payments

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Divorce is never pleasant or simple, but it is a lot more painful and complicated if children are involved. First, there is the emotional pain. Then there is the small matter of money. For divorcing couples who don't have children, breaking up is relatively straightforward. You divvy up the assets between the two of you, and get on with the rest of your lives. Divorce with children is much more difficult, and the younger they are, the trickier it is.

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May 15, - Child Maintenance is a legal obligation, however there are certain occasions Should the “receiving parent” remarry, their spouse's income will not be is a Court Order in place for my child to see his father, what should I do? LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England and Wales under.








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